Thruhike of the 14ers

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby jdorje » Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:13 pm

Just looking at the KML file (, I'm guessing they got at or near Poncha today (1/2 day), over the far southern end of the Mosquitoes tomorrow, across South Park on Monday (hopefully without dying of exposure on that section), and do Pikes on Tuesday. It's about half the length of what they did from Challenger to San Luis, which took ~4.5 days as I recall. From what I hear they are more or less in beast mode now, as their metabolism has changed to account for however many thousands of calories they are burning each day and it's unlikely they will hit any sort of wall from here on.

...of course then they have to reverse most of that route to get to Sherman. Not the most exciting week of the route, for sure. In fact most of what they have left is "easy", even compared to the Sawatch route:
* From Shavano down to Blank Gulch (~11am today), across the valley to Salida (Sun), through the mountains to Guffey (Mon), and up the SW side of Pikes(Tue).
* Down the NW side of Pikes, through the mountains to Florissant, through more mountains to 11 mile lake(Wed), past that other reservoir, through Hartsel and up to Fairplay(Thu).

It is likely they take at least one rest day in there, in one of the cities.

* From Fairplay straight up to Sherman, back down to South Park and north to Kite Lake.
* Bross, Lincoln, Cameron, Democrat, down to the NNE to whatever lake that is.
* Across a ridgeline to Blue Lake, up Quandary from the E or SE.
* Drink some whiskey, unless someone stole it.
* Down Quandry to the west.

The west ridge descent of Quandry may be the hardest remaining section, and if anyone's planing to descend that area on that day to accompany them it would probably be rewarding.

* Straight across the Arkansas Valley and up Holy Cross, by some route that doesn't make any sense on the map. At all.
* Down HC to the north, straight across 24, and over the mountains to 6, across more mountains to Dillon, then along 70.
* Up to Longs for the finisher.
-Jason Dorje Short

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby KentonB » Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:15 am

I guess my biggest concern all along is that they're finishing on Longs Peak... Depending on how late in the season they get there, and how soon it snows, that could be a difficult climb. I understand there's already been a few days of snow/ice on the route this season. Are they bringing technical and/or winter gear along for this one just in case it turns into a technical climb?

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby jdawud » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:35 am

Hello everyone!

We are in Salida for a forced rest day today because we have several boxes at the PO that we need to pick up in the morning. Our plan is to walk out of town tomorrow morning and make as many miles as possible by about 5, sleep several hours, get up and hike through the night, then sleep through most of the day and hike again in the evening. Then repeat. So the "schedule" for the next few days will be sort of erratic. Basically we want to get out to pikes and back to Fairplay ASAHP. From there the rest of the hike will go pretty much as jdorje described. KentonB, you're right about Longs, that is our greatest concern as well....we are hoping that our luck with weather holds, but we are ready to do whatever is necessary to finish, even in the snow. Right now our finish date is likely to be the 30th or October 1st. Today *should* be our last real rest day of the trip.

We did an interview with the Aspen Daily News. For those interested, the article can be read here:

I will be *trying* to put together a photo page on our website today, so check it out tonight or tomorrow. Also, if y'all have enjoyed following our progress, please consider helping us reach our fundraising goal for Big City Mountaineers by going to and making a donation. Feel free to harass your friends, coworkers, and strangers into donating as well. :-D

Luke and I are grateful for all the moral support we've been getting from family, friends, strangers, and those emailing us with kind words of encouragement. We feel blessed to be able to attempt this crazy quest and even more blessed knowing that there are so many people rooting for us. Thank you all sooooo much!

Junaid Dawud
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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby howmuchhigher » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:50 pm

What's up junaid and luke! Congrats on your progress thus far. Funny story luke, I was hanging out in silverthorne at a coffee shop and your mom overheard me talking about my throughhiking adventures. She's super proud of both you guys! We're roughly on the same schedule (48/49 peaks) and I'm looking to finish up on pikes. Sorry to hear about her alternator. Y'all make me sound soft since I'm driving and not walking. Stay stong and get some!
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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby mkrier » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:15 pm

Quite cool, I'm impressed. Keep it up!

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby Doctor No » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:47 pm

Hope the weather holds up - seems like the next five could be done in the rain/snow (if it comes to it), but Longs could be a pain in the pass.

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby Derby Ale » Tue Sep 10, 2013 3:59 pm

Very sadly, I believe someone stole the Quandary Whiskey. I was on Quandary on 8/31 and saw the tube that said "leave for thru-hiker..." and the tube was empty.


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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby Klinger1986 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:30 pm

Sad day. Someone needs to get up there and replace it. If I lived in Colorado, then I would do it. They deserve it!
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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby aweygandt » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:36 pm

Way to go Junaid and Luke! I just read through this whole thread, and it's awesome to see what you're doing.

Does anyone have an idea on approximately what day they'll be on Sherman? I'm looking at the SPOT website, but wanted to get a prediction. I have a friend I want to take up there, and I'd totally be willing to bring a bottle of Scotch/whiskey to share.

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby GnomeSherpa » Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:23 am

Time to give them the 14ers bump to get over their goal.

Nice work guys.

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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby dehrlich101 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:43 pm

They just sent out a message saying that they are in camp for the night and going for Pikes via Crags tomorrow.
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Re: Thruhike of the 14ers

Postby bking14ers » Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:02 pm

On our way up to Princeton's chalet, my friend and I saw them walking down the road near the lower parking lot on Wednesday coming from I think Mt. Yale via the Colorado trail. We saw them again climbing up Princeton Thursday, just up from the saddle as we were coming down. We talked to them for a few minutes, and they told us they were through hiking the 14ers. That's so awsome... I don't know who is who but one of them told us the next adventure was going to involve a boat. Not sure if he was kidding or not. Hope you guy's make it OK. They were planning to finish up on Oct. 1st. Good luck guy's.


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