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2015-07-05  Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Info: Trail snow free to summit. Some stream crossings but all passable without getting wet. 
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2015-06-28  Route: Via Fourth of July trailhead
Info: The peak is clear all the way up. Trail is wet and muddy so wear boots. There are a few snow crossings near the top but no gear is needed. Overall it was in great shape and the traverse is doable without crampons. That being said, there is snow on the traverse. Use good judgement. I did get rained on a bit and Im pretty sure I heard the thunder from the storm over bierstadt. Some of the pics are of skywalker. I saw a few ppl on it around 11am. Sorry the pics are sideways. Can I fix that on here? 
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2015-06-21  Route: Skywalker
Info: Climbed Skywalker today, pretty good snow from base up (see image 1). Snow started contiguously at about 11,700. Bottom of the constriction has a snow bridge thats going to turn into a moat pretty soon (see image 2), figure the other finishes will go for a while. We started on the snow about 5:45, summited S. Arapahoe around 7:30, sun didn‘t hit the route before we got off the top of the snow. 
GregMiller  2015-06-21   2   2          
2015-06-08  Route: Skywalker Couloir
Info: Snow starts around 11k as per last report. First 2/3 - 3/4 of couloir was pretty firm, top was pretty soft. 
alpha  2015-06-08   1   6          
2015-06-06  Route: Via Fourth of July trailhead
Info: We left the trail at about 11k where the snow got a bit deeper and marched up some intermittent snow fields to the Old Baldy ridge. The overnight freeze left the final bit a little slick but we were fine in running shoes and microspikes. Traverse was still covered in snow. Recommend either high socks or tights to put on when the post-holing starts! 
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2014-10-26  Route: Via Fourth of July trailhead
Info: Bluebird along with mostly snow free ascent. There is some snow on the trail as you approach the saddle between Baldy and S. Arapahoe. Once at the saddle the scramble up S. Arapahoe has some some snow but this can mostly be avoided by rock hopping carefully. One party completed the traverse but the north side looked too snowy for my liking. I brought microspikes but never broke them out. 
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2014-07-04  Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Info: Dry route with the minor exception of the marsh/creeks. No snow however. Beautiful wildflowers everywhere. 
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2013-07-06  Route: Via Fourth of July trailhead
Info: Hiked S Arapaho and Old Baldy 7/6. Wanted to do the traverse from S Arapaho to N Arapaho but it was too windy. Conditions on S Arapaho and Old Baldy were summer-like, some snow on the traverse to N Arapaho. Pic 1 - Summer trail conditions, wildflowers are out as well Pic 2 - Dry conditions heading up S Arapaho Pic 3 - N Arapaho and traverse Pic 4 - S and N Arapaho from Old Baldy 
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2013-06-30  Route: Skywalker Couloir
Info: At 8:30 this morning 6/30/2013 the snow at the base of Princess Leia was unconsolidated and thin and didn‘t support weight. Instead, one could enter the princess by climbing around the rotting snow on rock (or there was even a bit of solid ice on the side), but lacking rope/pro we downclimbed to what was probably the "escape" exit as described by summitpost. We traversed left on the snow below the cliffs to the left of Leia and found straightforward class 3. 
scramble  2013-06-30   0      1       
2013-06-19  Route: Skywalker Colouir
Info: Ascended S. Arapaho via the Skywalker Col and the princess Leia exit. The snow is still pretty good but I would say time is ticking on this route for sure. I wouldn‘t start much earlier than 7am at the base of the col or it will be bullet proof for the first 1000‘. By that same token, if you start too late the upper Leia exit will be pretty unsecure and mushy with the sun baking it all morning. Good Luck. 
seth0687  2013-06-20   0             
2013-06-09  Route: Via Fourth of July trailhead
Info: Climbed via Skywalker, left the parking lot at 4:10am, started the climb at 6:00am. Snow conditions were great on the lower portions with steps in place. The upper was a bit hard for kicking steps, and pretty steep just before the top. Snow continuous to the ridge and no rock climbing involved. Didnt need snow shoes for the approach, there is some post holing on the way down. Pic.-1 Skywalker Pic.-2 Traverse to N.Arapaho Pic.-3 Jasper still loaded 
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2012-12-02  Route: Old Baldy and S. Arapaho Peak Combo
Info: Very little snow. Gaiters were helpful and so were spikes but probably not necessary. Ice axe wasnt needed. Easy walking over to baldy. Good luck. 
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2012-10-14  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Saturday‘s storm probably dropped 4-6 inches in the area which was blown around and drifted in places. It was knee deep in a couple places. We didnt make it past 12k because of the wind but I doubt the snow up high would stop a summit bid. It was melting fast down low. Good luck. 
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2012-05-05  Route: Skywalker
Info: Skywalker was still in good shape get it fast though it wont last long. 
el chupacabra  2012-05-07   2   1          
2011-06-05  Route: Skywalker Couloir
Info: Couloir is in amazing condition early in the morning, perfect styrofoam. Approach is soft but well packed, snowshoes not needed. Couloir seems to top out at 65-70 degrees. 
nmontelli  2011-06-05   0             

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