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Half Moon (Tigiwon) Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. of the Holy Cross
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Interstate 70, take Exit 171 and follow U.S. 24. Drive almost 5 miles and turn right onto the Tigiwon road. The turn is just before U.S. 24 crosses the Eagle River and starts to switchback up the hillside. The Tigiwon road is dirt and cars can usually make it to the trailhead. Drive just over 8 miles to the trailhead. More information on the Tigiwon Road (#707) can be found on the US Forest Service Motorized Vehicle Use Map for the Holy Cross Ranger District.
Winter Access:  Closed near the bottom of the Tigiwon road. Road is closed from November 22nd until June 21st but they may not open the gate until late in the day on the 20th, depending on conditions or when they get around to it. If you plan on heading there around the time of the road opening, please contact the Holy Cross office of the US Forest Service Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District at 970-827-5715.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-07-02 The road is dry and fine for passenger vehicles, although slightly rough. Saw a Prius up there. Just go slow and you‘ll be fine. Wildflowers are blooming all over! Daniel Joder         
2015-06-22 The gate is opened and the road is in really good condition for a dirt road. I took a 93 Subaru Impreza up and only bottomed out once (my fault as I could have easily avoided it) There is a restroom at Th Chipmonk    1      
2015-06-11 Road closed for Elk migration until 6/21. WillRobnett         
2014-11-09 Before we drove up it had probably only snowed about 6" in the last two weeks. Road was fine in a jeep. Passed a couple Civics. One at about 5.5 mi going slow and one parked at 6.6 mi. I don‘t see any reason they could not have continued to TH. They must have stopped where they did for a reason. I would have had no qualms about slowly driving a passenger car all the way up. It‘s probably snowed 12-18" since we left but maybe this report can be useful in future years. alpinenut         
2014-10-24 Tigiwon (FR 707) was bare dirt or minimal mud all of the way up to trailhead (8.4 miles) and could be passed with a non-4WD car though it is very rough and seemingly endless. There is more mud and snow at the trailhead but not yet unmanageble without 4wd. mjchelbe4549    2      
2014-10-18 Road is in excellent condition. capetrekker         
2014-10-11 The road is dry and in great condition. Very few large ruts and puddles. The corners are tight, go slow there. emgordon         
2014-09-07 The dirt road from HW 24 to the trailhead is smooth and easily drivable by any passenger car. My mighty Prius was able to drive the trail at about 20-25 mph with no problems. Lots of parking. trinkner         
2014-06-21 Open (at exactly 4:15pm on Friday, 6/20) and dry. The road is a bit bumpy this year but anything other than a low-rider will do. BillMiddlebrook         
2014-06-17 County Sheriff said they‘ll open full access 6/20 WillRobnett         
2014-06-02 a few small drifts still, but bike-able crobathais    2      
2013-10-06 Light coating of snow. No problems making it up in 2WD Chevy Cavalier. speach         
2013-09-20 Tigiwon Rd. is dry and passable by 2WD cars (made it in an Acura with no problems). Saw the area of the road that would be impassable when wet so if in a 2WD low clearance car heed the wet road warning. You could go up in dry conditions and get stuck. However, today was a breeze. There is snow and ice up high on Mount of the Holy Cross, Notch Mountain, and Halo Ridge. It is nothing major but will make things a bit slick. goingup         
2013-09-08 Still clear, but potholes increase as you get higher. Conservatively driven cars and all trucks/suv‘s should have little issue making the drive. It does take a good while to make it to the top, so plan your timeline for this leg (8 miles) to take about 25 minutes on a good day. shearmodulus         
2013-08-11 Many passenger cars made it to the trailhead without an issue. If there was a good amount of rain it would be difficult to get a small passenger car to the trailhead. The Half Moon trail is one of the best I have hiked on before. hberry         
2013-07-19 Beware! After reading the previous report I took up my passenger car... But it had rained that day and about 5 miles up on the dirt road there was a very muddy patch that my car could not pass. I‘m sure on a dry and sunny weekend any car could make it, but know that if it has rained recently its best to take a car with some clearance and AWD/4wd. 4 miles walking on the road to the TH is not desirable. Thankfully some folks gave us a ride. Peace! addrock528         
2013-07-08 I made it up in a 2-seater rear-wheel drive MR2 Spyder. If that car can make it, any car can :-). Note that around mile 4.0 from the TH coming down I bottomed out at the worst place on the road. Not sure I had a choice under the circumstances. Did fine going uphill. barryfagin         
2013-06-21 Confirmed: Half Moon is open per a call I just had with the ranger station. MountainSlayer         
2013-06-20 Gate the road is opening later tonight! It will "definitely" be open tomorrow according to the Holy Cross ranger office at 24747 US Highway 24, Minturn, CO 81645, 970-827-5715. I just got off the phone with them a minute ago. AeroDan         
2013-06-03 I just called the White River ranger station, and they said that the road to the trail head is scheduled to open June 21st. They also said that delays will be unlikey from any lingering snow. scholbiwan         
2012-11-23 I was just told by the Ranger Station that Tigiwon Rd closed yesterday. alpinenut         
2012-11-01 Made it up there easily on Thursday (11-1-12) in a front wheel drive Accord with no problems whatsoever. At 6am the few stretches of frozen snowpacked road were easy to negotiate. The snow was kind of granular and seemed to provide good traction. Didn‘t need chains, but I have pretty good all-season tires on the car. On the way down, after a fairly warm day up there, the road was wet and muddy, and the snow was slushy. Ground clearance is not a problem either, you just steer around a few rocks and potholes. Drive slow. There was the occasional hunter with pickup truck along the road. Have fun. craigjhn  1       
2012-10-28 The road is open to the Halfmoon Pass TH. The road is packed snow, mud, ice and dirt. A 4x4 vehicle would be desired to make the full drive up the road. There were plenty of hunters on the road, so they are helping keep the road accessible. The trail to the bench at 11,600 is easily followed and packed down. I then broke the trail from the bench, down the slope for about 1/4 of mile, to where you get the awesome view of Mt. of the Holy Cross. The snow was about 6" - 12" deep. Grover         
2012-10-20 Road is still dry, clear, and in summer conditions as of 10/20. Snowline is creeping down towards the elevation of the TH, but Tigiwon is still dry and passable by any vehicle. I spoke to a ranger before departing and he thought the road would remain open (albiet in steadily deteriorating conditions) through mid-November. Zambo         
2012-10-01 Road is still in great condition on 10-1-2012 illusion7il         

Can you spell "Tigiwon" ? (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)The TH at the end of the road. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)The main parking area and trailhead. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)The start of the Holy Cross trail – near the kiosk. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)

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