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The Chicago Basin 14ers, The Turns, The Friends, The Fun
By: moneymike
Windom Peak
Sunlight Peak
Mt. Eolus
05/03/2015  05/19/2015  25  57 16
Skiing the Eolus Group: Sunlight and Windom 
By: benners
Sunlight Peak
Windom Peak
05/14/2010  05/17/2010    1 15
Eolus Group - Weather and Rodents
By: RoanMtnMan
Sunlight Peak
Windom Peak
Mt. Eolus
06/06/2009  06/10/2009    35 7
A Gift from the Weminuche
By: doumall
Mt. Eolus
Sunlight Peak
North Eolus
Windom Peak
05/08/2009  05/12/2009    53 16
West Ridge & Widowmaker
By: Easy Rider
Windom Peak 05/11/2008  05/12/2009    20
Part 3 Chicago Basin: Windom and the descent.
By: Jcwhite
Windom Peak 05/11/2008  05/15/2008    40 12
Sunlight-Chicago Basin
By: Schuller
Sunlight Peak
Mt. Eolus
Windom Peak
05/19/2007  05/22/2007    7
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