Grays Peak Trailhead
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Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Grays Peak, Torreys Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Normally its Rough 2WD to the TH but some years it gets rough and might require 4WD. It always requires good-clearance.
Directions:  Take I-70 to the Bakerville exit (#221). Leave the highway and drive south over to the dirt parking area near the start of Forest Road 189. This is the winter trailhead and, even if the upper road is open, low-clearance passenger cars should park here. Its almost 3 miles to the summer trailhead. Reach a junction after one mile - stay straight and follow the sign for the Grays Peak trailhead. Continue another 2 miles to the trailhead at 11,280. There are restrooms and a few dispersed camping spots near the parking area.
Winter Access:  Closed at the start of the 189 road, near I-70.
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2015-11-11 around 8" of snow on Stevens gulch rd. Sign says winter road not passable. cfeign         
2015-11-02 Stevens Gulch Rd extremely icy. We had a Jeep w 4 wheel drive and within first 1/2 mile did a 180 on the road at a very low speed and we‘re forced to turn around. It‘s basically a 10 ft wide ice skating rink. This was at noon. Make sure you have chains on your truck if you attempt to make it the full 3 miles to Grays Peak trailhead. nathanmnelson         
2015-10-25 Road is snowpacked/icy in spots, especially past the Grizzly Gulch turnoff. rijaca         
2015-10-08 Went up to check out Kelso Ridge for my climb tomorrow. Road is rough in spots but not bad. Some washboard sections and some ruts, but take it slow and you should be fine. I drove to the top in a Kia Serrento with no problems. Borderben01         
2015-10-03 No snow on the road. The road is in very good condition, most any car can make it to the TH. ezabielski         
2015-09-27 Drove my Pontiac G8 to the TH today. Didn‘t bottom out, but I did take my time. dash83         
2015-09-20 Went up in a 2WD Acura TSX (like a Honda Accord). I‘d say it‘s doable with a normal car as long as it‘s dry and there is no snow. I bottomed out maybe once or twice, and got sorta stuck and had to back up once. It could have been annoying if a car was directly behind me. It‘s not terribly steep. Having enough clearance was more of an issue than having 4WD. astrobaron9         
2015-09-17 Standard CRV. Road up was rough as usual, but not terrible. Looks like someone did some work on the larger dips. Nothing crazy. mooty_co         
2015-09-15 The road to the TH was in great shape, IMHO just about any car could manage it. There weren‘t any big washouts or boulders to navigate, just a very rough road with a lot of rocks and washboard sections. Despite what I had heard about big crowds on Grays, on this day there were almost too few. I was the first one on the mountain at 5:15 am. I was passed by one group of 4 on the way up. On the way down I passed about 6 or 7 groups, the largest being four climbers. There were only about 30 people on the mountain while I was there. fmmobley         
2015-09-08 The unpaved road to the TH is easy doable with a minivan Chrysler T&C (2006), there are a few spots where you need to be careful but I saw sedans also having no problem going up. psullam         
2015-08-30 Did the combo route which was the class 3 great climb and beautiful weather. It was super crowded at the top of greys/torreys. Good challenge on doing my first class 3. ds925    1      
2015-08-29 The road to Grays trailhead is in great shape! I am not a seasoned "off road" driver but i‘ve started to do more of these roads as i‘ve been ticking off more 14ers. I had no problem getting to the parking lot in my subi forester. Clearance was not an issue. there are a few small ruts that are very easily avoided. There are also some rocky sections which require slower speeds however at no point did i worry about bottoming out. if you have a subi - and you are comfortable with navigating rocky roads, you will be just fine. I compare this road to the road up to do the arapahoe peak traverses. it is much easier than the road to massive which took me more time. I hope this helps someone considering whether to drive to the parking lot of not! chayadecacao         
2015-08-09 I have a Subaru Legacy, and I wished I had more clearance. The challenge is to place your wheels at right spots, and life to the trailhead will be much simpler if you take a SUV instead. If you are planning on taking your sedan, there are a few sketchy spots. We had one of our friend outside our car and guide us through some rocky sections. hnkulkarni         
2015-07-30 Clear Creek County had a grader out blading the Stevens Gulch Road. They had already bladed from the TH down to the steepest section, which they were working on as I descended on Thursday morning. Should be smooth as a baby‘s bum by the end of the week. yardman    1 1    
2015-07-24 Agree with posts below. As another data point, I had little problem reaching the TH this AM in a 08 Subaru Outback (8" ground clearance). At one point I got out to move some rocks (at the tricky spot mention below, just past mile 1.5), but otherwise its just a slow, careful drive. Lot was not yet full when we arrived at 5:30 (weekday...), but overflowing by the time we exited. baumertka         
2015-07-22 Road is pretty much in the same shape. I just wanted to post this for a little more detail. I took my Dodge Neon up to the top this morning. The big problem spot is a series of crater-like pot holes covering the road about 1.7 miles up the road. Up till then, the road is tough 2WD, Id say. Just watch wheel placement, and you wont have a problem until then. The spot at 1.7mi is passable by 2wd, but be prepared for a major hit or grind on the undercarriage. I got up with only a light scrape, but took a rather large hit on a rock on the way down. Above 1.7, there are a few other tricky spots, that you could maneuver around with a little thought, including the turn into the main parking lot. My recommendation is this: If you dont care about getting a hefty scrape or large hit on your passenger car, go for it. Otherwise, get more clearance. Corey17         
2015-07-18 The road conditions remain as they were last weekend some deep ruts and potholes. I would definitly recommend a 4x4 however I saw a few low clearance vehicles in the upper parking lot. But you should be prepared for some undercarriage damage. The way back from the upper parking lot was bad! At some points the people parked so badly I was not sure if I would make it with my F150. (1 inch of space to both side and I am not padding out) thorec    3      
2015-07-12 The heavy rainfall this year has gutted the road, opening up some deep ruts and potholes. A high clearance 4WD is the safest bet. If you‘re okay risking damage to your undercarriage, it is possible to make it to the summer TH in a low clearance car with some meticulous, tactical driving (which may include moving boulders and rocks into the potholes so you don‘t bottom out). fakejox         
2015-07-10 The road conditions described in previous posts seem to remain. We had two vehicles - a Midsize 4WD SUV and Midsize 2WD Passenger Car. We got about half way up and all piled into the SUV. The lower half was rutted by passable but we weren‘t sure what to expect on the upper half. Although there were a few passenger cars in the lot we are glad that we left the car at the big lot on the right hand side of the road. There were some really deep ruts. akafuzzjones  1  3      
2015-07-04 Im not sure if the road has gotten worse since the last few updates, but I tried this in a Sienna minivan with a group today, made it around 1.5 miles up to a rough, steep-ish section with some bigger potholes and made it no further (its got a bit of clearance for a 2WD, too). There were a few other 2WD cars that had made it past that point and up to the trailhead, but they were the exception (and better drivers than I!). Overall, the road is bumpy, with some exposed rock, ruts and potholes throughout. Id rate this as a mild 4WD right now, mainly for the hill at 1.5 miles but there are a few other rough spots higher up. Its not as bad as last year but dont assume a 2WD will make it all the way up, although you might. Lots of people were up on G&T today - the weather was fantastic and it was a great day overall. DanielL         
2015-07-01 Went up on the first, but I‘m just getting to this now. We made it up to the main lot in our 2012 Honda Fit. Now, this took us close to 45 minutes, but we made it up there. Only bottomed out once, and that was at the rut at 1.5 miles up immediately after the private drive. In no way would I recommend anyone do this, but with careful selection and patience you can make it up. Coming down also took us close to a hour. Almost two full hours of our time in the area was spent driving that 6 miles. May not be worth it to some. mooty_co         
2015-06-21 We tried this in a Hyundai Elantra and made it to about 1.5 miles up the road with no problems. Just around the corner from the sign for "private land," we encountered some fairly large ruts that we just didnt want to chance in our car (first picture). We parked just below the private land sign and walked up. On the way up, we also saw a couple of places with deeper ruts due to run-off (second picture). However, we did see plenty of very similar cars at the summer TH once we made it there, so I guess its all about how determined you are to drive. klg5081  2       
2015-06-19 The road to the TH is 100% clear. No Snow at all. A station wagon followed me up today without hassle. JHoughtelin         
2015-06-16 Made it all the way up to the summer trailhead today in a ‘95 Honda Accord station wagon. Trust me, you got it. gunnison_garrett14         
2015-06-13 Road is clear to the summer TH & not washed out from any of the runoff/rain. JtheChemE    1      

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