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Trip Reports (7)
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I Like My 14ers Like I Like My Pasta...El Diente
By: moneymike
El Diente Peak 04/13/2015  04/19/2015  15  27 15
El Diente Ski Descent: The Luttrel Line 
By: benners
El Diente Peak 05/08/2011  05/13/2011  10  1 19
El Diente: Luttrell Line
By: pioletski
El Diente Peak 04/18/2011  04/19/2011  2  4 7
Organ Pipe Detour & The Northwest Couloir
By: Easy Rider
El Diente Peak 04/19/2010  04/22/2010  1  30 8
Wilson Group Ski in One Day
By: SkiNowWorkLater
El Diente Peak
Mt. Wilson
Wilson Peak
05/09/2009  06/15/2009  1  15 3
Getting it Right in the San Juans
By: doumall
Mt. Wilson
El Diente Peak
Wilson Peak
04/27/2009  04/30/2009  1  92 17
El Diente Ski Descent 
By: Jcwhite
El Diente Peak 04/29/2007  05/02/2007    5
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