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Pyramid Peak  
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2012-06-09  Northeast Ridge  I climbed this on Saturday in perfect conditions. The mountain is in great shape and a lot of fun. Do not stash anything on the ridge! There are a lot of goats up there and they will eat, steal, or destroy anything. Nelson   2012-06-11  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-09  Northeast Ridge  Climbed Pyramid Peak today via the NE ridge route and all I have to say is be sure you read the route description for this peak. We didn‘t know that there was a CFI trail made on the slopes above Maroon Lake for easier access into the north facing basin below Pyramid so we took the "Notch" route described in Roachs‘ old 14ers book. Wasn‘t bad at all but we could have saved lots of effort. Climb up and through the notch was snow free. The basin had some snow left in it and spikes helped early in the morning but it was only like a 10 degree angle of ascent so easy. The west facing scree gullies to reach the 13,000 foot saddle were mostly snow free with one avoidable snowfield. On the upper ridge, we kind of took the wrong route and ascended the entire green gully from where the trail met up with it (after that cool tiny ledge traverse) to the summit. We didn‘t know there was an easy cairned route to the left of the green gully looking up. We found this on the way down and thanked the lord for the easier descent. The last 1000 feet to the summit we only crossed snow twice...once at the cornice down around 13,100 feet and once on the traverse around to the notch before the green gully (only like 10 foot section with bucket steps). I left my hiking poles at the 13,000 foot saddle which proved to be a big mistake...goats ate them. I met up with Nelson as well who climbed it solo and the goats stole his. KEEP your poles if you climb this peak! The route we took was sustained 4th class for at least 500 feet but as said, a much easier route follows to the left of the green gully. You only HAVE to ascend this gully for maybe 150 feet. Nelson led me down the CFI trail on the descent which was a pleasant surprise to me as I didn‘t have to downclimb more talus! Glad to have met you and sorry about your poles. PM me for any more info. I‘ll have pics up sometime tomorrow night. Wish me luck on Capitol tomorrow. After a new high for me on Pyramid, I‘m off to test my new skills on Capitol Matt Lemke   2012-06-09  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-06-03  Northeast Ridge  Great day on Pyramid. gregory_fischer and I hit the trail early to attempt Pyramid. It rained around 9:30pm the night before so it was not the night to forget you tent poles . . .whoops. In the early morning as we started up the trail most of the rock had dried but the dirt was still moist and in some places muddy. Thankfully we brought the GPS because we walked right by the cairn for Pyramid in the dark. It’s in a rocky area before Crater Lake that is somewhat open on your right side as you start to go slightly down hill. The cairn is big and literally right on the left side of the trail. Not sure how we missed it but we did. From here the trail is pretty easy to follow until around 10,800 feet. Between 10,800 ft until 11,300 feet or just below the start of the amphitheatre there are large annoying snow patched on the trail. We had hoped they would be hard enough to walk on but they weren’t and we post holed through every one of them that we tried to walk through. In some spots we post holed to our thighs. We eventually bushwhacked it around several of the snowfield and used the gps to get back on the trail. In the amphitheater there is a large snowfield on the right side that was very firm and easy to walk on. We headed up with no issues other than we were slowly pulling right from the actual trail. Just remember the part you need to head up is slightly towards the back left end of the amphitheatre . The trail from the end of the amphitheater up to the northeast ridge is step but was almost completely free of snow. Once on top of the ridge we were right at 13k. AVOID the first large snowfield on the trail. I post holed with every step even when crawling and at one point Greg post holed and caught himself with his arms. This snowfield is also incredibly corniced on the far end. On the way down we stayed underneath it then climbed past it and over to the left which made things much easier. I know the area is famous for loose rocks but with the rain from last night and some of the scree mixed with mud and ice made for some really hairy climbing. About a half a dozen times we both kicked rocks tumbling down the size of suitcases or bigger. We only had to climb up one snow slope 50 feet and traversed left to dryer ground. We never needed crampons but ice axe and microspikes were really helpful especially for the decent. The views from the summit were stunning. We only saw two other people on Pyramid the whole day. We were able to glissade the snow slop in the Amphitheater, which was a little bumpy but still a nice quick way to descend. I have a few more pictures if anyone is interested just shoot me a PM. kushrocks   2012-06-03 4  6 1  Edit Delete 
2012-01-07  Northeast Ridge  Conditions are what you would expect: main trail snowshoe/ski packed to the turn off point at 10,200. We used skis to the flat area the summer trail passes through before switch-backing up to the cirque. Two to three feet of faceted snow with some thin wind slabs in open areas were found on the way up to the cirque, which made difficult traveling conditions. Open steep (>30 deg) areas were avoided, though we did release a small loose, dry avalanche on the way down. Once in the cirque traveling eased briefly until the flat boulder field below the north face. There the snow became punchy. The ascent from the boulder field to the saddle at 13,000 feet was relatively easy when compared to the route from Maroon Creek to the cirque. Snow depth averaged about 2‘ of facets. Near the ridge there was a thin wind slab. We stayed out of the main couloir and stuck to the rocks (mostly bare - see picture). The saddle was our high point due to the expected storm moving in 12 hours sooner than expected. CAVUfool   2012-01-08 1  1    Edit Delete 
2011-10-01  standard  very little snow on standard route (tennis shoes okay). summer condition. beautiful aspen colors. mountain hiker   2011-10-02  0       
2011-09-10  Northeast Ridge  Pyramid seems to have escaped most of the recent snowfall seen on several other 14ers in the area; no new snow is present on the route. The climber‘s trail up from the Amphitheater was muddy, though pleasantly frozen in the early morning. Rocks had a thin layer of slippery frost until the sun hit them. The route from the saddle at 13K to the summit is summer conditions...for now. ChrisinAZ   2011-09-10  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-11  Northeast Ridge  Snow is 100% avoidable, and only in amphitheater. LOTS of goats around. Steaky   2011-08-13  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-07  Northeast Ridge  Great conditions all the way. Snow in the amphitheatre, perhaps 1/3 of a mile stretch, but comfortable. Spikes might help in the early morning. The scree slope up to 13,000 is very loose and steep in several areas, making the climbing on the last 1,000 feet more enjoyable than that section. There are a couple spots of snow on the ridge leading up toward the final stretch, but they‘re easily avoided, not even on trail. slowhead   2011-08-16  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-06  Northeast Ridge  No ice axe needed. All snow can be avoided. The ampatherter is snowfilled, but is not steep. You can climb the snow or walk on talus to the right. The first image is climbing up above the green gulley. The second image is walking down off the summit. The third is a class 4 move before the green gulley. The fouth is managing the ledge. Ski4me   2011-08-07 4     Edit Delete 
2011-07-30  Northeast Ridge  Summer conditions, with almost zero snow to worry about. The field remains in the amphitheater, and there is a small (but easily navigable) field at the saddle. Only one or two very short (15-20 feet) drifts on the face. On the whole, snow free and in near complete summer conditions. Here is a TR with pics and more beta: Zambo   2011-08-03  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-11  Northeast Ridge  Climbed to about 13,200 feet. Here are a few pics on conditions. You can see that there is A LOT of snow still up there. The standard route is hard to follow because of snow and ice in spots. We did not make it over to the Green Couloir because of weather/time/route finding. The Green Couloir looked snow free at least half way up to top, however. summitridge   2011-07-12 3  1  Edit Delete 
2011-06-26  Northeast Ridge  Pyramid is in good condition for a mixed snow and rock climb. The snow begins about a 1/2 a mile from the Pyramid junction. The basin below Pyramid is almost completely snow-covered. The first couloir leading up to the ridge is in great condition. After the ridge it is a mix of rock and snow, but mostly snow. Be very mindful about cornices when traversing. The last 400 feet of the climb is mostly on rock and went by fast. We stashed snowshoes early on and did not need them, but depending on start time they may be useful in the basin. The North East Ridge gets sunlight starting at sunrise, so an early start is recommended. PM me with any questions and have fun. Cool Hand Luke   2011-06-27  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-25  Northeast Ridge  Pyramid is in great condition for a mixed climb. The snow starts about 2 miles from Maroon Lake and the basin is almost completely covered. The couloir leading to the ridge has great snow too. After gaining the ridge it is a mix of snow with small rock sections; be very mindful about cornices when traversing. After gaining the ridge the rest of the route is exposed to direct sunlight starting at sunrise so an early start is advisable. The last 400 feet to the summit is mostly on rock and went by fast. I stashed my snowshoes early on and did not need them, they might be useful in the basin depending on start time. PM me if you have any questions about the route or conditions. Cool Hand Luke   2011-06-27  0     Edit Delete 

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