Sunshine Peak  
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2016-10-23  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: There were a few snowy and icy sections on both Red Cloud and Sunshine above 13000ft. They were intermittent and easy to avoid or go through without an additional gear. 
DynamicPursuits  2016-10-25   3             
2016-09-03  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: I came across to Sunshine from Redcloud at about 10:00 am. The weather was still clear and the crossing was easy. I wanted to add this, though, to describe the descent down the northwest slope. The path is quite doable, but I would strongly recommend against going down this way unless you have experience with easy class 3's, and some trekking poles to stabilize yourself. The going is mostly over talus which is fairly well stabilized, but there are patches of loose scree here and there that make this challenging. Also, when you see the waterfall on the upper part of the slope, make sure to go to the west of it, either ascending (where it is a dark steep-looking gully and you can hear the water on approach) or descending. There is a 10' wall with plentiful handholds to climb, but difficult going for four-legged companions, and dogs that do not like steep climbing should not be taken this way. I was surprised at where the route goes down, yes it is that steep little gully. That and the initial walk down the summit are the only real challenges on this route, and the forest below that connects to the main trail is well trodden and very worth walking through. 
sky_high  2016-09-05   0             
2016-07-14  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: same conditions as Red Cloud Peak 
stevenrox  2016-07-24   1             
2016-07-12  Route: Northwest Face
Info: I wanted to do the Redcloud-Sunshine Combo in a counter-clockwise loop so as to a) go down a different way I came up and b) also heed Bill's warning about not descending via the Redcloud-Sunshine saddle. So instead, I ascended that saddle, which turned out not to be the greatest choice either due to extremely steep and loose scree and talus. I eventually made it up to be greeted by a sign informing me the terrain I had just hiked up was dangerous and not a trail...oops. In agreement with the sign, I would not recommending using the saddle between Sunshine and Redcloud for an ascent or descent. Other than that, summer conditions on both peaks with some muddy spots on Redcloud. 
lrosenmayer6  2016-07-16   2             
2016-06-30  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: Hiked from the Silver Creek TH via Redcloud. No snow on the trail and the trail is mostly dry with a few wet spots where the creek floods out of its banks, but one can rock hop over these areas to keep your feet dry. Full summer conditions on the mountain. I descended from the saddle near Sunshine. It is all loose scree, gravel and talus from the saddle down into the basin so tread very carefully if you are with others. The climbers trail that descends this valley can be found at the bottom and takes you all the way back to the main trail with only a few short snow patches to cross. 
thebeave7  2016-07-04   0             
2016-06-26  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: All snow can be avoided, summer conditions. 
crazymarmot  2016-06-28   0             
2016-06-20  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: As the others stated very little snow. With the heat today, I found the cold welcoming. 
myfeetrock  2016-06-20   2             
2016-06-20  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: Set up a bivvy on Redcloud on the 19th and photographed the sunset...then headed over to Sunshine the following morning (20th) for the sunrise. Fairly warm and no wind at all during the full moon night. My Redcloud words apply: "Echoing what rezvani2 said: no need for traction or flotation. Try your best to follow the trail, even over the very few snow patches, though, to avoid braided trail syndrome. The traverse over to Sunshine can also be done with very, very minimal touching of the snow patches. Nearing summer conditions." 
Daniel Joder  2016-06-20   0             
2016-06-16  Route: From "Sun Dog"
Info: I climbed Sunshine and Red Cloud via the 13er Sun Dog to make for a lovely cirque. To go up Sun Dog I cut off the standard route trail about 1.4 miles in and had to navigate across the raging creek. I made my way through the trees to Sun Dogs ridge, summited, and headed over to Sunshine. The snow up until Sunshine was firm and actually helped me move quickly. In between Sunshine to Red Cloud there is a large section of nasty steep snow. I could not see from the Sunshine side if I could safely crawl on the ridge next to it, so I chose to cross the entire thing. It was rotting, super slick, and about 20 feet before the end I punched through to my shoulders. Extracting myself was fun. You do not need to traverse this section of snow, the ridge above does go but I could not see that because I did not take the standard route up. From Red Cloud down it is smooth sailing. I glissaded about 1000 feet of really soft wet snow right to the trail! The Red Cloud basin is a sight to be seen! 
goingup  2016-06-17   0             
2016-06-10  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: There is a huge amount of rotten snow on the south face. If you are comfortable with the exposure stay climbers right on a very thin dry path. 
Nelson  2016-06-11   0             
2016-06-05  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: Patches of snow here and there. I did not need snowshoes or crampons for Redcloud. Popped on the crampons and took out the axe for the ridge traverse right before Sunshine Peak. The snow on the traverse was firm at 8:45am as I was heading up and was softening quickly on my way down around 9:15am. I started around 5am and returned around 1pm. 
dirtbagdame  2016-06-10   0             
2016-05-30  Route: North West Ridge
Info: Damn we walked a long way... Intended to rage up the N. Gully to Sunshine, ended suckered up on the ridge over pt. 13,4 - whatever and it took forever - but was fun. We aren't sure if one could skin directly up the gully. our views of it from the ridge were limited and it seemed the parties that skied out of it previous days stuck to traversing on the western aspects of the gully itself. We assume this is because snow at lower elevations was absent. Great freeze and a lot of snow on the peaks right now. We saw multiple parties on every peak. Surprised no one has posted about the Handies group. We rode NE off the top of the Peak to the S. tributary of Bent Creek. . Amazing turns down into the basin, even though it was late. We climbed a S. facing Couloir to the plateau between Sunshine and Red Cloud. Summit riding down the ridge towards Red Cloud and to the NE (more desirable descent route) will be in for a while. There isn't a clean line down the West face, although if you descend this, it seems you could ride to the summer trail at 11.3 or so. - this probably won't be the case for long Snow for the most part has reached a point of uniform temperature and moisture. the Southern Aspect we climbed (late) had 20 cm of wet melt forms on a stout crust. Where the slope was mellow (less than 35 degrees) and hadn't slid the snow was very wet and affected by thermal masses. We post holed deeply. In certain areas like described particularly in regards to steepness, there seems to be 30cm of snow ontop a dust layer, that seems to be the sliding service on most other slopes. 
freeinthehills  2016-05-31   0   2          
2016-05-22  Route: East Ridge
Info: Climbed Sunshine Peak from Mill Creek on Sunday, May 22. The route is dry from the TH to just below the tree line. It became very punchy once I got to the ridge and post holed to my groin and mostly to my knees (I'm 6'3") from the ridge to the bump, then again up until the final approach. Once on the bump I found some relief as the snow was only patchy there. Then solid again once on the final approach. Used microspikes from just below the ridge to the summit. Wished I would have had my snowshoes. Fought very strong winds and wind gusts from the ridge to the summit then 'til I got back down to the tree line. The trail is marked fairly well through the woods and talus fields up to the ridge. From the ridge your path is sure as Sunshine is in plain view. Returning I lost sight of the trail and forged through talus and brush until I refound the trail again. 
cheapcigarman  2016-05-26   4             
2016-04-24  Route: East Ridge
Info: Climbed/skied Sunshine Peak from Mill Creek on 4/24. The route is dry from the TH all the way to 11,600' where you'll find some snow in the high talus fields below tree line and then deeper snow a couple of hundred feet higher. Continuous snow above tree line. 
BillMiddlebrook  2016-04-25   7             
2016-04-02  Route: East Ridge
Info: Passing by, thought that photos could be if use: -rounded smooth snowy ridge (except for that bump) from timberline to Sunshine, with portion of ridge (still smooth rounded white) to Redcloud -gully from Mill Creek to timberline (largely dry) 
Count40  2016-04-02   2             
2016-03-05  Route: From Mill Creek
Info: TH to Tree Line: if you can find the trail, stay on it. We found it, lost it several times in the dark and in the snow. It kind of stays to the right side of a gully. But once the snow completely covers the ground, go up. It is a partial trench, but not exactly direct. Once out of the trees, go hit the ridge and take a left, Sunshine will come into view.We stayed to the left side of the first ridge, then up to the summit. The hike to Redcloud and back was fairly simple. There was a bit of concern down Sunshine before you hit the saddle, but the snow was solid. We did not resummit Sunshine, but crossed below the summit back to the ridge. The only time we used snowshoes was in the tree on the way down. The hard frozen snow collapsed from the warm day and we postholed with snowshoes. This is easily a 11 to 13 hour day, depending on your conditioning, postholing and route finding in the trees. Took us 13, but we had a solid hour on the summits. 
JQDivide  2016-03-08   0             
2016-02-16  Route: East Ridge
Info: Dry/patches of slush for roughly half of the uphill to treeline, then spring-like slush snow for the second half of the hill. Snowshoes mandatory on the second half to treeline, I was up to my hips without them. From treeline to both summits, microspikes were fine. As of yesterday, there was a trail just past the "notch" that allowed you to avoid re-summiting Sunshine on the way back. This was very convenient as the winds were brutal from Sunshine to Redcloud and back. 
aholle88  2016-02-17   4   4          
2016-01-13  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: Trench is still in place from beginning to treeline although some of the lower sections are starting to thaw. Talus slope was still covered as of 1/13 although melting quickly as well. Used snowshoes all the way to the summit although I could‘ve done without them in the first few hundred feet. Snowshoes helpful on Sunshine‘s North Ridge on the traverse to Redcloud. The Redcloud half of the traverse is mostly dry, only microspikes used for that. PM for pics or further info. I should also add that there appears to be a mountain lion prey burial site just after the first hill, maybe 5 minutes into the hike and directly in the middle of the trail. The mountain lion may come back to this site over the next few days so be aware of this if you head there within this time period. 
brerrabbit  2016-01-13   0             
2016-01-02  Route: East Ridge
Info: Lots of new snow. Much labor intensive wallowing in the trees, sometimes thigh deep, to gain the east ridge. Used snowshoes from TH to summit. Snow seemed relatively stable, not a single woomph all day. 
SarahT  2016-01-03   2             
2015-09-10  Route: From Redcloud Peak
Info: Drove to the trailhead over Cinnamon Pass Wednesday night. Road was in good condition and a breeze for my Ford Ranger. You do need 4WD and some clearance. Hiked Redcloud/Sunshine on Thursday and Handies from Grizzly Gulch on Friday. The trail conditions and weather could not have been better. I had at least 20 minutes alone on each peak. 
taboose395  2015-09-14   0             

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