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 Peak(s):  Handies Peak  -  14,048 feet
 Post Date:  08/06/2013 Modified: 11/18/2014
 Date Climbed:   08/04/2013
 Posted By:  dillonsarnelli

 The Journey Above 14K: The Colorado 14ers    

The Journey Above 14K: The Colorado 14ers

Mountains: All of the tall ones
Distance: A lot
Date: June 2011 thru August 2013
Route: Dillygoat Traverse

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Dillon. I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Colorado at the end of 2010. I like chicken, diet soda, beer, and greek yogurt. I’m an accountant, but still think taxes are evil. I didn’t find my mountain wife on top of one of these 14er’s, but am still holding out hope. AND I really hate my snowshoes. That’s probably all of the pertinent information you need on me. I figured the best way to give you my perspective into this 14er journey would be to take you all along for the ride. Enjoy! Keep reading...

The Journey Above 14K: The Colorado 14ers

The Journey Above 14K: The Colorado 14ers


  • Comments or Questions

Congratulations!     2013-08-06 12:31:00
You are right! this is not the end, not even the beginning of the end!
This is nothing and this is everything!

Awesome accomplish!


Nice     2013-08-06 12:33:44
Great look back. That summit shot on Pyramid Peak really makes me hanker for some BACON!


Congratulations!     2013-08-06 13:18:05
Absolutely fantastic, Dillon. Love the way you went through your journey in pictures.

And as you said - it's far from over...


Congrats Dillon!!     2013-08-06 13:20:24
From the first time I met you on Shavano, I had no doubt you would rock the peaks!! You are and always will be the Wonder Boy! Way to go!!!


Awesome     2013-08-06 13:41:43
Congrats Dillion! Great report and thanks for the journey!


yay!     2013-08-06 13:54:13
Last week when you posted it, the shot from N. Maroon hit me hard. There were several more of these that did the same. Nice work, Dillon! You got a helluva lot more than some summits.


Thanks     2013-08-06 14:04:25
I know more about you (chicken, diet soda, etc) than you know about me but like all folks on this site we share the love for the mountains. Congratulations on all of your summits and thank for taking us along on the journey with you!


Mountain wife     2013-08-06 14:18:14
might be waiting for you on the top of some 13er.

Colorado is a hell of a lot nicer than New Jersey - nice work.


This is awesome!     2013-08-06 14:27:18
Nice way to encompass the whole journey. I love it. Way to go Dillon.

As for the mountain wife, I agree whole-heartedly with Brian. Better start looking on those 13ers soon!


Nice presentation ...     2013-08-06 15:05:50
and Congratulations! Thanks for posting. Happy trails!


BOOOOM     2013-08-06 15:09:47
What an awesome and unique way to look back on the journey. Nothing but the summit shots and a few words. I even learned a few things about your 14er-ing that I didn't realize before. It was a pleasure to share those summits with you and I look forward to many more -- as long as trees aren't involved.


Amazing Journey!     2013-08-06 15:13:18
The pic for each peak is stellar! Big congrats man!! May you get addicted to more lists!


Love the style     2013-08-06 15:20:29
And even more happy to have shared a handful of these with you, cyberbuddy. Congrats.

Trainer Keri

FOR THE PAMPHLETS!!!     2013-08-06 15:22:02
And it was a helluva awesome pic at 13,500!!! AWESOME report...I love the pictures!!! Great times...which is definitely the reason to climb these things with awesome people


Nice work     2013-08-06 15:44:16
Happy you decided to include the Snowmass Pic.


Awesome!     2013-08-06 16:06:21


Cool     2013-08-06 17:58:21
photo recap of your journey. Nice job, and thanks for sharing. And agree with Fire, the Snowmass picture deserves to be here. Rock on man!


Well done sir     2013-08-06 18:11:04
Congratulations on completing the 14ers! Great pictures!


Bravo!     2013-08-06 18:57:11
Thanks for letting us share in your journey. Glad to know ya!

Also, thanks for posting just enough pics to appear popular, but not needy.



Great Job     2013-08-06 19:12:31
Awesome pics and nice work in such a short amount of time .... never leave home without your 8,000,000 lumen headlamp!


FTB, lol     2013-08-06 19:49:52
Nice job, Dillon.


#boss     2013-08-06 19:53:56
Dillon you are truly an inspiration. Seeing somebody do such incredibly painful and dangerous things, while having a smile on his face the whole time is so awesome to see; you bring such a positive energy! And the freakin stats that you put up are insane. You're a 14 Thousand Foot Athlete, that's for sure. Can't wait to see what you do next


Congrats!     2013-08-06 19:58:12
”I like chicken, diet soda, beer, and greek yogurt.”

Yeah, not sure we'd make for good partners. At least as far as food's concerned. Nice work!


Awesome work!     2013-08-06 20:05:28
My wife and I hiked Culebra on the same day as your group. Nice job getting them all done!


A great goal accomplished!     2013-08-06 21:54:10
Such a great way to show us the whole journey, Dillon. Congrats on knocking them out in decent time, leaves plenty of time for lesser( only in elevation) peaks.

Needed to put the Snowmass pic up there, it deserved to be right where it is.

Hope to connect for a climb once I'm back on the saddle again


nice presentation     2013-12-16 05:35:26
Congrats on finishing. I think I was on the same car with you as you took the train back to Durango on Mon 7/15 (maybe?). I heard the talk and it brought back memories of the 14er excursion. Hope you enjoyed it, but now you got hundreds of 13ers to climb.


Huge Congrats Dillon!     2013-08-07 08:42:28
Way to finish them off in style, and I love the TR concept. Cheers!


Amazing Journey!     2013-08-07 08:53:35
What a way to document an achievement and memories that you'll carry for the rest of your life! Thanks for sharing.

Chicago Transplant

Congrats!     2013-08-07 10:49:45
Congrats Dillon! Nice way to recap with all the summit photos


You forgot one.     2013-08-07 11:00:36
What about that lovely day we spent bushwhacking through snowdrifts and puddles in the LCW? Or does that go on a different list?

Great recap. Well done. And congratulations again!


Props to you...     2013-08-07 11:33:13
This was a great report to look back on your journey. Loved the group finisher photos. Congrats Dillon!


Yeaaaahhh Boy     2013-08-08 11:11:21
Loved this TR and the pic for each summit. Congrats again, super happy that you reached your goal.


THANKS!     2013-08-08 22:38:23
hey all, just want to say thank you very much! Looking forward to many more adventures with ya'll! These comments are pretty awesome. I'll try to hit you up individually and say hey!

Somewhat of a Prick

Dude...     2013-08-09 09:26:25
This TR really got me. I can't WAIT for that feeling.

Lady McClimbsalot

Wow...     2013-08-09 15:47:35
There are tears in my eyes. Not only for your great success, but seeing what a bond you and Rob had. There is no other feeling than a well-earned summit with someone you love and care about by your side. This is SO inspiring I want to FREAK OUT!!!! Congratulations times a million. If you feel the need to re-do any of the hard ones, let me know!


.     2013-08-18 19:41:24
Awesome man! I think I ran into you on a couple of these. I was wondering why you seemed to disappear for about a year in there.

I totally dig the format - 1 picture per peak and a short description. I intend to use the same layout here in a couple weeks myself


Say what?!     2013-09-12 19:33:40
I didn't see this until now! What a kick ass page. You rock, Dillon, and congrats my friend.


Beautiful!     2013-09-19 22:50:36
Just saw this now! FANTASTIC journey sir. What a great keepsake (do only grandmas say that?!) Hope to get to climb with you soon!

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