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Mt. Massive  
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2013-05-25  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Climbed the southwest slopes route May 25th. No snowshoes needed but microspikes are mandatory and axe and crampons were very useful. Very little snow below treeline, just a few 20‘ drifts here and there, but lots of mud. Above treeline, there are several snowfields you will have to cross. In the morning they are firm but were soft enough to be postholing in coming down at 11:00 am. No signs of anyone on the standard route, so I cannot give any info on that. Road is clear to trailhead. 
Justin9  2013-05-26   0             Delete
2013-05-18  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: The SW Slopes of Mt. Massive are holding snow from 11,600 ft. all the way to the summit. A snowboard/ski descent off the summit is possible. I crossed over from the East Slopes bowl to the SW Slopes on foot, only to avoid the various rocks poking through at/near the top of the saddle. What you need if you are going: Crampons - Yes, I used them for the entire climb while on snow to the summit. Microspikes - Suggested, as I used them from 11,100 ft. till 11,600 ft., then switched to crampons. Snow covers most of the rocks/trail after the sign junction, when you start climbing up the bench. Snow Shoes - YES! In the trees, specifically between 11,100 ft. and 10,900 ft., the snow was deep, and the consistency was that of a Slurpee. Post holing in the afternoon was an issue. I used trekking poles all the way up to the summit, and then carried my ice axe with me during the ride down the SW Slopes. 
Grover  2013-05-18   0   2          Delete
2013-01-21  Route: Standard East Slopes
Info: There was packed snow on the road to the trailhead but most vehicles should be able to handle it. We had not problem getting the whole way to the TH. There is a nice packed trail all the way to treeline. No need for snowshoes. Microspikes might help, but I didn‘t think they were necessary. Snowshoes would have been helpful crossing about 1/2 miles of snowfields just above treeline but a bit of post-holing might be worth not carrying the snowshoes 4 miles up without using them. It took us 2 hours to reach treeline from the car. The constant wind was miserable on Monday, and we only made it to 12,800 before turning around. 
Stiffler_from_Denver  2013-01-22   2   2          
2013-01-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: Did the Standard east slopes route. Road was covered in snow but no problem in an AWD car. There was a good trench in the snow up to tree line. From there it was cold and very windy, but doable without any traction. The snowshoes stayed in the car but gators were necessary in a few sections above tree line where the wind covered the tail with snow. 
climbingbiz  2013-01-08   0             Delete
2012-11-26  Route: East Slopes
Info: The East Slopes route is still amazingly dry. Some snow packed on the trail below treeline and on the summit ridge so microspikes could be helpful, but not necessary. Gaiters recommended for a few drifted sections where the trail disappears. 
Vincopotamus  2012-11-26   0   2          Delete
2012-11-20  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Very little snow. Traction or axe not needed. Road to TH is in good shape. 
Alpineair  2012-11-21   1         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-11-17  Route: East Slopes
Info: Portions of the route above treeline are drifted over so route finding is a bit tricky. I had microspikes but never put them on. An iceaxe would have been fun because there were a few short glissades available. The picture looks towards the saddle between Massive and South Massive. 
bhess86  2012-11-18   1   2      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-11-08  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: This route was in very fine shape with its southern exposure to the sun. Hardly any snow until up on the summit ridge. The road into the trailhead was fine too, got my 2WD car within a mile of the North Halfmoon Creek TH. Beautiful day. This route does involve a LOT of climbing however. It just goes up and up and up steeply and relentlessly the entire way. 
craigjhn  2012-11-10   0             Delete
2012-11-04  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Very little snow until you reach the summit ridge. I brought microspikes, but the trail is in such good shape and snow packed down on the ridge that I didn‘t even take them out of my pack. 
caseymac  2012-11-05   0             Delete
2012-11-04  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Climbed Massive today from the North Half Moon trailhead. Some patches of snow in the trees that are a non-issue. I was eager to try out my new microspikes, so I broke them out on the summit ridge where there were some snowy sections, but I definitely didn‘t need them. Easily descended the same areas on the way down without poles or spikes. The road is still easily doable in any decent-clearance SUV. 
nedryarson  2012-11-04   0             Delete
2012-10-11  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Road was easily driven to the actual trail head in my 4x4 Xterra. Couple sections on the last .5 miles I would be wary of a 2WD car with low clearance. Route up the SW Slopes easy to follow all the way. No snow at all until you are just about on the summit of Massive, however this looks likely to change tonight. Beautiful day on the top. 
LetsGoMets  2012-10-11   2   3      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2012-10-07  Route: 14,000-foot point loop - from N. Halfmoon Creek TH
Info: In short, the route is still bareboot-able; SW-facing slopes are pretty much snow-free, NE-facing holding maybe 2" of snow. Went up to Halfmoon Lks, bushwhacked and gained the jagged ridge SW of "N Massive", and started on UN14020, hitting all the points and descending the trail. Only major problematic areas were gaining the first ridge (no snow), descending "N Massive" (no snow), and traversing over to "Massive Green" (snow on the E side of the ridge--staying W of the pinnacles mid-ridgeline is highly advised). Some potentially icy snow from Massive down to the Massive/"S Massive" saddle, though it‘s generally avoidable by rock-hopping. Might not hurt to bring microspikes, but at least for now you probably won‘t need ‘em. 
ChrisinAZ  2012-10-08   0   1          Delete
2012-09-16  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Climbed southwest slopes to southeast ridge. Only snow on route was on S. Massive, rest of route was clear and dry. 
MichiganBrian  2012-09-16   0             Delete
2012-08-07  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Still steep. Trail is in great shape, thanks to all the hard work for the steps! Getting to the North Halfmoon Creek TH is bumpy but I did not need to put my Blazer into 4WD. Make sure to read the route information we missed a switchback high on the mountain. http://www.coloradoascents.blogspot.com/2012/08/mount-massive.html 
MTGOAT72  2012-08-08   0             Delete
2012-06-30  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: since it is obviously summer conditions on the peak, i thought i‘d add a few other bits and pieces. the route information on here made it sound as if the trail was a lot harder to find than it is - i‘m guessing because this route is becoming a lot more popular the trail is much easier to find as compared to other non-standard routes. we never ended up off the trail trying to figure out where we were. also, we made it up the road past the good dirt road up to the 110j junction in a hyundai elantra...just involved driving slowly and being careful. we parked here and then walked up the last 1/2 mile to the n. halfmoon creek trailhead. in reality, a vehicle with decent clearance (doesn‘t even need to be 4wd) can make it up all the way. 
lafutura  2012-07-01   0             Delete
2012-06-21  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: No snow anywhere on the trail. Summer conditions. 
esagas  2012-06-21   0             Delete
2012-06-03  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Route is completely snow free except for a few very minor places. No traction or ice axe necessary. Didn‘t get in a single glissade on the way down. Nice hike. Good luck. 
jeremy27  2012-06-04   0   2          Delete
2012-05-28  Route: East Slopes from Willow Creek
Info: Trail mostly clear to the saddle. Then partial snow coverage to the summit. Traction not needed but wouldnt hurt. Looks like a good glissade can be made from the false summit. 
MountainDawg  2012-05-28   0             Delete
2012-05-26  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: The 4wd road to North Half Moon trailhead is completely dry. 2wd vehicles should have no problem getting all the way to the end. There are lots of good campsites along the final mile of this road. Got started at 5:30. The trail was almost snow free to the summit ridge. Occasional patches to cross, but none more than 10 feet and only one or two patches with very minor post holing. Another week and I‘m guessing everything will have completely melted away. The wind was absolutely brutal, chilling us to the bone with 30-50mph sustained winds and up to 70mph gusts. We decided we had enough at the summit ridge, bagging South Massive then getting the hell out of there. Got in three fun glissades on our descent, shaving off probably 500‘-600‘. Overall a great climb despite the wind. We will return for the East slopes route, hopefully in time to enjoy the huge glissade waiting there; looks like at least a 1,500 slide. 
Vespalad  2012-05-27   0             Delete
2012-05-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: went up pretty early today.without an early start postholeing would be inevitable. the last mile or so of the colorado trail has a lot of patches of snow along the trail which should get pretty muddy in the coming week.the mt massive to treeline also has patchs of snow. you can avoid the vast majority of the snow patchs along the trail but not all.once you get to treeline you come across the biggest snowfield you‘ll have to cross(pic 1). i postholed a handful of times but it wasnt to bad because i put on my gaithers. late in the day may be another story. 
iheshvail  2012-05-05   3         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete

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