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Peak(s):  Mt. Yale  -  14,196 feet
Post Date:  05/18/2010
Date Climbed:   05/16/2010
Posted By:  seekanddestroy99

 Silver Creek Bowl Avalanche - Mt. Yale   

If this is anything like the TGR Forums lately, we'll probably get some mad hate for this, which is probably deserved in some respects, but here is a disclaimer:

First off, you should know that despite what happened, Collin is alive and healthy with a bruised shin and he'll probably be skiing with his tail between his legs for a while. I can't really describe what he went through, but I'll tell you the events leading up to what happened. His TR does a good job of describing what he went through.

Secondly, we were both fully equipped with beacons, shovels, probes, and avy level 1 certifications. I also practice rescues throughout the season at BCA Beacon Parks and was wearing an Avalung. Collin will be the first to admit he was a little powder hungry and didn't read the signs, and he paid a minimal price for what happened. We both learned a lot about what not to do next time we're faced with similar conditions, and hope to never make the same mistakes.

Finally, despite how I'm probably going to get the version of JONGed, I'm putting these up as a friendly reminder for you not to do the same, and that powder-hunger can cloud anyone's vision, no matter how prepared you think you are.


Collin's TR

Collin, skiing away from his "glitch"


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slab slide in may     2011-02-04 17:22:16
thats somethin else. Glad your buddy walked away with minor injuries, looks like that wreckage went through some rocky terrain. Too bad, looked like the turns were solid otherwise. Bad and good to see this, brings people back down to earth. Thanks for the TR, takes some balls to post this kind of stuff (in a good and informative way).


Glad everyone is OK     2010-05-18 14:01:56
I was on Harvard on Sunday, and thankfully we descended around 11:30am. Even then, the snow was getting warm, but it wasn‘t failing. We noticed point sloughs as we were exiting the south face couloir. It sure was a hot day!

I looked through my photos, and we were well below treeline by the time your slide occurred. Again, thanks for posting this. It can be easy to forget that avalanches can occur this late in the season.


Yikes!     2010-11-30 10:28:50
When I was driving out of BV on Sunday I actually stopped when I saw that avalanche debris up there. I just thought it was a natural release based on the aspect. Glad the outcome was positive. If you have some good pics of the runout, they might be a good addition to the "Avalanches" section of the photo upload area. ...a good reminder for people.

A close one.

Thanks for posting... really.


scary stuff     2010-05-18 18:12:37
wow that is scary stuff, just a reminder that even though it‘s spring there are some tricky wind slab and full on winter conditions up high still. Glad you‘re ok


I‘m glad you‘re all happier on this si     2010-05-18 18:18:55
Thanks everyone. It was nice to meet you on Saturday, Bill. I‘ll upload those photos soon.


yeah.. thanks for posting     2010-05-18 19:59:23
that‘s crazy.. glad everything turned out ok.
I wouldn‘t expect slab this late.


Nightmarish     2010-05-18 21:08:04
Glad this had a happy ending, this is pretty insane. Thanks for posting this for people, knowledge about what can happen is a very good thing.


     2010-05-19 22:52:05
Oh my god. So glad that you guys are okay.

Chicago Transplant

Glad everyone is ok     2010-05-20 10:21:45
Glad you guys were okay! I saw this from US 24 driving through BV as well, didn‘t realize it was man triggered, just figured it was natural. Thanks for posting.


Humbling for sure     2010-07-22 20:32:50
At first I was a little offended when Jon suggested I was ”powder hungry”, but a few months detached from the experience I'm seeing how it was probably the best thing that could've happened. It was humbling and definitely put things into perspective. lordhelmut, believe me, that runout was rocky. My tibia has a permanent bump now from where it got the ole boot-top bang.

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