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Humboldt Peak  
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2014-10-11  West Ridge  We ascended the Southeast gully and descended the west ridge. Snow was 4-5" deep for much of the route above treeline, but along the west ridge it was commonly knee deep. It was melting fast by afternoon (the SE gully looked pretty patchy by 2pm), but I suspect the snow above 13k‘ is there to stay. We were glad we had poles and microspikes. jbutler   2014-10-12  0     Edit Delete 
2014-10-05  West Ridge  Great conditions. A bit of snow on the trail before the 12,900 saddle and along the ridge. No trax or micros required. Perfect day. Go get your peak before the heavy snow falls! Scott Martin   2014-10-06  0  1    Edit Delete 
2014-09-15  West Ridge  Weather was so good that I spontaneously decided to summit the afternoon of my arrival. Summited around 6pm no worries! addrock528   2014-09-17  0     Edit Delete 
2014-08-30  West Ridge  The trail up to Humboldt Peak is in great shape. No ice or snow to worry about. Expect to do some rock scrambling on the upper portion of route. The wind yesterday was blowing pretty good early in the morning and it was quite cold on top so I recommend bringing appropriate gear to keep warm. OutbackDobbs   2014-08-31  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-19  West Ridge  4WD drive road was rough, but doable with a few tough spots which require a little ground clearance. Take them slow, I was able to navigate in a 2WD (real wheel) Xterra no problem, with only a little hit on one of the running boards. The rest of the trail is in great shape, but a word of advice: trail head has a pretty small parking lot and lots of people parking over for a night or two. Be prepared to squeeze in to a makeshift spot or get there early. Awesome trails with awesome views, enjoy it everyone! mrunkle   2014-07-21  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-19  West Ridge  The road to the 4WD trailhead has a couple of bad spots but I was able to make it fairly easily in my Xterra. We camped at the trailhead and hiked to the top the next day. It‘s a long walk from there and my GPS clocked 12 miles instead of 11. I would recommend hiking in and camping to make for a shorter climb. It was a great day to climb, warm and not windy. It did snow just a little on us when we were on top but nothing that lasted. The trail is easy to follow and the views are great of the Crestones and Kit Carson. The actual summit is not far beyond the false summit you see from the saddle. jcochran14er   2014-07-21  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-28  West Ridge  The West Ridge route is all clear of snow. No special footwear or traction needed. Wind and lack of sun made it a bit chilly in the morning but still a beautiful day. If the forecast calls for wind a jacket and gloves might be helpful in the early morning. Tried to snap some Crestone beta pics the best I could from Humbolt. jwgrosser   2014-06-30 2     Edit Delete 
2014-06-26  West Ridge  Hiked with the hound (AreToo). Trail completely clear of snow. Be careful going too far on the north side of the false summit, you want to stay to the south where there are plenty of cairns. Our first hike this season, 6 hrs up, 4 down. The hound‘s owner is getting old I guess. We made the upper TH easily in an Outback. KWhelan   2014-06-30  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-22  West Ridge  Beautiful summer day in the Sangres de Cristo. Didnt want to force my 2013 Outback through the first obstacle on the road (I tried it twice but didnt have enough momentum), so parked just below it, about 1.4 miles into the 4WD trail, and 1.3 miles short of the TH. If on private property, the landowner must be pretty nice. Neither my car nor the other cars parked there had notes by the time we got back to the car. The trail is well maintained and very easy to follow. Only a few snow drifts that were very easy to get through. First photo is one of the drifts and you can see the typical boot path. No traction needed for any of the snow piles. Lots of camping spots around the Upper South Colony Lake, and lots of frolicking marmots! Second photo is my June entry into the annual marmot calendar (if there was one...). One of the prettiest 14er trails Ive been on so far! MissH   2014-06-25 2  5    Edit Delete 
2014-06-21  West Ridge  The trail has a few small sections of snow that are easily crossable and were still solid even in the afternoon. A couple weeks and they will be completely melted out. Hiked in regular hiking boots. Did not need gaiters or any additional traction. CFI has done incredible work on this trail and it is very easy to follow up to 13000 feet. Once in the rocky area look for cairns and you will find the top with relative easy. I measured the RT at closer to 12 miles than the 10.25 listed via my GPS watch. hberry   2014-06-22  0  1  Edit Delete 
2014-06-14  West Ridge  Road from upper trailhead to the start of the trail is dry minus a few spots where water is running over. Easily navigated. The foot trail from the road past the lakes to the start of the ascent to take the ridge contains some sloppy sections and snowfields. Snowfields are solid in the morning becoming mushy as the day warms. Trail navigation shouldn‘t be a problem as the sections are ~20yds across. Boot tracks are fairly obvious. Past the lakes, the rest of the ascent is clear of snow. jakewilt   2014-06-15  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-10  West Ridge  The big melt has begun! Running/standing water on much of the lower trail. Some snow patches still remain, ~20 yards across at most and maybe a foot or two deep. Crust on top in the morning and sloppy coming back down, but there is now a pretty good boot-packed trail through snowy areas. Most of the snow above treeline is easily avoidable and the ridge is almost completely dry and in great shape. Brought microspikes but never felt it would be worthwhile to put them on. bunny256   2014-06-11  0     Edit Delete 
2014-05-15  Southern Slopes  Really good snow from about 13,900 to valley. Contrived decent from Summit freeinthehills   2014-05-17  0       
2014-05-09  Southeast Flank Gully  Gully had good snow cover for climbing. Didn‘t make it to the top, but it looked continuous. The East ridge looked pretty bare (picture attached). On the way down we were postholing below treeline even with snowshoes on. aweygandt   2014-05-10 1     Edit Delete 
2014-05-02  East Ridge  South Colony Road had big snow banks after ~1 miles with max cross inclination angle ~ 10 degrees. A fallen tree was blocking the road 0.5 miles ahead of rainbow junction. But I met some people driving up with a band saw; they might have removed it. Great patches of snow existed right below the tree line. Snowshoes were very helpful. Snow got very annoying in the afternoon when partially melted; postholing a lot even on snowshoes; glissaded some slippery sections. Above the tree line everything was easy and enjoyable. Snow was thin and firm, still good for skiing. Basic traction devices can manage the ridge with no problem. XavierSX   2014-05-03 2  3    Edit Delete 
2014-02-22  East Ridge  Hiked the East Ridge of Humboldt peak today. Long day for sure. Based on craigjhn‘s report from Saturday I was worried the snow would be too deep to handle the last 500 feet to treeline. South Colony Road is packed snow all the way at least to Rainbow Trail where we turned off. 2 fallen trees block SCroad completely so no vehicle or snow mobile could. The snow is deep on the road and starts just past the 2wd drive parking. I parked bout 200 yards up from the lot deciding i‘d probably get stuck in the snow. As for the ridge, the snow was probably bout 40 inches deep on the steeper section below treeline. It only took us bout 1:30 minutes to travel the .3-.4 miles of the steeper slope due to the deep snow. Traction was hard to come by. Luckily the sun had hardened the surface layer just enough to make it manageable by zigzagging. That slope almost was the achille‘s heal of the trip. Above treeline was nice and hard snow or bare rock/ridge so easy hike to the summit. 7 hours to summit, 4 hours back to car (the snow slope below treeline was very difficult - we made a trench for the next group ;). rambis_21   2014-02-22 4  3    Edit Delete 
2014-02-15  East Ridge  Parked at the road closure on South Colony road. Would be hard to get much farther. Road packed pretty good from snowmobiles. Took the Rainbow Trail over to the East Ridge route. There are a few annoying fallen trees both along the road and along the Rainbow Tr. Lower on the East Ridge there are a few bare patches of ground that are kind of hard on skis, but not real long stretches. Then we got into the steep section of real thick trees where it becomes more of a slope rather than a distinct ridge. Well this section was extremely SLOW, due to soft deep snow that makes forward progress very difficult. One .25 mile section took us almost two hours to negotiate. Progress was so slow we didn‘t make treeline until 2pm (with a 630am start). Once at treeline, progress was very much faster because it‘s almost all bare ground with a patch of snow here and there. We only made it up near the false summit because it was getting so late in the day. Did I mention the WIND? I don‘t even want to speculate what the wind speed was. It was screaming like a freight train the whole time. It wasn‘t quite strong enough to lift us off the ground, but during the gusts it was almost impossible to walk. It felt like the Jetstream had parked over the top of Humboldt. My friend lost a mitten. It looked like it was headed for Pikes Peak. Coming down obviously was quite a bit faster, but we didn‘t make it back to the car until after 10pm. This is a tough little mountain. The snow and wind combine to make it a very LONG slog. By the way, don‘t plan on finding a trench or even any tracks from our trip. They were gone 5 minutes after we made them. I used a series of waypoints on my gps to find the way up and down that ridge. Definitely helped after dark to find the way. Finally, for what it‘s worth - I lost a pretty nice ski pole right at the creek crossing on the Rainbow trail. I can‘t explain how. I fell when my skis dug in under the snow and when I got up the pole was nowhere to be found. We dug around looking for a while, but it was late. If you find it, let me know. I‘m sure it will show up in spring time. It might actually wash down the creek if the water gets very high. Anyway - hope this helps someone. Take Humboldt seriously, it‘s a tough one. craigjhn   2014-02-17  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-20  East Ridge  From the lower TH to the upper TH: fast & easy walk on snow-packed road Upper TH to ridge: a couple of paths that are very easy to follow to choose from, cairns along the way and plenty of tree branches that try to assassinate your face as you climb to treeline =) Ridge to summit: pretty wind-scoured, most snowfields are easily avoided by hugging the edge on the ridge (particularly after the "false summit") Snowshoes were not needed, but microspikes were definitely helpful. GermanLovesHiking   2014-01-22  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-11  East Ridge  Climbed the East Ridge of Humboldt Peak today (and it was windy!): ...see Trailhead conditions for South Colony Lakes status - we started at the lower TH... ...from the Rainbow Trail junction, we needed snowshoes all the way to treeline. In the trees, there is a deep layer of faceted, sugary snow that provides little support and just slides when stepped on. This was especially frustrating while climbing the steep hill above 10,500‘ below treeline... ...above treeline, the ridge was pretty wind-scoured and we didn‘t use snowshoes (or even microspikes). There are some wind-packed snowfields on the upper route and the final summit ridge holds some more snow in the rocks and in a few places on the ridge crest. The gully on the Southeast face is filling in nicely except for the top few hundred feet, which we traversed into and climbed to avoid winds on the summit ridge crest. All in all, it was a big day spent fighting loose, faceted snow below treeline and intense winds above (20-35 with some gusts hitting upper 40s/low 50s), but we were rewarded with the summit and some great views! DanielL   2014-01-11  0     Edit Delete 
2013-11-12  East Ridge  Road to the Rainbow TH was mostly covered by a few inches of snow, with 2 slick, icy spots but not a problem for 4x4. The first 2 miles of climb in timber was slow due to 6-18" of sugary snow (shoulda brought some floatation). Gaiters were essential. Big drifts near timberline were avoidable. Once in the alpine, travel was simple. Micro spikes came in handy for a short stretch on the ridge, and ice axe was merely a ‘comfort tool‘. Beautiful day on the summit, wind less than 5 mph. Met 2 great guys on the summit who had come up the standard West ridge! gbell58   2013-11-14 4     Edit Delete 

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