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Horn Peak  
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2013-10-03  Route: West ridge
Info: There is some light snow on the north face (common with much of the central Sangres) but the ridge proper was snow free when I climbed it Wednesday. The recent storm didn‘t add much snow to the central Sangres from what I could see from Westcliffe (as of Friday 10-4, 130pm). 
tdawg012  2013-10-04   0           
2013-01-18  Route: North Ridge
Info: Pretty good conditions from Horn Trlhd to summit. We used snowshoes from intersection of the Rainbow trail, and the Horn Peak trail all the way to treeline. Pretty steep slope to gain the ridge. I used spikes on the way down, but not on the way up. They werent necessary, but not bad to have them. Kept the axe strapped to my pack whole way. Pic 1 - Making the trench below treeline Pic 2- Above treeline north slope Pic 3 - View of the remaining ridge Pic 4 - Sangre love 
sevenvii  2013-01-19   4   1      Edit  Delete
2011-07-03  Route: NE Ridge
Info: Dry all the way to the summit. Started at the Horn Creek TH and followed the Rainbow trail to the Horn Peak trail and up the NE ridge. 
BillMiddlebrook  2011-07-07   4           
2011-05-15  Route: Horn Peak Trail
Info: Rainbow Trail to Horn Peak Trail was completely snow free (as was the terrain around it). Horn Peak Trail had significant snow on the south side of Hennequin Creek, but postholing was not bad and/or was avoidable (even in the afternoon) photo#2 Horn Peak Trail was snow free on the north side of Hennequin Creek and most of the way to the ridge. Snowshoes were needed on the ridge (from ~10,700 to treeline). Some bare parts of the trail, but long sections of 2-4 feet of snow remained. photo #3 Micro spikes would have been helpful on the ridge above treeline, but I did not use them (despite having them). Only used an ice axe to glissade, but otherwise it was not needed. If following the Horn Peak Trail, avy gear is not needed. Im not a skier, but there was a nice line of snow from near the summit, to below treeline (to the start of Hennequin Creek, I think). May not be able to ski off the summit directly, but fairly close. It was hot up there today so, I imagine the snow may be disappearing fast. Views were unbelievable!!!!! Will post some pictures soon. 
IHikeLikeAGirl  2011-05-15   4      1     
2011-01-15  Route: Horn Peak Trail
Info: There is very little snow in the Sangres. From the trailhead at 8900‘, snow was patchy. Some stretches of the trail was completely dry. If you attempt Horn Peak, don‘t repeat my mistake and leave the snowshoes in the car. From about 10000‘ to treeline the snow is much deeper. Rocrunner and I broke trail to treeline. Above treeline, the ridge is windblown and 95% dry. No problems. This mountain gives you solitude (no one had been to the summit in 2 weeks before us), and amazing views. 
CRAIGO  2011-01-16   4           

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