Mosquito Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Mosquito Range
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
The road is 4WD beyond 6.9 miles and climbs to Mosquito Pass.
Directions:  On Highway 9, 1 mile south of Alma, turn west onto Mosquito Gulch Road. Drive 6.8 miles to a point where the road turns left and crosses Mosquito Creek before climbing up toward Mosquito Pass. There’s parking 0.1 mile after the left turn.
Winter Access:  Mosquito Pass is closed for winter and the Mosquito Gulch road is usually blocked 3 miles in from Highway 9.
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2015-06-28 The road is clear to within about a hundred feet of the London Mine; there‘s a place to park if you manage to make it that far. It‘s not the easiest road to drive. There are still snowy patches beyond the mine, but people could potentially be able to reach the top of the pass in a couple of weeks. Greenhouseguy  1  5      
2015-06-21 Anyone with a 4x4 and reasonable driving skills can get to within a half mile of the old London Mine. Road actually looks like it might have been graded out by the FS at the end of last year as it looks much better than in years past. Snow is melting very fast up there. EatinHardtack         
2015-06-13 The trailhead is clear of snow minus one small section near the parking lot, but it is passable. There is a lot of water and puddles on the road, due to recent storms and snow melt. The culvert near trailhead is very full and almost has too much water that it is overflowing road, so park east of it if raining. Snow still in most of road up trail and the end of trail is a small stream. Fabio 49         
2015-05-30 Road is dry to about 11,100 then a snowbank blocks further passage. This is just below the base of "The Wave" on London. Short (half mile?) section just beyond where the road is completely dry then after that it is all snow. Chicago Transplant         
2014-10-30 Dry road to the turn off (left turn). Made it to the turn off with an AWD Audi car, no bumps/scrapes. sunny1         
2014-07-09 The Mosquito Pass road is still blocked by snow at the North London Mine (12,300‘) but it‘s snow-free to that point. BillMiddlebrook         
2014-06-18 Narrow vehicles should be able to get up until a little before the North London Mine (not N.London Mill, which is lower). There is a wide turn around area melted out. After that it is impassable due to snow. But if you are hiking London or Kuss, you‘ll want to park down at the beaver ponds anyway. Don‘t want to make it too easy you know:-) powhound         
2013-11-03 No problem getting to the parking area at Mosquito Creek today with only minor patches of snow to the parking area. The first switchback beyond the parking area is icy and snow drifts prevented a 4WD from going much beyond the first switchback. Hoot         
2013-07-14 pass is open. road has some very rough sections after the creek crossing. I parked at the mine instead of beating up the Xterra on the upper stretch. Yikes         
2013-06-22 From the Fairplay side one can get to the North London Mine. There is a large snowfield and looks like at least another two weeks before one can possibly get through. There are small snowfields all the way up to the pass but should melt out in the next two weeks. From Leadville, it looks like by next weekend it will be open all the way to the pass. There was a small snowfield that will probably melt out this week. A motorcycle was able to get past it and able to get to the pass. Grant         
2013-06-09 The road up Mosquito Pass on the EAST side is currently blocked at the first switchback before you start heading up the hill to the old London Mill Mine. You could drive further but not worth the effort. The road is still blocked with plenty of snow and will take a while to melt out. If this week continues with the warm temps then I would think you might be able to drive to the old mine in the next week or two. EatinHardtack         
2013-05-11 Park County Road 12 plowed all the way to Road 696. The snow was still just a little too deep to continue so I ended up parking at the intersection of roads 12 and 696. I was driving a Dodge Durange 4WD. With the warm weather I‘d estimate maybe another mile of forward progress by next weekend. Due to all the late season snow, the trailhead at the sharp left turn where Road 12 begins the climb to Mosquito Pass is still at least two or three weeks out. telemarkdude         
2012-11-07 Mosquito Gulch road was dry, rough 2WD. Parked just after the road crosses Mosquito Creek and hiked Mt. Tweto from there. BillMiddlebrook         

Parking near Mosquito Creek, before the road climbs toward Mosquito Pass (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2012-11-07)The junction for Mosquito Pass (left) and the 4wd road/trail toward Mt. Tweto (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2012-11-07)Parking area at Mosquito Creek before the road gets icy (Added by: Hoot on 2013-11-03)

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