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Photos Comments
Silverton 13ers: A San Juan Consolation Prize 
by Kevin Baker
Little Giant Pk
King Solomon Mtn
PT 13,069
05/23/2009  05/28/2009    5 4
Pikes via Y Couloir Edition IV: We Shall Overcome! 
by Kevin Baker
Pikes Peak 05/02/2009  05/03/2009    4 8
Sufferfest on Colony Baldy: And This is Easter? 
by Kevin Baker
Colony Baldy 04/11/2009  04/12/2009    4 3
South Six-Shooter & Elephant Butte: Two UT Desert Gems 
by Kevin Baker
South Six-Shooter Pk
Elephant Butte, UT
03/23/2009  03/25/2009    5 5
Longs in Winter Via The Trough: A Test of Fortitude 
by Kevin Baker
Longs Peak 02/21/2009  02/22/2009    6 5
Yale in Winter: Not Quite a Gimmie 
by Kevin Baker
Mt. Yale
"Mascot Pk"
02/15/2009  02/17/2009    5 1
Pikes West Fork: A Unique Perspective on America‘s Mountain 
by Kevin Baker
Pikes Peak
"Little Pikes"
Devils Playground
02/07/2009  02/10/2009    4 7
Marble Mountain in Winter: One of the Sangres Finest Views 
by Kevin Baker
Marble Mtn A 01/28/2009  01/29/2009  1  4 6
Homestake Peak: Is This Really Winter? 
by Kevin Baker
Homestake Pk
Pt 10904
01/17/2009  01/19/2009    4 1
New Year‘s Day Bash in the Majestic LCW 
by Kevin Baker
Tarryall Peak
Lake Park Peak
01/01/2009  01/02/2009    5 4
Tarryall 11er Traverse: Getting Ready for Winter 
by Kevin Baker
North Tarryall Pk
Topaz Mtn
"Tater Top"
12/13/2008  12/15/2008    2 1
The Owen Group: 14 Hours in the Sangres 
by Kevin Baker
Owen A, Mt
PT 13,490
PT 13,122
Pt 12860B
Pt 10995
11/08/2008  11/10/2008    3 1
A Noddle, A Wreck, & A Castle 
by Kevin Baker
South Noddle Head
The Castle
10/18/2008  10/20/2008    3 4
LCW Peak Dash: Insane in the Membrane? 
by Kevin Baker
Peak X
S. Twin Cone Pk
N. Twin Cone Pk
Peak Y
09/27/2008  09/29/2008    4 4
The Truro Group: Not Your Typical Sawatch Slog 
by Kevin Baker
Truro Pk
"West Truro"
"Tellurium Pk"
"Petroleum Pk"
Larson Pk
09/20/2008  09/22/2008  1  3 6
The Grand Traverse: A Gore Range Scramblefest 
by Kevin Baker
"North Traverse Pk"
"Grand Traverse Pk"
Keller Mtn
Pt 12485
09/06/2008  09/08/2008    4
Navajo & Apache: Exploring the Magnificent IPW 
by Kevin Baker
Navajo Pk A
Apache Pk
Niwot Ridge
08/23/2008  08/25/2008    3 2
Pomeroy to Carbonate Traverse: A Southern Sawatch 6 Pack 
by Kevin Baker
Grizzly Mtn
Pomeroy Mtn A
PT 13,070
Cyclone Mtn A
Carbonate Mtn A
08/15/2008  08/18/2008    1 7
Monsoon Season in the Elks:A Precarious Proposition? 
by Kevin Baker
Precarious Pk
PT 13,232 A
PT 13,260 A
07/26/2008  07/29/2008    1 7
Intro to the Winds: 19 Hour Epic on Gannett 
by Kevin Baker
Gannett Pk, WY
Jackson Pk, WY
Pt 11460E, WY
07/14/2008  07/19/2008    1 6

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