What's hikable by May 1?

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Re: What's hikable by May 1?

Postby Jay521 » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:38 am

Jim Davies wrote:
Tory Wells wrote:Willows + snow + sun + BOARDWALK = not that bad.

I snowshoed it on a sunny day in April once, and never saw a boardwalk under all the snow. Maybe this year they'd be visible, except for that 4-foot storm, of course. :) It took 2.5 hours to recross the willows on the way out: step, step, fall in chest-deep, untangle from hidden willows, crawl out of hole, repeat.

I have done Bierstadt on or near my b/day in May every year for the past 35 years or so (yeah, I know - I'm nuts ](*,) ). Anyway, I figured out 30 some years ago (before there were boardwalks) that the secret was to get up and down VERY early before the post holing becomes chest-holing. Also, it helps to have monster snowshoes. I did a trip report a couple years back when the snow was pretty solid...

And last year, it was so dry, I didn't even need snowshoes which was maybe only the second time I've not needed them.
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