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"Megs Ippy" ipod Found west side ridge of Atlantic peak

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"Megs Ippy" ipod Found west side ridge of Atlantic peak

Postby tdawg012 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:00 pm

Two weekends ago I found an 8gb ipod touch while hiking down the west ridge of Atlantic Peak (the peak beside Pacific peak near the climax mine). The front has some tape on it and spiderweb cracks on the touch screen. When I got home I found it could still charge when I plugged it in to my ipod charger. When it was fully charged my roommate plugged it in to his computer and the name "Megs Ippy"was displayed. The touch screen still works (only when plugged in) but it is pass code protected. If it is yours or know whos it is I can send it to you.

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