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Sunshine Peak  
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2011-07-16  From Redcloud Peak  Std route clear of snow execpt a couple of small patches you can easily avoid. jeffs   2011-07-18  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-05  Northwest Face  Got weathered off the peak before making the summit but here‘s a view of the route from about 12,500 feet. First pic shows the rest of the route going up from 12,500 while the second pic shows what it‘s like below 12,500. Much/most of the route is snow free and no aids required where snow remains. Gene913   2011-07-07 2     Edit Delete 
2011-06-04  From Redcoud out Northwest Face  I hiked the standard route via Redcloud to Sunshine but exited the NW Slopes. Road is completely snow free to silver creek trailhead and seeing some traffic for sightseers. Still plenty of snow up there but I didn‘t find a real need for my snowshoes. The bottom half of South Fork Creek it was helpful, but the stetches of soft snow were pretty few and far between at noon when I was descending. There was plenty of slide activity in the South Fork area and a number of large cornices ready to fall. I would think a ski descent would have been fun as well. Just be safe! The standard route up Redcloud has firm snow all the way up to the 13,000 ft saddle. The connecting ridge has snow that can be avoided until the last push at 13,500 near the gnarly rocks. bhaydin   2011-06-05 4  2      
2011-04-16  East Ridge  Sunshine Peak and Redcloud Peak from Mill Creek Campround. The road to the campground is completely dry and the campground and bathrooms were open for use. The route was dry until 11,300. At that point we put on snowshoes and I wore mine until about 13,300. From there I wore microspikes to Sunshine‘s summit and also over to Redcloud (probably not necessary but I liked the extra traction). We were able to follow a trail or tracks most of the day. Snowshoes were needed back in the trees in the afternoon. I tried without snowshoes for a bit and immediately postholed up to my waist. Overall I thought the route was pretty steep but it made for a fun and rewarding day. Pic1 - Sunshine (taken in the afternoon) Pic2 - Redcloud from Sunshine Pic3 - Sunshine from Redcloud Pic4 - Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn mountainjam   2011-04-17 4     Edit Delete 
2011-04-01  East Ridge  Road to Mill Creek Campground is bare. Looked like the road was bare for a ways past MCC, but no idea how far those conditions continued. Route was astonishingly bare of snow until quite a ways up. Did not even take the snowshoes, and didn‘t require them. Snow just below and above treeline was bootable, used microspikes but didn‘t require them. Trail was fairly easy to follow until snow cover - followed some old tracks to treeline. Postholing was fairly annoying on the way down below treeline thanks to the day‘s warm temperatures - deep and random. I could get away with several steps on solid enough snow, then the next step I‘d be waist deep in it. Fortunately, it‘s a relatively short section. Image 1: Sunshine from the east ridge Image 2: Redcloud from Sunshine Image 3: Sunshine from Redcloud Image 4: Handies anna   2011-04-02 4     Edit Delete 

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