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Late Summer in the Gore Range Part1: Off Route   
By: docjohn
"Pk H"
Black BM
"Pk G"
"Pk F"
09/05/2013  11/27/2013  1  17 1
Goretastic Fun 
By: Furthermore
"Pk C"
"Pk D"
"Pk E"
"Pk F"
"Pk G"
10/10/2012  10/11/2012  23  30 12
G-sharp to F
By: Layne Bracy
"Pk G"
"Pk F"
07/12/2012  07/12/2012  8  12 5
Pk G and Pk F - Gore Range
By: rpb13
"Pk G"
"Pk F"
08/31/2010  09/07/2010    24 7
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