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2016-10-14  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Some snow on the switchbacks above treeline but not enough that we needed microspikes for the ascent or descent. 
gswalden  2016-10-15   0   2          
2016-09-25  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: The weather was perfect today. No wind and no clouds from early in the morning until I was off the mountain around 3 pm. There was some snow lingering on the upper switchbacks from ~13,600 to 13,900 feet. The final 300 feet up the blocky talus section was in and out of snow. Some areas, especially those in the shade, had about 1/2 an inch of snow or frost on the rock. Other areas were in the sun and dry. Surrounding Sawatch peaks looked to be dry as well, especially the Horn Fork & Missouri Gulch mountains. Antero and Princeton had some snow on the north-facing slopes. All in all a great fall day! 
jfm3  2016-09-26   3             
2016-09-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: Clear and dry all the way. No snow patches left anywhere in this area. Temp was just above freezing at summit, plus wind chill. overnight temps near trailhead were very mild. Nearly all wildflowers are gone. Aspens are just barely beginning to turn. 
Patrick R  2016-09-06   0             
2016-09-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: Ascent from Avalanche Gulch, started a bit later than desired ~0545. Trail in good condition, no snow throughout. Extra layers at the saddle, but good weather. Spectacular route with many pikas, marmots, and even some ptarmigans. 10+hrs but this was our first 14er. 
pcj127  2016-09-06   0             
2016-08-29  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Beautiful hike, started at 5:10AM summited at 10:00, back to trailhead at 2:00. Light snow for last 1,000 feet. Unfortunately only 50 yards of visibility up there. Great trail.... 
peter14er  2016-08-31   0             
2016-08-24  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Snowy up top. There was a path along the ridge but it might be gone because it was snowing when I left the summit. 
vusteph  2016-08-24   2             
2016-07-09  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Started at 5:40, summit at 10:00, back to the parking lot by 1:50. Very clear day with a few nonthreatening scattered clouds towards the afternoon. Fairly windy and chilly on the ridge, I needed to layer up for it. The summit was beautiful, allowing me to remove layers. Encountered no snow along the way so it was easy hiking. The creek crossings were easily manageable as the water level wasn't too high. It was warm and fairly humid getting back into the pines in the afternoon. The columbines were in bloom as well as a plethora of other wildflowers. Now's a great time to do some photography. 
Cory Reynolds  2016-07-10   0             
2016-07-03  Route: East Ridge
Info: Clear all the way to the top. One snow crossing at about 13,500', easily avoidable and only 15' long. Three creek crossing immediately off the trailhead, clear to the ridge at 12,000'. The trail to Yale was marked by a laid down fence post and pointed us in the direction. After leaving the Colorado Trail, the trail to the summit comes and goes but just keep going up. We weren't in a hurry to get anywhere: started at 0200, summit at 0800, back to the car at 1200. 
wbuck  2016-07-04   0             
2016-06-28  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Excellent day! No clouds until about 11am. No thunder until I was long gone at 2pm. Started from Denny Gulch at 6am. Summitted at 8:30. Spent an hour on the summit. Back to the car by 11:30. 100% snow free. No issues with creek crossings. 
quinnwolf  2016-06-30   3             
2016-06-20  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Note that the route description is inaccurate. There is a stream at 1.25 miles between the two streams that are mentioned. It has a log dam/bridge to cross it. It happens to come at milepost 1.25 where the route description indicates you should see the sign for the trail junction. The junction is actually further at 1.5 miles. Because there is a short trail to the left at the stream and one obviously to the right across the stream, I, and two other hikers I encountered at this point, were confused because this stream is not mentioned in the route description and it comes at what is supposed to be the trail junction. Both are GPSs confirmed it was 1.25 miles. So note: at 1.25 miles, cross a second stream not mentioned in the route description, and continue to milepost 1.5 for the junction, and then on to the third stream (second in the route description). 
jlohmann  2016-06-21   0   2          
2016-06-18  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Climbed Yale 6.18.16 and the route is 99% free and clear to the top. There were a few small snow fields here and there that were no issue. Enjoy! 
Brimstone10  2016-06-20   0             
2016-06-18  Route: East Ridge
Info: Snow is negligible both going up the East Ridge and down the Southwest Slopes. Basically summer conditions now. 
Wentzl  2016-06-19   0             
2016-06-18  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Trail is in excellent condition. No snow below the treeline. Only two larger snow patches remain obscuring the trail around 13,000' and the trail is easy to find on the other side about 10-20' away. The trick is to walk on the snow patches and keep an eye out for cairns to pick the trial back up. Snow was hard before sunrise and slushy after it warmed up. The snowmelt running down the trail was frozen in places on the way up, but plenty of room to step around the ice. It all melted when the sun hit. No snow or ice on the trail on or above the saddle. No need for winter gear. 
Josh Bux  2016-06-19   3             
2016-06-11  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Here are some observations from my climb up Mt. Yale via the Denny Creek Trailhead. The second creek crossing had high and rapid water, and the logs were very slick; there is a more stable log and shorter crossing approximately seven yards to the right if you are heading up. There is still snow in the forest just prior to the tree line where the trail is harder than normal to follow; just be patient with route finding and there should not be an issue. The final hill up to the summit ridge has very loose scree and the snow is a post hole nightmare. The best advice on this part of the route is to stay to the far left side of the slope; this will minimize bad scree and snow crossing. Have fun and be safe. 
oldgrayhair  2016-06-12   0   2          
2016-06-10  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Ran up Yale today. Left from the trail head at 6 am. Some of the trees before tree line are still trying to hold on to a little snow but nothing to worry about. Pretty large snow fields as you head up the steep section towards the ridge, frozen pretty hard at 7 am, would've been nice to have some micro spikes but I made it ok in running shoes though I stayed left of the snowfields and gained the saddle on dry boulders. Summit at 8am back down by 915. Not a soul in sight until the last mile or so before the parking lot. 
RETEP 1  2016-06-10   0             
2016-05-29  Route: East Ridge
Info: Started from Silver Creek TH on the CT heading South, from Cty Rd 365. Just hiking up to treeline (for fun and) to see what snow conditions were like on the Collegiates and snapped this pic of Yale from the East: 
jdcoleman  2016-05-29   1             
2016-05-22  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Trail begins nice and clear. About a quarter mile in you begin to see periodic patches of snow drift. These patches become more and more dense. They are frozen in the morning allowing you the ability to avoid postholing. Around 12k you are in continuous snow all the way to the summit. It is quite impressive how much snow is up there. Used tennis shoes on the way up, snowshoes on the way down. Complete posthole party on the way down. So much postholing that the trail literally looks like it got blown up by mini fighter jets. 
Krullin_14ers  2016-05-27   6             
2016-05-21  Route: East Ridge
Info: The trail from the Avalanche trailhead is dry and clear until approximately 1.5-2 miles in. From there on there are large drifts crossing the trail. The higher up you go, the more drifting there is and the harder it is to keep track of the trail itself, though I put in fresh tracks (which did wander a bit, if you follow them). The snow was quite soft and I postholed up to my knees on the way up, and up to my waist on the way down. Snowshoes were of some help in both directions. Once to the clearing where you turn off and start heading west towards the summit the snow is somewhat intermittent. There was plenty of exposed rock, scree, and dirt, and snow cover, where it applies, was anywhere from a dusting to waist deep or more. I triggered a small, wet avalanche near the white tower on the descent, so beware of that area in particular; there is lots of evidence of previous avalanches there. Snow elsewhere was generally solid enough or not steep enough to cause issues. The summit itself was covered completely in good, solid snow, depth unknown. Snowshoes were only marginally useful past the 12,000' saddle west of the turn-off clearing, and I did not need or use spikes or crampons today. 
supranihilest  2016-05-21   3             
2016-04-25  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Did a moonlit climb of Yale today with a pre-sunrise summit (12:42 am start, 5:40 summit). Boot pack to the Yale turn - used nothing on the way up, spikes on the way down. From the fork, an occasional post-hole, but infrequent enough to get me to put on my snowshoes. I did add spikes though here (up and down). At the moraine, I went up and right and finally broke down and had to put snowshoes on around 12k. No sign of summer trail due to heavy snow coverage, so I just angled towards the saddle. Variable conditions in the snow - sometimes firm, but very often punched through the top layer crust even in snowshoes. Took off snowshoes at the saddle and was back to spikes for the summit ridge. On descent, I just used spikes as I could plunge step down the crusty snow easier than messing with snowshoes. No post-holing on the lower section boot pack, but I was also back at my car at 8:07 am. Prepare for more snowshoe time on the descent if descending in the afternoon sun. 
bmcqueen  2016-04-25   2             
2016-03-28  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Started at 7AM. Made summit by 1:30PM (thought I'd get there by Noon). Underestimated the slow going nature of the last 1 mile stretch but knew I had a good weather report. Trail w/ packed snow until Browns Pass/Yale junction. Then fluffy/recent snow w/ one set of of snow shoe prints (thanks to a hiker I met later!). Should have cut further to East around 11.2K feet but instead went further North up Delany Gulch. Luckily found a trench going East NE at 12.3K feet that was less than 30 deg incline and brought us back to trail at its top. Above treeline there was up to 12 inches of snow above last sun crust. Had to make our own trench to the top. Used snow shoes most of hike except for ridge line. I did that w/o traction in boots. Doable but traction would have been nice. 
madadraw1  2016-03-29   0             

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