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2014-04-27  Route: North Face
Info: Road is covered with snow about 3/4 mile to go, should be clear in 2 weeks even though the entire valley got new snow this weekend. The approach is deep with new snow and deep drifts so lots of snow shoeing still to be had. Up on the mountain the wind is blowing snow all over and North collier is covered, makes for a long and slow peak. Have a good time and I hope to see all you 14ers soon. 
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2013-10-13  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Climbed Mt Lindsey‘s Northwest Ridge today. Horrible weather, 50 mph winds at the ridge and about 30 feet of visability going up in the morning. 6-12 inches of snow on most of the route, pretty good trail stomped in up to the saddle. There‘s quite a bit of snow left on all the routes. The Northwest Ridge was pretty slick with a lot of the technical bits covered with a few inches of snow and most all of the gullies/couloirs have anywhere from knee to waist deep loose snow. 
falcon568  2013-10-13   3   1          
2013-10-12  Route: North Face
Info: Picture of North Face from afternoon of 10/12 
alpinenut  2013-10-13   1             
2013-10-12  Route: North Face
Info: I climbed Huerfano yesterday and got a good look at Lindsey on my way down the S side of Huerfano. Looked like about 4 inches of snow along most of North Face Route. The NW ridge looked pretty clean but I never got up close. Saw a pair of climbers on the summit. I would wear spikes/pons on the North Face route. I took the std trail down. No spikes necessary. Some spots had 6-12 inches of snow. Snowshoes would have helped in spots but wouldn‘t be worth the weight in my opinion. 
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2013-09-28  Route: North Face
Info: I went up to a little over 13,300‘ (maybe a third of the way up the first gully). There was snow on the entire route (at least 6 inches). There are some sketchy spots on the ridge between the saddle and the gully, mainly right before the gully. I would recommend microspikes for some additional traction. I took my axe and used it to help with balance, but I don‘t think one would be able to arrest in the shallow, powdery snow. My friend was able to summit but got a little off route and ran into some very dicey, snow-covered class 4 a couple hundred feet beneath the summit. He and two other guys who had ascended via the Northwest Ridge were able to descend the proper gully route, but told me it was pretty treacherous with the snow conditions. It‘s honestly probably not the best time to attempt either route. Might have to wait until late Spring for another try. 
smoove  2013-09-30   0             
2013-09-21  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Ascended NW ridge which was completely snow free, descended the gully which had just a couple 5 ft sections of snow (avoidable). 
bigredmachine  2013-09-22   0             
2013-07-27  Route: North Face
Info: With the recent monsoon rain, the creek crossing just after the Lily Lake trail junction was deep enough that I had to take off my shoes to wade across. And yes, it is very COLD. 
Brian Thomas  2013-07-30   0   1          
2013-07-03  Route: North Face
Info: No one on Lindsey today except my son and I. No snow on the North Face route. Someone has done a community service and marked the confusing part of the lower route with pink surveyor‘s tape. 
jimmtman  2013-07-03   0             
2013-06-22  Route: North Face
Info: Virtually all of the snow is gone. Just 2 small patches (heading toward the crux of the climb) and they do not present a problem--no need for an axe or traction or anything. They will be gone soon. 
usfgal  2013-06-22   0             
2013-06-22  Route: North Face
Info: The route is in great shape! Trail is very dry, no muddy areas. The creek crossing is a bit fun, I‘d go about 25 feet to the left of where the trail actually crosses, there are some nice big rocks to hop. On the peak itself, there are 3 small snowfields to cross in the gully above about 13,400. There are options for going around both above and below, just choose your comfort level! 
RyGuy  2013-06-22   0             
2013-06-13  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Don‘t bring ice axe or microspikes or snowshoes. Bring an extra pair of socks though if you get wet crossing the river haha. Summer conditions sans a couple snow fields at treeline. Snow fields avoidable yet a bit irritating. Only 2-3 ones. The river crossing is interesting. Did barefoot on the ascent and found a place to long jump (6 to 8 foot jump) on the return. Very fast deep river this time a year. Above treeline everything is amazing looking. No snow on the crux of the route or the ridge at all. Beautiful views of other Sangres / Spanish peaks. Get on this mountain. Amazing climb! 
zephyr_pelicante  2013-06-13   0             
2013-06-08  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: The road to the TH is dry with the exception of a large puddle of water approximately 10‘ across and about 4-6" deep. We encountered several snow patches 1-2 feet deep as the route climbed through the forest, but the trail is bootpacked and snowshoes are certainly not needed. Gaiters are highly recommended. Once out of treeline we walked along the firm snowfields leading up the the saddle. Lindsey‘s remarkable North Face came into view and we observed minimal snow in the standard gully. We ascended the ridge, which was filled with fun, solid, and dry rock, with the exception of a tiny 1‘ x 6" snow patch at the bottom of the crux, which is avoidable. The rest of the route to the summit is 100% snow free. We attempted to descend the standard route, but dropped down a bit early to avoid a shallow snowfield over loose scree with the intent of traversing to the standard route as soon as we could. The encountered loose scree with (thankfully) enough solid rock to make a safe descent with deliberate, carefully planned movements. I highly recommend descending the NW ridge route at this time. The faint trail up the gully that is shown in the route pictures is gone. The bottom of the standard gully is filled with loose scree. On the way back, the snow in the basin was still firm and was easily traversed. Pic 1: Lindsey‘s North Face and NW ridge Pic 2: The worst of the snow on the approach. Honestly it‘s just a few patches. Pic 3: Descending into the valley Pic 4: Our sketch descent 
zdero1  2013-06-09   4   1   1       
2013-06-02  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: I should have put up a conditions report from last weekend. Bottom line: there is still snow in the trees. However, there‘s a trail through it of people who have done the postholing. We left our snowshoes at the car, and didn‘t regret that once. The "stream" crossing is running high - so we took off our boots and just braved the cold. NW Ridge was dry, the gulley was still holding snow. The ridge was fun - highly recommend it. We put on spikes for the walk down in the trees since we were carrying heavy overnight packs. 
forbins_mtn  2013-06-08   0   1          
2013-05-28  Route: North Face
Info: Drove to Lily Lake Upper TH 5/27. Road completely clear of snow and in good shape all the way to upper TH. Anything with decent clearance should make it. Lower portion of the route (all the way to the basin at 12,700‘) Is largely obscured by snow. Return trip included LOTS of postholing in 3-5 feet of snow. Creek is running high and nearly impossible to cross without getting wet (which I did while trying to cross on logs). Best to take your boots off and grin and bear it. Upper portion of the route was in pretty good shape. Snow still fills the upper gulley. Last 200 feet of the route was also pretty obscured by snow. Ice axe and micro spikes were extremely beneficial. First time on a 14er in which I didn‘t see a single person all day. The photos below show the final final approach and the magnificent views of Blanca and Ellingwood. 
bjkent76  2013-05-29   3   6          
2013-05-25  Route: North Face
Info: Road to trail head almost snow free. 4 - 5 feet of soft snow in the trees. 
MountainDawg  2013-05-26   4   4          
2013-05-04  Route: North Face
Info: We returned to Mt. Lindsey on Saturday for another attempt after being shut down several weeks ago by bad weather. At 4a, we departed from our truck, about 2 miles short of the trailhead. The snow patches on the road are melting fast, and on our way down we noticed a jeep had made it further up to about a mile short of the trailhead. Below treeline, there is plenty of snow, above treeline, not so much. The gully leading up the North Face is completely filled in with snow, and it was steeper and set up harder, especially toward the top narrow section, than we had expected. Crampons came in handy. At the small notch, instead of traversing up East over several wind-loaded gullies, we ascended directly to the summit ridge. The downclimb of this section was the most challenging and included mixture of rock and thin snow. The summit ridge is packed nicely with snow, making for a nice finish to the climb. pic 1: Mt. Lindsey, upper mountain pic 2: traverse from saddle to gully pic 3: gully on North Face pic 4: section directly above notch of North Face gully Full report and more photos @ 
Muldstar  2013-05-05   4      1       
2012-11-04  Route: North Face
Info: Went up Mt. Lindsey with a couple guys yesterday. Beautiful day (particularly for Nov. 4th) and we didn‘t see another person on the trail. On the way up to the basin below the Iron Nipple saddle, we hit some patches of icy snowpack (mainly in the shaded forest areas) that were unavoidable. They were a little sketchy to walk up, but not bad because there wasn‘t any danger of a serious fall. I didn‘t wear any traction device on the way up, but put them on for the trip down (tired legs and downhill hiking make it much easier to slip). In the basin and up to the beginning of the traverse over to the North Face gully (and Northwest Ridge), there was only patches of easily avoidable snow on the trail. Two of us took the gully and the other guy climbed the ridge. The ridge was bone-dry, but the gully had some packed snow and ice. It was easy to avoid some of the snow and ice by staying on the steeper rock, but other areas required us to climb the snow. I was glad to have my microspikes in the gully, but my climbing partner didn‘t put his on (though he contemplated a couple times). Once we were out of the gully, there wasn‘t any snow on the summit ridge. It was comforting having my spikes on the way down as well. 
rjennings  2012-11-05   0             
2012-10-20  Route: North Face
Info: Route is about 60% dry and about 40% boot packed snow. Microspikes are a must for the gully. The gully is about 70% snow, slick with super loose rocky sections. I used an ax for the gully and I saw another guy using trekking poles. It would be extremely difficult or maybe impossible without these items. 
illusion7il  2012-10-20   0             
2012-09-30  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Lindsay was dry until the saddle but there was significant snow beyond the saddle from Saturday night‘s storm. We ascended the Northwest Ridge and found at least 3 inches of snow. Slick conditions prevented us from dropping down to the left before the ridge wall, so we had to climb over the spires. Sketchy. Microspikes highly recommended. On the descent we went down the gully. There was 16 inches of snow in the center of the gully which actually made the descent a little easier. We passed one guy ascending the gully and he looked to be struggling with the slick and snowy conditions. 
scootmanjones  2012-09-30   0             
2012-09-29  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: NW Ridge is clear of snow once you get to the crux. The most difficult part of the route is the 100 yards or so of class 3 scrambling that is snow covered just before the crux wall. The gulley is holding a few inches of snow but was not yet icy underneath. The rest of the route is snow free. 
Justin9  2012-10-01   0             

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