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2016-10-08  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Weather was perfect today to conquer Mt. Belford and Oxford today. Left trail head at 7:00 a.m. returned 3:15 p.m. Trail was mostly snow covered and slippery. I needed traction most of the way up, the sun melted snow on trail so I only needed traction 1/2 the time down. Trekking poles sure were a necessity for me! Total mile RT is 12 miles. I used my Garmin GPSmap 64st to track mileage. 
Tlorbets  2016-10-08   3             
2016-07-06  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Camped at the cabin campsite. Temperature was perfect throughout the day. The summits of both Belford and Oxford were extremely windy (est. 35-45 mi/hr), higher on Oxford. No hazards along the route, summer conditions. Just be wary of the wind! 
Indy  2016-07-07   0             
2016-06-18  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Traversed over from Belford - Beautiful conditions. One area of snow is entirely avoidable with some rock hopping; the other area has enough postholing that there's no need to worry. 1.5mi each way - steep & intimidating-looking going back up Belford, but just take it piece-by-piece. Make sure you have clear skies before traversing over as it's a long, steady traverse there and back up Belford. 
E_A_Marcus_949  2016-06-20   0             
2016-06-18  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Summer conditions on Oxford. Leave the snow gear at home as there is no need. 
tobiasfunke  2016-06-18   0             
2016-06-11  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Summer conditions. Steep ascent and descent so be sure to wear boots, not tennis shoes. Saw lots of people slipping today. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to hike from Belford to Oxford, but I am a slow hiker. It took me about an hour and a half to return to Belford from Oxford. The ascent back to Belford looks intimidating but it isn't that bad if you take it slow and steady. If you plan on doing both Belford and Oxford, start early to avoid storms and pack extra water - this is a long trek (11 miles RT). 
LilSpookies  2016-06-11   0             
2016-06-05  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: You can do this route without any snow gear (crampons, Ax, flotation). Just be advised that if you step on to any snow, you will probably posthole. The snow looks good, it is not good (don't ask me how I know). 
Nelson  2016-06-05   0             
2015-11-14  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Conditions are perfect right now. There was at least 12 people behind me today so the trail/trench up Belford is solid. No snowshoes required, but I recommend spikes for traction. There is some hard wind blown snow to deal with. You could go without spikes, but it is a lot safer and faster when you wear them. I did see some snowshoe tracks going up Missouri, but they looked a couple days old. No new traffic on Missouri today, everyone hit Belford with few continuing to Oxford. Trail between Belford and Oxford has minimal snow. Be prepared to be on snow from the moment you step out of your car. If you have never done this route give yourself 3hrs to make the round trip over to Oxford and back. I think some people might have been walking out in the dark today. Car to the summit of Belford took 3hr58min, summit of Oxford 4hr55min, and car to car took 7hr42min. This is a long day so be prepared. Weather report is calling for snow to start sometime on Monday so go get it now. No guarantees this report, or the trail, will be any good once the next weather system moves in. 
dogballs  2015-11-14   8             
2015-08-29  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: After summiting Belford, it only took about 50 minutes to traverse over to Oxford. The trail is easily visible and in great shape. Took a little over an hour to get back to Belford since the toughest climbing of the day is indeed going back up Belford. Again, perfect conditions and really only needed gloves and a light jacket in spots with very little wind. 
ericwolf88  2015-08-31   0             
2015-07-13  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Bare and dry minus 10ft of rapidy melting snow. 
finnicky7  2015-07-14   0             
2015-07-11  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Small patch of snow on the trail between the saddle and Mt. Oxford, maybe 50 ft long. Good footsteps packed into it and no trouble crossing at 10am. Evidence of postholing from other footsteps. No gear needed as it‘s a short patch, and you can probably go around, although I didn‘t think it was necessary. Otherwise trail is in great condition. 
chicagostylehotdog  2015-07-12   0             
2015-06-27  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Summer conditions. No gear needed. Trekking poles will help for the crossing. Take the main crossing at Missouri Gulch. I didn‘t get wet; just walk on the logs and use a pole or stick for balance if needed. The trail continues just about after 15 yards of the crossing. A little scree on the steep descent from Belford to the saddle to Oxford. Might be a bit scramble. 
Lametown  2015-06-29   0             
2015-06-21  Route: From Pine Creek
Info: Pine Creek trail is washed out about 200 yards shy of the intersection with the Colorado Trail. Fairly easily skirted (although the hill is really steep in this area) through small, dense fir trees. 
SkaredShtles  2015-06-22   0   2          
2015-06-06  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Two of us skied NW gullies on both Belford and Oxford today. We found soft freeze above 12.5k and hard freeze above 13k. Gullies are clean with very minimal wet slide debris, above 13k mostly powder. Very soft conditions in the afternoon below 12k. Wore trail shoes to creek crossing @10.8k, patchy snow after that. 
SnowAlien  2015-06-06   0             
2014-11-08  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: It was calm weather climbing to Mt. Belford; but the winds picked up as we headed over to Oxford. I‘d estimate gusts at 30mph. The snow is totally navigable, but not always avoidable (see photo). Also, I saw a herd of elk just below the summit. Definitely a first for me at that elevation! 
jladderud  2014-11-08   2             
2014-11-01  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Went over to Oxford today... Fair amount of hard freeze-thaw snow from Belford down to around 13,600 feet. The ascent to Oxford was pretty dry. Sorry not a lot to report. Id advice wearing traction. It took about 1 hour each way. 
jmanner  2014-11-01   3             
2014-08-03  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: We camped in Missouri Gulch and enjoyed a nice evening of star gazing. There were many flat campsites along the creek- which was flowing strong and had plenty of access to clean water-which was ready to filter or boil. The saddle is very forgiving heading up to Oxford, and is steep and sweet on the way back up to Belford. Make sure you are planning to ascend Belford again on your return trip. The switch backs from the Missouri Gulch TH up to Missouri Gulch take you a little more than 1,000 feet of gain per mile, and the gulch and mountains there are beautiful. I can see why this is a popular summer trail. 
bmbielb  2014-08-05   6             
2014-06-21  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: A couple of snow patches near the summits of both Belford and Oxford, both are very small and easily passable. Other than that entire trail is in summer like condition! 
chow  2014-06-22   0             
2014-06-15  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: The traverse from Belford only has snow in a few isolated areas, and it can all be easily avoided without much effort. It‘s as good as clear. 
The Moose  2014-06-15   1             
2013-06-27  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: The small patch of snow is still there (on the way up from the saddle), but it‘s melting quickly. Easy to avoid on the hiker‘s left, if you want to. 
esagas  2013-06-27   0             
2013-06-19  Route: From Mt. Belford
Info: Trail from Belford to Oxford is clear except for one small snow drift patch near the top of Oxford. Snow drift can easily be avoided if so desired. 
pklotzbach  2013-06-20   0             

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