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Finishing vs. not finishing - why?

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Re: Finishing vs. not finishing - why?

Postby TallGrass » Tue May 21, 2013 11:37 am

I wouldn't call it "brutal," rather methodical or whatever it is when trying to solve a puzzle, like the visual triangulation equivalent of trying to solve for "27-Across, eight letters, third one is P, clue is ..." and you rule out possible solutions one by one. The photo stands out to me, more than others perhaps, after making a mini-pan', a video of it, and walking to the tip like that guy did. You climb out of the chimney and kind of expect to see more rock going forward or up only to see just the opposite. :shock: Bad place to be for those who don't like exposure. [-o< :mrgreen: North Maroon is one I can see climbing again, list or no list.
Not sure if I'll do more 14ers. The trip reports are too tiring. :wink:


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