N. Halfmoon Creek Trailhead
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Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. Massive
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD easy dirt road to 10,100’ at the main Mt. Massive TH. Then, narrow Easy 4WD to 10,500’ at the N. Halfmoon Creek TH.
Directions:  From U.S. 24 just south of Leadville, turn onto Colorado 300 and cross the railroad tracks. Drive 0.7 mile and turn left onto County Road 11 toward the Halfmoon Creek. After another 1.2 miles, turn right on the dirt road to Halfmoon Creek. Drive on the good dirt road (except for the usual washboard and potholes) for 5.3 miles to the Mt. Massive parking area on the right. Drive another 2 miles on the now rugged, 4WD road to a small junction. Continue straight - do not turn left on Forest Road 110J. If you have 4WD and good clearance, drive another 0.5 mile to the small, marked trailhead on the right.
Winter Access:  Usually closed just a short distance up from where the road changes to dirt - over 8 miles below the TH.
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2015-10-09 The 4WD road to trailhead is a bit rough, we saw a Kia Sonata (sedan) stop before the rut mentioned in earlier posts. I think with a low speed and patience getting up to that point is fine, though I think a 2WD car would have a real hard time getting over the washouts. For reference the road is much worse than the Grays/Torreys TH road zhowell79         
2015-08-09 Trail has a major washout rut about .3 mile from trailhead. Unless you have high clearance, you‘ll need to park a bit lower. jblyth         
2015-07-11 Just after the road splits about .5 mile from the TH the road goes up and the spot in question looks much worse than it really is. The culvert is exposed on the left. The large "pothole" is on the right. Any SUV should be able to straddle the pothole without even noticing its there. There was a Nissan Maxima at the TH if that tells you anything. Rest of the road is fine, typical 4wd. Saw a large 4Wheeler cross the creek at the TH. Deep hole, two others didn‘t try it. JQDivide    1    
2015-07-03 As others have said, it‘s not really a hole as much as just large potholes that you would come across while on a 4wd trail. I got my Outback up without much trouble at all. Although I have been told I‘m crazy so maybe just park below the section that gets steep. It doesn‘t add that to the trip, maybe a mile total RT but that‘s still better than the Standard route. Horn         
2015-06-28 I‘m not quite sure why everyone is saying the "hole" in the road is that big. ANY stock 4wd vehicle CAN drive to the upper trailhead of this road. Would I take a subaru? NO! Could you get a subaru up there? Probably, I have seen subaru‘s in worse places... asnellstrom  1  1      
2015-06-21 The previous update of the culvert is accurate, though we didn‘t have any issues getting by it in a Lexus GX470. Also saw an older Subaru Outback up top that wasn‘t there when we parked in the morning. Also a rock crawler Jeep that wouldn‘t try it. So go figure. It‘s definitely doable and looks worse than it is. LivingOnTheEdge         
2015-06-05 Road to Halfmoon Creek Trailhead (standard Massive approach) was dry but had the typical washouts and holes. Past Halfmoon Creek Trailhead, the remaining stretch of road to North Halfmoon Creek Trailhead is also dry, but there is one humongous hole at the top of a hill intersecting with a buried culvert pipe. The pipe is exposed from wear and right beside the hole with the pipe is a giant hole/washout. Giant. We were in a chevy silverado with skid plates and with some careful maneuvering, were able to avoid both the exposed culvert and straddle the giant hole. I would say it isn‘t a beginner move, but when we got to the end of the road at North Halfmoon Creek Trailhead, there was a suburu outback sitting there. Who knows for how long, but somehow it made it past the disaster hole and the rest of the dry, but extremely rugged 4WD trail. Lyssah         
2015-06-04 Dry all the way to the TH and in pretty decent shape. High clearance vehicle a good idea for the last .5 mile. KTC88         
2014-10-25 Drove to 10,300‘ with Civic. spiderman         
2014-09-17 Road in good enough shape to get my 5.5 inch clearance car to the 110J junction. Read that my car couldn‘t pass a spot further on the road and they were right. Just a few hundred yards up is a big, deep pot whole abutting a culvert that people have partly filled with rocks. Half of the vehicles parked at the junction and the others at the TH, based on clearance. goldenite         
2014-09-09 Made it to FR 110J in a compact Kia with no problem. Maybe 0.2 m further a serious dip in the road (culvert partially visable) would halt further low clearance traffic. Maybe a couple rock problems after that, but actually the last half mile is seemed less problematic than those earlier encountered rain filled potholed miles. One vehicle observed at the TH: Subaru Outback. 2giqs         
2014-09-06 The road is rougher than last year when I drove it. There is one spot in particular on a hill after the 110J junction that separates the vehicles. MountainHiker  1       
2014-06-02 4x4 road past first TH through far TH passable by most non-modified 4x4‘s DenverTRex         
2014-05-24 We were able to drive all the way up to the trailhead this evening. Needed 4wd but made it without any complications. wyojeremy         
2014-05-18 As of 05/18/2014 there have been no vehicles to make it past a large snow drift about 150 yards before the Mt. Massive trailhead at 10,050 feet. For the next 2 miles past this point there are stretches of dry road with sections of deep snow especially in the shaded areas. Past the South Halfmoon Creek trailhead the snow cover over the road is continuous. vailmtnman_26         
2013-11-09 No real change from the previous status. Road is in good shape, good clearance is required to make it to the trailhead. Other than that, no issues. Jay521         
2013-11-02 Few inches of snow, but passable with 4WD. mrickers         
2013-09-22 Road is narrow but good condition until the last half mile. That last half mile needs 4WD and some ground clearance. Trotter         
2013-08-24 Road is narrow and a bit rough but passable with 2WD and some clearance to the 110J junction. Just beyond that junction is a hill that could be rough for 2WD and difficult to turn around. Clearance isn‘t an issue as much as having 4WD here, I saw a low clearance Suzuki ‘car‘ at the upper TH. Good campsites right at the 110J junction to the left and the walk to upper TH is only ~10 minutes from there. cougar    1    
2013-07-10 The road to southwest ridge for Mt. Massive was dry and we made it to .5 miles from the trailhead in our Subaru Outback on the 4WD road, there is a steep hill here and looked like it needed good clearance, so we didn‘t risk it, several other cars were parked here. All the cars at the trailhead were SUVs and had no problem making it up that last hill. cjwild         
2013-05-18 N. Halfmoon Creek TH is open. If you are driving a 4x4 vehicle, you will be able to make it with no issues. There are no true snow drifts on the road leading to the TH. just snow ruts......and those two or three ruts are melting fast. Road was in good shape everywhere else. Grover         
2013-04-28 Drove up Halfmoon Rd ~ 4 miles from the 2wd parking, to the Emerald Lake Picnic Area. This is within about 1.3 miles of the Mt Massive TH. The road still has many sections of deep snow & ruts in drifts. Eagle Eye         
2013-04-20 Early section of the road has been well drifted over, has a hard crust layer & I only drove only a little further than the 2wd parking lot/reflector signs in a high clearance 4wd. I hesitated to pull into the 2wd parking lot, it sits slightly lower than the road and looked to be filled in deep with drifts. Eagle Eye         
2013-04-13 Road is passable, drove to the N. Halfmoon Campground. A well-known section at the start of the road has deep ruts in it, high clearance is necessary. Eagle Eye         
2013-03-30 Road closure is just past the lower parking lot where the Halfmoon Rd turns to dirt. Two large reflector signs block the road, they can be gone around but the road is drifted over & has not been recently traveled. Eagle Eye         

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