Peak(s):  Mt. Eolus  -  14,083 feet
North Eolus  -  14,039 feet
Sunlight Peak  -  14,059 feet
Windom Peak  -  14,082 feet
Jupiter Mtn  -  13,830 feet
Post Date:  01/07/2014
Date Climbed:   12/25/2013
Posted By:  SarahT
Additional Members:   Summit Lounger, dsunwall

 Christmas in Chicago Basin   

Four of us spent a memorable week over the Christmas holiday climbing the Chicago Basin 14ers. Here is a LINK TO MY TRIP REPORT.


Thumbnails for uploaded photos (click to open slideshow):

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Fantastic     01/08/2014 06:33
What an amazing report!! Great work toughing through and getting awesome winter summits!


wow...     01/08/2014 07:28
this is excellent Sarah... what a great report!


What a way to spend Christmas!     01/08/2014 13:25
Congrats on #55,56,57 and 58. That is a longggg trudge though the snow to those peaks. The end is within sight, good luck to you on Mount Elbert.

PS. I feel the same way every time I leave the San Juan's. It is hard to leave such an amazing place, but it's good to know that it will always be there for a return trip.


Incredible!     01/08/2014 13:22
Awesome work and excellent photos. Every photo is a favorite!


Wow     01/08/2014 13:26
Great job, Sarah And the photos are absolutely gorgeous.


This is seriously amazing.     01/08/2014 14:52
And my most favorite trip report ever.


Congratulations!     01/08/2014 14:55
Looks like amazing trip, Sarah. Those sunrise shots are incredible. Xmas day on Jupiter sounds pretty cool too. Just Elbert left huh?


Congrats Sarah and crew!     01/08/2014 15:41
Impressive work! I'm aching just reading about all that work. the hand jammies explain Dominic's glove tape job, perhaps. I like reading about the fear paralysis of sorts and I can imagine Dominic's thoughts during the catwalk rope suggestions. Also, you didn't disappoint with a pic of Dwight next to the raging cascade fire

Best of luck with the mighty Elbert and thanks for the awesome card! Steph really liked the magnets and tried to steal them from me.


PICTURES!     01/08/2014 15:42
Wow Sarah, amazing pictures. What I am always amazed at is that you always find the presence of mind to take pictures despite the difficult terrain, and what great pictures. Congratulations to you all on the amazing accomplishment!

Mountain Ninja

Brilliant!     01/08/2014 15:53
Man, that is quite a write-up! I was on the edge of my seat, especially with your story of Eolus. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment, you guys!!


Holy Cow     01/08/2014 16:13
Incredible. Simply incredible...


Big congrats     01/08/2014 16:21
Sarah, I'm glad the stars aligned for you and the rest of the crew for this. Enjoyed reading all of your introspection and how you coped with your fears (and here I always just assumed you were fearless!).

A week in the winter backcountry has got to take some serious mental toughness. Well, that and spending a whole week with that crazy Summit Lounger dude.

Huge congrats and good luck on Elbert.



Great Job!!     01/08/2014 16:29
Steve would be proud of this accomplishment. He loved Chicago Basin.


Stunning!     01/08/2014 16:32
Adventure, perseverance and photography!
Congrats to all of you!
Thank you for posting - I really enjoyed the read.
My palms got sweaty on the Catwalk and summit approach with you!

Huge congrats!

I Man

Theres nothing I can say     01/08/2014 16:35
That I haven't said before, but wow!!
Your reports never dissappoint. A huge Congratulations to getting this done, and safely. 58 down, 1 to go. Cannot think of anyone more deserving. Dom, Dwight & Greg....good stuff guys! Congrats.

I could hardly contain my excitement as the SPOT messages came in, especially Eolus. My friends out East sure didn't understand


Wow.     01/08/2014 17:03
What an amazing trip. Congrats to all. The report was excellent--lots of great photos and a good balance of text.


Congrats!     01/08/2014 17:45
Sarah (and team): Hearty congratulations! A superb report (loved the photos) and even greater accomplishment. Well done, and good luck on Elbert.


Simply Amazing!     01/08/2014 17:56
Thanks to your description and photos, I don't have to imagine what it would be like to climb those beasts in winter snow! Makes me glad that spring ski snow is much more forgiving, as looking at that couloir and snowy slopes gets me excited!

Congratulations on coming near the end of a long tough journey! I hope you fully enjoy Elbert, once you've recovered.


Unreal     01/08/2014 18:06
Like it's a newsflash, but you were and still are the biggest inspiration for my 14er quest. I'm almost sad to see you so close to being ”done”, especially knowing that you'll likely not be climbing many 14ers in the future. Congratulations, Sarah, your accomplishment is truly exceptional and somewhat incomprehensible to me.


Wow!!!     01/08/2014 18:07
Totally amazing!

Congratulations on the accomplishments!


Enjoy the Ride     01/08/2014 18:21
Very enjoyable read Sarah! I'm sure Steve was smiling down on you guys after seeing that ridge go.

Second the notion about Greg's calm demeanor, its infectious.

Great job to all!


Humble and Inspiring !     01/08/2014 18:52
You are both extremely humble and extremely inspiring. You are reaching a goal that is truly beyond comprehension for most of us mere mortals. It's refreshing to see you write about your fear. Fear keeps us grounded and thinking clearly. It's been a great journey following your skills soar over the years. Thanks for sharing your experience and awesome photography skills with us. Wishing you a lifetime of safe travels.


Kudos     01/08/2014 20:05
Looks like a blast, what a holiday.


Fabulous     01/08/2014 20:17
It's funny....I was just reading Steve's trip on this from a few years ago. Your TR is a great follow up to that and a terrific accomplishment. great work to all.


Oh yeah!     01/08/2014 21:04
Haven't even had the chance to read the whole thing yet but so far it is amazing. What an incredible effort and a great way to set-up for an Elbert finisher.

Very inspiring and full of the typical amazing photos.

edit: just finished and the rest did not disappoint. very impressive and with a solid team.


Absolutely stunning & inspiring!     01/08/2014 21:22
Loved every word & picture! Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. Now, that's a great holiday!


Of course Steve was watching . . .     01/08/2014 21:50
If you look at the photo with Jagged in the background (and a couple other images), you can make out a cross on presumably North Eolus.

Nice trip report Sarah, and congrats to all.

Chicago Transplant

Congrats!     01/08/2014 22:08
Glad to see this one posted, thanks for sharing! What a great holiday adventure, nothing like the Chicago I was in for the holidays
Good luck with Elbert, what a great second-to-last to set it up!

Dad Mike

Congratulations Sarah     08/12/2014 23:13
Your trip reports are thoughtful, beautiful, whitty and inspiring and this one is no exception. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.


Congrats Sarah..     01/08/2014 22:51
A truely amazing accomplishment and a greast TR..

You prob don't remember me but my son (7yrs old at the time)and I climbed Culebra with you many years ago..

Congrats again!!


Wow.     01/08/2014 22:54
That is all.



Holy Schneikies.     01/09/2014 00:20
I think that might be my favorite trip report ever. Awesome.


Epic...     01/09/2014 01:36
...journey, and awesome camera work as well. Well done!


great job!     01/09/2014 01:52
I don't imagine that trench is still there.... ;)


!!!!!!!     01/09/2014 03:10
It seems redundant and inadequate to add any more superlatives!! Thanks so much for sharing your trip!


Beautiful!     01/09/2014 22:27
Thanks for sharing this amazing adventure. Chicago Basin looks so gorgeous in winter. Great work with the photos!


Great report     01/10/2014 15:12
Great report! Extremely well written! That ridge up Eolus looks exciting and fun!


Sarah T     01/10/2014 17:23
T for tremendous
T for team
T for thrilling
T for trip report

Wish I lived in CO

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures     01/10/2014 19:20
I never realized that Eolus was actually a volcanoe. That's what your sunrise approach pics of it look like anyway. That moment is worth the trip right there. Climbing Eolus was hard enough in summer - it looks impossible in winter. Kudos on a great climb and a great trip.


Loving the pics!     01/12/2014 05:05
I had the fortunate timing of listening to Inception as I read through the trip report. Not that the photos needed any more drama! Great TR!


Surreal!!     01/13/2014 19:23
The area looks even more pristine in winter!! Thanks for the mountain porn and congrats!


Thanks!     01/15/2014 21:42
Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words everyone! Hope to see you out in the hills.


Great post!     01/18/2014 18:42
I've read through this post twice, really good stuff. Thanks so much for sharing! My family and I were in Ouray that week and although I got in some quality snowshoeing I wasn't able to make it that far out and up. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


Super Fine!     01/19/2014 03:50
Man - that is one super fine report all around!


Awesome!     01/22/2014 00:30
Congrats...! I'm honored to have run into you from time to time during your journey.

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