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 Peak(s):  Mt. Sunflower - 4,039 feet
 Post Date:  03/28/2014 Modified: 03/29/2014
 Date Climbed:   03/27/2014
 Posted By:  globreal
 Kansas Highpoint Adventure   

At the border

I decided to put a little trip report on this cuz not many people attempt the south face…via Hwy 40.

After climbing all the ranked 14ers and then the unranked 14ers, and then the Centennials (almost…2 more I plan to finish this summer) I've been thinking of some other things to do. From this site…and other peak bagger friends, I've learned of the "state highpoints."

I'm torn over setting another peak goal after promising my wife I would not set anymore "peak lists." Plus, I already presume I'll never finish this one as I can't imagine I'll ever go after Denali. So….state highpoints?

But what the eh, I've got this trip to Tulsa and I'm driving 12 miles south of the "peak." I'm goin' for it! I know…it's a solo climb and my wife doesn't want me to go on solo climbs, but….I decide to do this one. :-)

I plan an alpine start….leaving from my Monument, CO TH by 6:00am. I'm on the road by 5:50am and I am so glad to have something to "go for" during this 12 hour, butt-throbbing drive to Tulsa.

Heading east from Colorado Springs on highway 94, (then Hwy 287/40) I've never seen so many tumbleweeds in all my life! They are stacked up to the top of the fences all the way to the Kansas border. And with the winds this morning, I'm playing frogger with tumbleweeds coming over the top of the fences all the way to Kansas! (Wish I had pictures.)

Anyway, 3 hours drive and I'm crossing the border into Kansas. (Thank God for a big thermos full of coffee.)

It's only about a mile past (east of) the Colorado/Kansas border (about 2 miles shy (west) of Weskan, KS) and you'll see this:

Glad to see there are signs!

After a failed attempt a year prior to climb the Nebraska highpoint after a winter snow storm, I was really glad to see signs!

This was the view looking north up the County Rd 3 road from Hwy 40.
Looking north up Cty Rd 3

I like these directions!

While it's nice to know the correct directions to this point of "no-where" in "no-mans" land however, it wasn't nice to be fish tailing in a sedan! Watch yourself on this unpaved road.

loose gravel

As the sign showed earlier…just under 11 miles, there is this sign on the right side of the road. Yay…I think were are going to make it to this highpoint.
Once you reach this sign you turn to the west and go about a mile.
Here is the sign I was looking for!

Here is the entrance to the private property for Mt. Sunflower. Turn right or north here for this…Image
The cattle guard entrance

It's less than a half mile or so up this road to the summit!Image
the drive up the road

It's been a long, hard climb, but here it is!!!
Made it!

Say it all...

Elevation above sea level

On the true summit!

I was surprised to see 2 full peak registers. This is a popular summit!
Dorthy, we're not alone here!

Friends have been here.

Added my .02¢ worth

Mailbox surprise!

Picnic anyone?

History of land owners.

GPS reading

Someone was a handy/thoughtful welder to make this sunflower!
True ART!

the view south

the view north

does this summit have views or what?

Parting shot

All in all, I was glad to have climbed this peak. It was certainly worth the effort to go a few miles out of my way…since I was going this way anyhow.

Exploring new locations in God's creation has always been a joy for me. This was no exception.
God is good!

Thumbnails for uploaded photos (click to open slideshow):

  • Comments or Questions

Dances would be pleased     2014-03-28 22:38:02
with your story and pictures. Thanks for posting.


I agree     2014-03-29 05:15:48
with Johnson. Jim would smile at this one.


Thanks Britt!     2014-03-29 08:14:49
This made me smile today!


Hahaha YES!     2014-03-29 10:12:35
But I did Nebraska and Kansas in a single day! I was beat after both summits. Glad you got out there, it's a great experience to drive the rural cow towns and visit the these areas. Funny that no one else had been there since me. I'm thinking Wheeler Peak in NM Britt, you down?


Zach...     2014-03-29 11:01:36
There were many people who had signed the register since you….I just signed below your sign-in for photo purposes.

Wheeler Peak….yes please!


Ah ha, gotcha     2014-03-29 13:15:30
I figured but thought it would be cool if so. Glad you made it up and I have directions for you for Nebraska. I'll PM them to you. Let's plan on Wheeler, heck we could go down next weekend as they have had a terrible winter down there, no snow compared to here in CO.


Just curious     2014-03-29 15:38:08
Did you need to use microspikes for the gas pedal and brake on the way up Sunflower peak? Years ago, I sold an insurance policy to a man who lived nearby. He told me ”You are on Sunflower”. I didn't even know (or I would have put on my microspikes!)


I stand by my version.     2014-03-29 18:41:48
I take it you were unwilling to pay my the royalties for this version:

1) Drive into endless sea of prairie.
2) Stop.
3) Take Selfie

Doctor No

What a view!     2014-03-29 20:17:42
That summit view is unbelievable.

It's like that song about the guy who can see for miles and miles and miles...who sang that?


Great TR!     2014-03-29 20:30:33
The view southwest is eerily similar to the view north. Almost like looking into a parallel universe.


Doh!     2014-03-29 20:39:49
WesternKS…thanks for catching my mistake.
Fixed now.


Thanks -     2014-03-30 15:05:16
Great fun - no doubt it will be on my list of wanderings someday - and now will be a marker of more significance ... so thanks.

- Bill

Cool Hand Luke

Wheeler     2014-03-31 01:00:02
Bull of the Woods Trail is much more scenic for Wheeler, definitely recommend it over Williams Lake. If you do not mind a few extra miles hiking through town you can loop up both trails for a fun day.


No Denali?     2014-04-01 12:27:45
Is it the price tag? The crowds? The cold? It totally sounds like something you could do if you wanted it.

Thanks for the report. I've gotta get over there sometime.


12ersRule...     2014-04-01 14:26:03
All of the above on Denali. But mainly, I can't see enduring 5 weeks of winter camping to go for that peak!


This TR     2014-04-01 22:05:40
made me laugh. Thanks for that, Britt.


Mt Sunflower     2014-04-03 10:01:39
Hey, Britt. Whats next? maybe a Mt Sunflower - High Point Bison (Neb) traverse for a thrilling tour de nowhere!!!

Could be the sight of the next dance off; you'd have to be a ballerina to do moves on THAT summit!


Huh ?     2014-04-03 10:28:45
Where's the selfie ?? This would make the trip more ”epic”.


summitstep….     2014-04-03 10:44:58
That traverse from Sunflower-->Bison has way to much exposure for my comfort. I'll pass!
Dance off…your right, on Sunflower….whoa!
...on Bisonm with booze, I could see that happening.


Vicki...     2014-04-03 10:46:54
The selfie showed up on FB.
However, pic 12 is a selfie of sorts…but nothin' will make this epic!


Selfie     2014-04-03 11:39:06
You mean the pic showing that you are clearly wearing cotton and no climbing helmet ? Noob......

KSU Wildcat

Pfffft!     2014-05-15 22:47:14
I went straight to the top - summited Mt. Sunflower before I did any of the Colorado hills.

Congrats Britt - welcome to God's country!

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