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Fourth of July Trailhead
Added by krishcane

Location:  Front Range
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Usually opens around early July (hence the name). Closed in winter. Elevation around 10,145 feet.
Directions:  If you live either north or south of Eldora, use the following directions: Go north or south on Colorado 119 to the town of Nederland. Traveling north on 119, turn left at the Eldora turnoff. Coming from the north, turn right at the Eldora turn-off (County Road 130). Continue on that road past Nederland High School and past the turn for the Eldora "shelf road" that leads up to the resort. 1.8 miles after the Eldora shelf road, you値l read the town of Eldora. Continue through town. The road is now called Eldorado Avenue. In less than a mile, you値l pass through the town and the road will turn to dirt (or you値l hit a closure if it痴 winter). About 0.75 miles after the transition to dirt, the road splits. Keep to the right, following the sign to the 4th of July trailhead and Buckingham Campground. You値l pass by a number of cabins along the way. About 4 miles past that road split and sign, you値l reach the trailhead. This road is probably passable for most passenger cars but I wouldn稚 try it in a low clearance vehicle or with a new driver. The trail starts in the upper parking lot right after the Buckingham Campground. There is free parking if you get there early, but note that it can fill up on popular summer weekends, leaving people to park precariously on the narrow access road.
Winter Access:  Unknown
Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-07-26 Road is in good condition, better than I‘ve seen it in the past. Doable in a passenger car if you‘re careful, but better to take an Outback/crossover SUV or the like for a stress-free experience. Complete junkshow at the TH, as crowded as I‘ve ever seen it. adrenalated         
2015-05-16 The road is open but it is in considerably worse condition than the last time I posted. The potholes are bigger and there are large puddles but the road is mostly clear of snow. I took an Xterra up this time, I would wait a couple more weeks before attempting this in a 2wd car. I took a splitboard with me but it was too spotty to skin up until getting close to tree line. Still a lot of fun, but snowshoes would be useful for the first 1.5 miles or so. Picture of the skin track posted. jjb7733  1       
2014-08-13 I know the previous poster indicated he got a Jetta up there early in the season, but my Mazda 3 bottomed out in a way I wasn‘t willing to push any farther 1.8 miles up the road with no way to avoid it. If a person doesn‘t like their low clearance car you can probably get up to the trail head, but if you don‘t like the sound of metal on rock low clearance vehicles will struggle to get past some spots on this road. centrifuge         
2014-06-14 My VW jetta made it to the trailhead no problem, just a couple minor scrapes jjb7733  3       
2014-05-17 Fourth of July road still closed jjb7733         
2013-07-27 2WD can make it up there. Just be careful. Get there early to secure a parking spot. Make sure you have an exit because when you return to your car there is no guarantee some idiot won‘t block you in. forbins_mtn         
2013-05-17 Noticed it wasn‘t updated... thought I‘d try my hand at a first post. Completely clear all the way up to the trailhead, was a fun drive as a first time up there two weeks ago, just some puddles and a small amount of mud along the way. Drove my 2wd Ranger up there, I‘m sure a competent car driver could make it. SmokedNutz         
2012-12-02 Trailhead is still open to all vehicles. I saw a couple passenger cars and the usual awd and 4wd. There is some ice but it‘s passable. jeremy27         
2012-10-14 Muddy with some puddles from Saturday‘s storms but passable by most any car with car. jeremy27    1      
2012-05-25 2WD VW Passat got up no problem. JEyez         
2012-05-20 Fully open. I drove my 2wd Chevy in there over the weekend. ElFuegoDelaMuerte         
2012-04-23 Road passable for 4x4 only, 3.2 miles from end of pavement in Eldora. After 3.2 miles snow becomes continuous and deep (ice and unconsolidated drifts to 3 ft). Should be melted out in about 3 weeks. Hessie Trailhead passable to high clearance 4x4 only due to high water. thatnissanguy         

Located at northeast corner of highest lot (Added by: krishcane on 2013-07-13)

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