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Grizzly Peak D  
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2015-05-04  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Climbed Grizzly D from Loveland Pass this morning. It was pretty perfect, I was nervous about the weather because it was super cloudy so I didn‘t get much of the sunrise I planned for but as the hike went on the clouds made it all the more beautiful. Pretty perfect conditions for an easy day out there. The ridge was pretty wind blown so for 85% of the hike you could choose to stay on the rocks or hike on good, well packed snow. Went all the way to the last dip before starting the final climb up Grizzly in just boots, then put on spikes. I did have an axe as well because I chose to stay to the sides and climb up on snow, which I think was a good idea. No wind at all. Beware the monster cornices, but they‘re really easy to spot and avoid. Saw some slide evidence right under one of them. Grays and Torrey‘s looked beautiful. 
codyjh1991  2015-05-04   4      1   Edit  Delete
2015-04-04  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Grizzly Peak is in beautiful early spring conditions at the moment. The first part of the route until Cupid, no spikes are needed. After Cupid, the route becomes more snow-covered as Grizzly approaches. The ridge is mainly wind blown snow with the rare posthole thrown into the equation. Spikes, gaiters, and poles are all highly recommended. Conditions are at their optimal point for this mountain. 
capetrekker  2015-04-04   2         Edit  Delete
2015-03-07  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Windy. Ridgeline is clear of snow for the most part. The snow that is up there is mostly hardpacked and we could go over it. Postholed a couple times. Final climb up the side of Grizzly is slippery, there is about an inch of snow mashed into the scree. Would recommend boot chains/microspikes. We hiked without gaitors but they could be useful. No need for snowshoes 
Trotter  2015-03-08   0         Edit  Delete
2015-02-28  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Typical winter conditions. Did not need or use snowshoes or microspikes. There were only a couple spots of hard, windpacked snow and we were all able to kick our boots in enough for traction. The cornices are thinking about getting big, with one in particular just on the Grizzly side of "Cupid" that looked huge - stay away from them and the route is safe regardless of avalanche conditions. It was snowing on our way out, but it‘s been snowing a lot lately so I don‘t believe conditions will have changed much. I created GPS waypoints for the car, as well as the point on the Continental Divide that you first access from Loveland Pass. These were useful on our hike out when the storm moved in. 
stevevets689  2015-03-01   0         Edit  Delete
2014-06-03  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: TH 615AM Grizz summit 820AM car 1020AM. Fierce winds but otherwise a nice morning. Didn‘t need traction or gaiters on the few snow crossings that remain, however your results may vary depending on start time. 
a94buff  2014-06-03   0         Edit  Delete
2014-05-31  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: The ridge has some massive cornices on the east side. There are still some areas where the snow is unavoidable and I postholed up to my thigh a few times, but overall was able to do well with just microspikes and an ice axe. If you go early in the day you can descend the summit via a shallow snowfield on the west slope instead of going down the steep scree. 
jsdratm  2014-05-31   3         Edit  Delete
2014-05-20  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Was up there today (Tuesday), TH 610AM Grizzly summit 815AM car 1030AM. There is still quite a few snow crossings, all were very firm even on the way back. I put my gaiters on for the return assuming things would have softened but had no postholing issues. I left my microspikes in the car and that was fine too; though I did have my poles with me and if I hadn‘t, then I would have had some issues coming down the south side of PT 13.117 as it was quite slick. If you don‘t have poles I‘d suggest spikes. Good conditions overall for shaking off the rust. Posted some beta pics for you crazy BCS folks. There‘s a lot of snow up there. 
a94buff  2014-05-20   4         Edit  Delete
2013-12-27  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Snow in some areas, most of it is hardpacked. Snowshoes were useless. Crampons were great help, especially on approaching to Grizzly‘s summit and back down to the saddle. Picture. Grizzly and Torreys Peak. 
AndesX  2013-12-27   1         Edit  Delete
2013-03-08  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Tonight/tomorrow‘s storm will probably render this info irrelevant, but for what it‘s worth: climbed Grizz today; was walking on dirt most of the time. There is some snow in parts but most is hardpack. I carried my microspikes and did find them useful on the final pitch, both up and down, as well as a couple other spots. I was glad to have my poles as well. Was blessed with a day of light breezes and steady sunshine. Edit: Have included a couple images now that I got them off my camera, including conditions on Torreys NW side. 
a94buff  2013-03-08   3         Edit  Delete
2012-12-04  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Just about all snow is avoidable...but the wind is not. With the exception of one brief section on the east side of Cupid, you will get raked by the wind the entire route. With the lack of snow, there is zero avy danger above the shortcut that bypasses the first bump on the ridge, so that reduces the elevation gain/mileage by a little bit. 
powhound  2012-12-04   0         Edit  Delete
2012-06-14  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Entire route is snow free 
dehrlich101  2012-06-14   1   2      Edit  Delete
2012-05-20  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Beautiful hiking conditions. We left the ice axes and spikes in the car. The last 200‘ to the summit was icy, the sun had not hit the rocks yet to melt off the frost. The trail is 70% snow free. IMO Summit video 
winmag4582001  2012-05-21   2         Edit  Delete
2012-05-15  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Loveland Pass to "Cupid" (13117) has intermittent fresh snow which should melt over the next couple of days. Cupid to Grizzly has firmer, deeper snow which is less avoidable and will persist for awhile longer. Best way south from Cupid to the first col is to the left (east) side of the ridge, which not may be intuitive. Entire route is still bootable. Grays and Torreys got a fair amount of snow from the last storm and will also take awhile to melt, probably at least past this coming weekend. 
TravelingMatt  2012-05-15   0         Edit  Delete
2012-04-08  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: The climb to Grizzly Peak D from the Loveland TH is in great condition. My wife and I did not use trekking poles, microspikes, or gaiters and we were able to make it to the top rather comfortably. The only obstacles we encountered on this part of the trip (we headed to Torreys after this and that was a different story) was the high winds that kept pushing us around on the route to Grizzly‘s summit. The little snow you do encounter on the saddles can be easily avoided or hiked through for fun. 
rhinos00  2012-04-09   0         Edit  Delete
2011-12-10  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Pretty standard conditions for early winter. Not too many places where there is snow that is unavoidable. The last drop to the saddle before Grizzly was pretty well covered. The last pitch up Grizzly had quite a bit of soft snow where the trail kicks around to the west of the ridge proper. You can still avoid the class 2/3 rocks by dropping down on the east side, as shown is some of the pics. You can stay on rocks/grass. I appreciated my traction. 
emcee smith  2011-12-12   3         Edit  Delete
2011-01-15  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Climbed Grizzly from Loveland Pass yesterday, pretty typical conditions (snowshoes not necessary, yaks or microspikes could have come in handy on the last push up to the summit). Mostly scoured and windblown as always, variable weather from sunny, calm and 30-ish, to low 20‘s in the soup with winds up to 30+ mph. Our summit stay was mired in the clouds (but calm, luckily), though the winds increased all the way down. Great trip; if you want to see some pics of the conditions, there are some here: 
FFLpilot  2011-01-16   0         Edit  Delete

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