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2015-09-27  Route: Combo Clinton/McNamee/Traver
Info: Did the combo Traver - McNamee - Clinton from Montgomery Reservoir. There is an old jeep road/trail that skirts the SW side of Wheeler Lake after the parking area. Soon you will see the gully/talus slope to take into the high basin. The terrain from here on is off-trail, talus, and tundra. The upper basin could be confusing to some, study your map and use your routefinding skills to find a line up, paralleling the stream. Stay on the rocks as much as possible and not the fragile wetlands. When convenient, pick a line and gain Traver‘s East ridge. The talus gets tedious. Traverse to Mcnamee and then Clinton is straightforward, took me less than an hour with no time spent on Mcnamee other than to take a picture of the Climax glory hole. Once one Clinton, continue over the summit and down the ridge maybe 50 feet before starting a scree-filled descent of Clinton‘s South Slope. Retrace your steps back through the basin and back down to Wheeler Lake (hopefully you made mental images of what it looked like behind you as you were ascending). 
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2015-06-27  Route: South Slope
Info: We parked at the 2WD trailhead. The 4WD is passable to about 1.2 miles before the lake. Many vehicles had made it to the first patch of snow, after that we didn´t see any vehicle making it, may tried but none succeeded. Peak still holds quite a bit of snow. Required gear: microspikes, ice axe and gaiters. The gulley ascending to the basin has snow and so does the upper slope. Glissading down was fun! I plan to put up some pictures once I get them onto the computer. 
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2015-05-02  Route: North Couloir
Info: We skied Clinton‘s north couloir from Clinton Reservoir on Saturday. Conditions were great so came back on Sunday to ski the nearby Drift Peak‘s Northwestern Face from Mayflower Gulch. Clinton Pictures: Drift Pictures: 
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2014-05-18  Route: South Slope
Info: Since I stood atop Traver Pk. today, here is the view of Clinton Pk., in case anyone was curious about the coverage. The east slope leading to the summit of McNamee was entirely covered with snow. 
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2013-06-02  Route: South Slope
Info: Went up Clinton today. Still LOTS of snow up there. I didn‘t ski it, but a summit ski is definitely still in. Continuous snow starts around 11,600‘. The road below there is pretty much a river. I brought slowshoes, but did not use them...probably postholed less than 10 times the entire day. Was happy for an ice axe contouring above Wheeler Lake and on the final pitch. Image #1: Looking up the S Slope from ~13,200‘ Image #2: Monster summit cornice Image #3: Just above Wheeler Lake Image #4: Democrat N Face 
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2012-06-03  Route: South Slope
Info: Still some snow fields to deal with. Snowshoes would be overkill, traction probably not necessary (we had neither). Able to kick step in just about all areas that we needed to. We did posthole in a few areas, some places upper thigh high. May get worse as snow melts more. Gaiters might be the only thing that would have been nice, but we did fine without. 
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2012-05-26  Route: Combo
Info: Traversed from Wheeler, descended E slopes of McNamee. The road from Montgomery Res is mostly snow-free. Hefty vehicles were making it to the junction heading up to Wheeler Lake (though tearing the tundra up in a drift spot). Crampons/axe used on Wheeler, but it would probably go without. Scramble section dry. No gear needed for to traverse to/descend Clinton/Mcnamee. Essentially dry or consolidated snow. In the morning, spikes and axe may be useful in gaining the upper basin. A bit of skiing still possible off of Clinton, but it‘s melting quick. 
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2012-04-22  Route: Combo Clinton/McNamee/Traver
Info: Went and climbed Clinton, McNamee and Traver today. Any car can get to the Montgomery Reservoir TH and we started at 7am. The Wheeler lake Jeep road is basically snow free for the first half mile. Otherwise solid snow covering the road to the lake. Wheeler Lake was still completely frozen. We followed fantastic bucket steps all the way up the slopes of Clinton. Who ever went up Clinton yesterday....THANKS!!! Fantastic snow conditions that were great for glissading but we noticed LOTS of snowball rollers as we glissaded. Probably not the best idea but we stayed on slopes below 40 degrees. Traverse over to McNamee and Traver was easy...not much wind either. Got back to the car around 2:30. Around 3:30 the clouds all banded together and the drive back was cloudy. 
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2012-04-05  Route: Combo Clinton/McNamee/Traver
Info: The road to Wheeler Lake is 90% snow-covered, but if your threshold for post holing is average or better, snowshoes are not necessary. Gully to upper basin is snow-covered, and traction is helpful. Upper basin is 60% melted out. You can choose/avoid snow part way up Clinton, and traction is helpful if you select snow. If you go out of your way, you can take snow to Clinton‘s summit. Traverse to McNamee and Traver only requires minimal adjustment for snow. Ridge down Traver is not an issue. Good skiing apron from Clinton‘s summit to the upper basin. Pic 1: The road in and an overview. Pic 2: The Ridge to McNamee. More snow here than over to Traver. Pic 3: Looking back at the route up Clinton. Pic 4: Democrat. 
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2012-03-17  Route: Combo Clinton/McNamee/Traver
Info: Skied Clinton and Traver on Saturday via the South Face and East Face respectively. Decent coverage on both peaks, particularly Traver‘s East Face. Clinton was in from the summit down the South Face to 13,300‘, Traver was in from just below the summit to within a half a mile of the car. For photos, take a look at the short TR I put up on my blog: Cheers! 
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2011-01-29  Route: South Slope
Info: Well packed trail or firm snow (mostly) to the headwall (just above Wheeler Lake) to the upper basin, Snowshoes were helpful from about 2 miles in until Wheeler Lake. We saw some cracks in the snow on the climber‘s left side of the headwall, so we ascended further right, but still left of the summer route, using crampons and axe. Snowshoes were helpful in the upper basin, but not very necessary. The East ridge of Traver is generally unsupporting snow between rocks. The south slopes of Clinton look blown clean. 1st pic is of the south slopes of Clinton. Second is of Traver on the left looking up the upper basin. 
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