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A-Basin Avalanche

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Re: A-Basin Avalanche

Postby Easy Rider » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:36 am

ajkagy wrote:
Stevo68 wrote:What's the deal with abasin having quite a few in bounds avy incidents over the years? Vail and Winter park had a rough year last year with incidents. We've got some serious terrain here at CB, but never hear of any accidents.

I wonder if there are any resources out there that chronicle in bounds avy stats?

In CB's case, I would say it's probably because nobody ever gets first tracks after patrol thrashes it. They are like I-70 conservative when it comes to openings. I cite 3rd bowl and the decade long hiatus of Teocalli bowl as examples. BTW that was due to a patrol fatality.

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Re: A-Basin Avalanche

Postby pills2619 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:30 am

A friend of mine who was part of the rescue informed me about the cause of the avalanche.
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Cameron Pass Avalanche

Postby rijaca » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:05 pm

pills2619 wrote:The avalanche was triggered by snowboarders who dropped in on the same slope while the skiers were still on the line. If you ask me they should be forced to apologize to the families of these guys for their utter stupidity, have their snowboards revoked, and reproductive organs removed. RIP Joe. Hopefully Alex is able to fully recover but from what I heard he is in pretty bad shape.

pills2619 wrote:A friend of mine who was part of the rescue informed me about the cause of the avalanche.

Interesting, cuz the CAIC report states differently...
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Re: A-Basin Avalanche

Postby Jim Davies » Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:44 pm

The early reports said that one of the skiers had an avalung, but didn't say whether it was the deceased or the survivor (who was buried for 3 hours). This report says it was the survivor, but that he didn't have the mouthpiece in (because he was done with his run and was waiting at the bottom of the slope). He apparently survived because of an air pocket, and because of quick evacuation and medical care after they dug him out.
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