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Re: Solo???

Postby ChrisRoberts » Sat May 18, 2013 10:49 pm

I go with a 50-50 split between solo and 1-2 partners. Can't say that I prefer one or the other, I've had great times alone and while with a partner, plus some less than great experiences with either.

As far as soloing, looking back 95% of mine are for peaks less than 10000 feet in moderately remote areas, and most involve a good bushwhack to get to the destination. I rarely turn on my GPS and some days forget to bring it along at all. Planning good routes, fine tuning your sense of direction and knowing your surroundings are more important than your GPS. Theres no guarantee that your partner can keep you from getting lost, so take that responsibility and build up your experience going places on mind power instead of battery power.

For those of you who dont like your partners, dont skip down the trail holding hands with them.
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