Forum user:  smoove
Full name:  Mike Price
Annual Elevation Gain:  100,000 - 150,000 Feet 
  14ers (named) summited:  41
  14er repeats:  63
  14er summits (w/repeats):  104
  Favorite 14er:  Longs Peak
  1st CO 14er Climbed:  Mt. Elbert
  14er info last updated:  3/05/2016
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Move your mouse over climbed peaks to see additional info. Summits shown in gray do not have enough prominence to be a ranked peak. Those shown in "quotes" are not officially named by the USGS. Highlighted peaks were climbed within the last 60 days.
Elks  Front   Tenmile  San Juans  Sangres  Sawatch 
6Grays Peak 
8Torreys Peak 
7Pikes Peak 
10Mt. Bierstadt 
7Quandary Peak 
3Mt. Lincoln 
3Mt. Cameron 
2Mt. Bross 
5Mt. Democrat 
8Mt. Sherman 
3Mt. Elbert 
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11 of 11

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