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Huron Peak  
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2011-12-11  Southwest Slopes  Climbed Huron Peak from the Winfield TH today. What a fantastic day it was! Not a cloud in the sky and warm with no winds. I was able to easily drive my 1987 2WD Toyota Camry to Winfield with no problems at all. Get out there tomorrow while we still have one more nice weather day! Route was pretty snowy. The 4WD road leading to the wilderness boundary was snowy and we skinned it to the start of the Huron Peak Trail. We followed snowshoe tracks up the steep slopes through dense trees until they ended (assuming they turned around?). We continued the rest of the way to treeline via a post-holing nightmare. Snowshoes may have helped but since most of the way below treeline was marked by previous snowshoers, we only had about 300 or so vertical feet of post-holing. Above treeline, in the large valley below Huron there wasn‘t much snow. Rocky areas were very abundant. No avalanche danger right now. Some nice firm snowfields made easy ascending with microspikes. That being said, one should be comfortable and equipped with basic snow traveling...duh. Fantastic views!!! We had the entire area surrounding Winfield to ourselves today. No one else there, no one at the Missouri Gulch TH and no one at the Mt. Hope TH...all day. Nice weather lasts through tomorrow (Monday) so head there NOW! Matt Lemke   2011-12-11  0     Edit Delete 
2011-10-29  Northwest Slopes  The snow along the route is only about 6-8" deep below tree line, which makes for somewhat easy route finding(it should be easier now that we walked a path). The snow will likely melt in some portions of way we treaded over, so, it could possibly be a much quicker hike before the next snow Wednesday Nov. 2nd(‘11). We turned around because, the slow pace(mixed with over sleeping) of getting through the dry powder, forced the possibility of not getting back to Denver before dark. We did get to about 12,300. From that vantage point, the North Ridge looked like the wind was scouring it of much of the snow. If you wake up early enough and are not on a schedule you could easily summit,particularly, if you start from the trailhead and not Winfield.-PM if you‘d like some pics. jmanner   2011-10-30  0     Edit Delete 
2011-10-23  West from Clear Creek TH  Trail is mostly dry from the TH with a few light snow patches in the trees. Above tree line to the shelf at 12,400 is bare and dry. Above 12,400 the trail is snow covered to a depth of 5 or 6 inches. Some wind-blown spots are deeper. Trail is hard to see above about 13,000. (I used micro spikes). There is a pretty well defined direct ascent route that has been stamped in the snow by several people. Enough snow to glissade down in a few spots. There is no water where I camped at 12,400. Plenty of snow to melt though. wincoder   2011-10-24  0       
2011-10-16  Northwest Slopes  There are patches of ice on the trail just below treeline. The trail switches back over the icy section about 8 times. Above treeline, the trail becomes faint in places. There are footprints everywhere, and the snow can be about shin deep. While I didn‘t use any aides, gators were a plus. On the descent I was able to glissade for only a few hundred yards. Overall, the trail is in good condition. ilium   2011-10-17  0     Edit Delete 
2011-10-03  Northwest Slopes  Climbed it today (Monday) and it was dry to the top! There was some storm clouds moving in around noon as I returned to the car. The road is def. 4WD. I drove a Nissan Versa up about .25 miles up the 4wd road and had to camp from there. Luckily I ran into a nice couple from IL and they gave me a ride back to my car from the trailhead on the way back (along with good convo!). The first pic is from the summit, the second is from the Collegiate Peak Overlook just east of Johnson Village looking at the storm moving in. lackerstef   2011-10-03 2     Edit Delete 
2011-09-26  Northwest Slopes  There is no snow on the summit, a minuscule amount here and there on the upper trail. No microspikes needed on this day. The trail softened up a little on the way down, but not muddy, due to frost melting on a perfectly sunny day. The aspens revealed their glory. Stunningly beautiful today! passionforhiking   2011-09-26  0     Edit Delete 
2011-09-19  East Slopes  Hiked the standard route from S. Winfield TH yesterday. The trail is quite muddy above the basin and then has a surprising amount of snow on the trail above 13500‘. It‘s pretty packed down and seems to be just snow on top of ice now. I really wished I‘d had my spikes with me; as it was I only slipped once - thank god for good boots, and for the most part I could kind of ‘heel‘ into deeper snow around the hard pack. A slip here wouldn‘t mean ‘slide off the mountain and die‘ but could definitely mean ‘fall hard and break an arm/wrist/tailbone/head‘. Utilize caution and prepare accordingly. a94buff   2011-09-20  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-08-16  Northwest Slopes  Trail is clear and in great shape! mrschaible   2011-08-16  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-14  Northwest Slopes  Snow free. Bowman   2011-07-16  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-06  Northwest Slopes  Completely snow-free, except for some small patches of snow. iquack08   2011-07-08  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-07-01  Northwest Slopes  4wd road is rough and narrow but dry except for a small stream crossings and a few mud holes. There is one bad spot 1/4 mile before the trailhead. We bottomed out on this going in and went around it going out. Our Subaru Baja did fine and actually worked well on the narrow road. Starting up the trail there is one stream crossing that is pretty high, so be prepared for wet socks if you are wearing trail shoes. Above treeline there were three snow patches still but the crossing were firm in the morning, not much post-holing on the way back either. My son switched his wet socks out for the trip down the mountain. This was a great first 14er of the summer. Ramsey Boys Ramsey Boys   2011-07-02  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-01  Northwest Slopes  Clear trail hiking below treeline. Snow in the basin can be crossed without any issues. Beautiful day on the peak with little to no wind. The road in from Winfield was pretty muddy and sloppy on Thursday night with the recent rain but by noon on Friday, it had dried up quite a bit. rocketsmom   2011-07-01 1     Edit Delete 
2011-06-25  East Slopes  Picture of the east slopes from last Saturday. If you‘re looking to ski Huron this weekend you might be able to patch something together. Carl   2011-07-01 1  1    Edit Delete 
2011-06-23  Northwest Slopes  Pretty easy climb through the trees, no problem finding the trail through a few lingering drifts. The entire route is pretty snow free except for one large snowfield at 12500‘. It‘s OK in the early morning, but slushed up in the early afternoon. I saw one guy doing the backstroke through it, no kidding. Try to cross where it is most narrow, or just take the plunge if you don‘t mind a little post-holing. vistaphil   2011-06-24 3     Edit Delete 
2011-06-19  Southwest Slopes  Came up the standard route today because the creek at Rockdale was barely manageable. Intermittent snow begins on the trail shortly before treeline, then clear of snow for a bit until the upper basin around 12k. This part of the route looked like a suffer fest for the hikers that were post holing like crazy by late morning. After that the trail is clear to the summit. For the skiers, there are a couple lines off the summit down the east face. We skied to 13k, climbed the ridge to 13,400 (to get back to the west side), and found a skiable line to about 11,500ft. Snow was pretty good when we dropped in at 9am. Carl   2011-06-19  0     Edit Delete 
2010-11-20  Northwest Slopes  Below treeline there was about 6" of fresh snow making finding the switchbacks a little difficult. Above treeline the snow was drifted and windblown. The snow was patchy among island of rocks. Definitely not skiable yet. Overall, the trail was clear and there was little snow. scheelt   2010-11-22 2     Edit Delete 

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