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Clear Crk./S.Winfield Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Huron Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to Winfield.
4WD to upper TH. SUVs with good clearance can make it if the road is dry.
Directions:  From Leadville: Drive 20 miles south on U.S. 24 and turn right on the Chaffee County 390 road. From Buena Vista: Drive 14.5 miles north on U.S. 24 and turn left on the Chaffee County 390 road. On the 390 road (dirt), drive 11.8 miles to Winfield. Turn left and measure from here. Drive 0.1 mile to reach the lower, 2WD trailhead on the left. After 0.4 mile, the road gets rugged and narrow (4WD required). After 0.7 mile, stay right at a junction. After 1.7 miles, the Banker Mine road is to the left - stay straight on the main road and continue to the end, at 2.1 miles. The trail starts past the parking area.
Winter Access:  Closed near 9,200 feet - many miles below the TH.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2010-05-31 Wet but clear to the upper trailhead gate at 10,560‘ for Huron. Barrett Cooper         
2010-05-24 5/8 update still essentially accurate. Park at the pulloff not far beyond Winfield. Numerous snowbanks and fields across the road before you can get to the further TH. A couple more weeks... Doug Shaw         
2010-05-08 the road is dry all the way to Winfield. Got my truck ~0.5 mi further before the snow was too deep. Boggy B         
2010-03-28 Snowed in 3 miles short of Vicksburg. cjw         
2009-10-03 The road has been graded at some point this summer, so the difficult areas have been removed. A standard high clearance vehicle should have no issue. We were there 10/3 and saw two or three low-clearance cars beyond the "4 Wheel Drive" sign and even one at the trailhead. It is expected to snow 10/4 so expect mud & ice after that date, but the road may again be passable to all vehicles for the 2010 summer season. Mel McKinney         
2009-05-17 Chaffee County 390 and FS road 390 are both dry, although some small patches of snow exist. We had no trouble getting all the way to the forest service closure gate at 10,600ft. Ski4me         
2009-04-09 The main road is dry for the first 8 miles (to the Missouri Gulch Th) and then patching snow for the remaining 4 miles to Winfield. The 4WD road from Winfield to Huron is snow-covered but I doable for an advanced snowmobile rider with a deep track. BillMiddlebrook         
2008-11-21 Went up this morning at 6am and could not get past the 2WD parking... long slick of thick ice immediately after up a hill, but if you have chains perhaps and can get past it, then you should be fine the rest of the way. breezytrees         
2008-11-07 11/07/08 Used the road leading to the trail head. There is currently 3 inches of snow on the road and some ice. This makes the road a little slick. I had no problems, but the slick nature of the road was a little un-nerving. Gary Brady         
2008-10-20 Hiked Huron Peak from this trailhead on 10/19. 4WD road was rough, but passable, with a few spots of frozen mud and ice in the morning, but nothing that would stop a standard 4WD vehicle. We took an Xterra to the trailhead, and saw an Explorer and a pickup truck there. jefficke         
2008-09-21 climbed Huron from this TH on 9/17/08. Road is clear all the way to 4 x 4 parking. Last two miles is very rough and full of potholes. Would not recommend a 2wd on last two miles pt4         
2008-08-17 On 8/17/08 made it to the 4WD parking lot TH in a Ford Expedition with no problems. The Expedition has a wheel base similar to a Tahoe (shorter than a Suburban but longer than an Explorer) gdthomas         
2008-06-30 Grover‘s update is spot on, just wanted to add that the trail to the Apostles is dry to the basin, pretty wet though in a number of different sections, but can stay dry by hugging the sides. lordhelmut         
2008-06-29 Totally clear for me today. I made it all the way to the 4x4 parking area, as did many other vehicles. Sure, there is lots of water in some spots, but nothing troubling. For Huron itself, there are two prominent snow fields in the basin between Browns and Huron. Plenty of foot holes to step in. Very soggy in that area though. Grover         
2008-06-27 I drove through the snowbank on the road with no problems. When we got back there were three other vehicles at the 4WD trailhead. A few more days and the snow will be gone. Zippoman         
2008-06-21 the snowdrift is still covering the road with a couple feet of snow 1/4 mile from the trailhead. There were some tire tracks in the mud on the other side of the drift suggesting someone had driven over it, but i have no idea how they got through it. It looks like it will be a few more weeks before it is melted, but there are plenty of places to park shortly before the blockage. realhillboarding         
2008-06-08 EDIT : any 4wd high clearance vehicle will be able to make it to within 1/4 of the 4wd lot in a few days, I just remembered there was one snow drift high enough to stop any vehicle in its tracks, but it only covers half the road, anyone with a shovel and interest could pave a way for themselves. lordhelmut         
2008-06-08 Was up there sunday 6/8. My friend‘s Outback made it about 1/2 miles passed the 4wd sign before running his front end into a steep section near a creek. Any stock vehicle could make it to within 1/4 mile of the 4wd parking lot right now. Leftover avalanche debris stretches for about 50 yards just before the lot, but isn‘t very deep, i‘m guessing by the middle of the month, most vehicles will be able to make it to the end of the road. Lot of snow up on the peaks though, Huron and the Apostles. lordhelmut         
2008-06-02 The avalanche debris has melted out and the road is now passable to the 2WD parking area. This was a big slide that even knocked a house off its foundations! The road becomes solid snow right at the sign marking the start of the 4WD road. Its going to be several weeks before anyone gets all the way to the summer trailhead. Chicago Transplant         
2008-05-19 Road still blocked just short of Winfield by avalanche debris. The snow was cement and would likely be passible in frozen conditions, but be wary, you won‘t get back through once the snow softens later in the day. RoanMtnMan         
2008-05-15 The road is drifted about 2.5 miles from winifeild. About .25-.5 miles of drifts and then it could be driven the rest of the way to winifeild. Probably will be passible by 4X4‘s in a few days. Titan_20         
2008-04-27 Road is impassable ~3.5 miles from the Missouri Gulch trailhead; the snow looks to be 18-24" deep for as far up the road as I could see. KeithK         
2008-03-07 Rode a snowmobile all the way to the Winfield and the road had plenty of well-packed, snow. Rode 1/2 mile up the Huron 4WD road before encountering a deep dip in the road. It‘s possible to ride around it, but I didn‘t bother because I was just exploring. Deep, deep snow on the 4WD road, but a snowmobile could get you at least within 1.5 miles of the upper trailhead. BillMiddlebrook         
2007-11-12 Was able to make it past initial icy section at the beginning of the 4x4 road after slipping backwards on the first try. Not sure I would do it again though. Rest of the road is icy and snowpacked in spots. Yog         
2007-11-12 Steep, icy section at the start of the 4WD TH as of 11/9/07. Could not get past this section in a Pathfinder in low-range 4WD...just slipped right back down it! jamienellis         

Start of the trail at the end of the road (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-03)In Winfield, turn left near the buildings (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)In Winfield, looking down the road to the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-06-21)This is usually the worst spot of the 4WD road – about 0.6 miles up. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-08-26)Parking area at upper (4WD) trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-08-26)

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