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Mt. Belford  
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2014-04-22  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Hardpack snow begins at the river. The Dex trench is in after the stream crossing - you can thank me later. The snow has blown off the mountain. Traction devise, snow shoes, gaiters recommended. On the way down - even with the trench, expect postholing. 
Dex  2014-04-23   0   4      Edit  Delete
2014-03-22  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: The road to Missouri Gulch TH isn‘t passable beyond about 4 miles from the TH. If you are daring, try, and get stuck, a fantastic towing company is Gunsmoke Towing from BV :-) Trail up to the stream crossing had been post-holed (thank you whoever man-handled that snow!) and my partner and I packed it down more with skis. Reached Missouri Gulch Basin, the area of avy danger, and turned back due to very poor snow conditions and a beacon out of batteries at 11,000‘. What a beautiful area. The skin up and ski down was a blast, although cut short. Definitely would recommend strapping on snow shoes or skis, the trail is packed now but the base is wonderfully deep. 
KymbreInDaWild  2014-03-25   1         Edit  Delete
2014-01-25  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Made it about half way the road to the trail head before getting stuck then spending the next 1.5hours trying to back down and getting stuck, the road right now is passible but just barley. Headed up the switch back with only a slight track going up it didnt look like anyone had been up there in while. I had my eye on skiing the gully along the ridge but the steep sections of the gully were horribly wind slabbed and made for scary/tricky skiing, plus the entire lower part of the gully had tons of rocks in it from the slopes above. I put a bunch of really good dings in my skies and wouldent advise trying to ski it or any of the trail back down until we get a good dumping of snow 
zak munro  2014-01-26   0         Edit  Delete
2014-01-05  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Despite the wind and low temps we decided to try on this date. The 390 road had quite a bit of snow and we were only able to make it within 2 miles from the TH similar to the previous post. The lower part of the trail was very passable with just boots. As we got closer to the creek crossing at the top of the switchbacks, the snow got deeper. Once on the other side of the creek snow shoes became essential. The trail was visible but barely. Once we got to the cabin, snow shoes didn‘t look to be essential because outside of the trees the snow was pretty wind blown. We decided to turn around there with the highs winds and subzero temps. We are planning to return soon with cross country skis for the road approach. 
wyojeremy  2014-01-10   0         Edit  Delete
2013-12-27  Route: West Slopes
Info: Clear Creek road plowed/dry the first 4 miles in. I parked here with my Kia/Sephia but a good 4wd truck could go about a mile further (about a foot of snow on the road). I snow shoed in the 4 miles to the trailhead and left snow shoes a mile below tree line. That was a mistake, I should have kept them to tree line. Still some deeper snow drifts above treeline, and a thin, windblown layer of snow on Belford. I did not use spikes, but they might have been helpful. I was disappointed in myself that I didn‘t go for Oxford, but it was going to be a 15 mile day on snow by just doing Belford, and the workouts I did earlier in the week were also taking their toll on me. I didn‘t feel comfortable adding another 2+ hours to do the out/back on the cold windy ridge to Oxford. Overall a great day-about 10.5 hours.(When I got down to the road there were snowmobile tracks on it, but I‘m still not sure it would be drivable for a truck). Happy climbing. Janet L 
janetl  2013-12-27   0           
2013-11-10  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Road to TH is very easy to navigate, even in my 2WD passenger car. Trail itself is snowy and a little icy but still quite easy to follow. The sugary snow and underlying ice are a tiny bit slick, so microspikes are nice, especially on the descent. Gaiters were not necessary. 
Michael Underwood  2013-11-10   0         Edit  Delete
2013-10-11  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Some snow is present above treeline, nothing above a foot though. However, there is a layer of ice on the trail. Microspikes would be very helpful. 
mlayman09  2013-10-11   0         Edit  Delete
2013-09-07  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Excellent day and conditions. We did Belford and Oxford and there were no issues with trail or conditions. Short afternoon showers and a little hail. Awesome views! 
jonandmalia  2013-09-08   0         Edit  Delete
2013-08-11  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Summer like conditions most of the day but light snow fell in late afternoon on the peaks and saddle with light rain on Missouri Gulch near trailhead. No lightning and snow was the little pellets that just bounce off you so didn‘t get wet. 
DaveWruck  2013-08-12   0         Edit  Delete
2013-06-27  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Summer conditions all the way to the top. 
esagas  2013-06-27   0         Edit  Delete
2013-06-19  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Mount Belford trail is in great shape. Only one small snow patch right before the summit, and you can either walk through the well-formed trench, or avoid the snow on climber‘s left. 
pklotzbach  2013-06-20   0         Edit  Delete
2013-06-10  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Bel-Ox...Very few patches of snow which are avoidable. Pretty much summer conditions. Missouri on the other hand, looks like it warrants an axe and traction. I can‘t really make out the standard route in this pic, but I am pretty sure it‘s in there somewhere. 
powhound  2013-06-10   3         Edit  Delete
2013-05-26  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: The trail was dry to the creek crossing (approx. 10,800 ft) with a mix of snow and bare ground to the turnoff to Elkhead Pass. The shoulder of Belford started bare with snow gradually increasing on the ascent. Around 13,000 feet the switchbacks became hard to follow, and it was easier to boot up the snow toward the summit. Snow was fairly firm on the ascent, but was much softer descending. I postholed to my knees a few times on the descent. Reached the summit with no special gear! 
Tornadoman  2013-05-27   4   2      Edit  Delete
2013-05-12  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: I did Belford on 5.12 it was a bit of a slog - a little rain at the parking lot. There was snow on the switchbacks and a lot after the creek crossing. The snow was soft in the morning. After the trees the snow wasn‘t too deep hard and a the trail easy to follow to the base of Belford. Again on Belford the snow was soft - I went straight up. On the way down the wasn‘t any post holing (I was wearing snow shoes) until you get to the decline after the ‘cabin‘. Then I sank down a lot. The snow was melting fast and if this warm weather holds it will be different. Missouri looked dangerous from Belford peak - if there was a place for snow to slide you could see where snow had slid - even on the standard route 
Dex  2013-05-13   0         Edit  Delete
2013-05-04  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: I went up Belford with Skis in tow on Saturday (5/04/13). Got a start at 6:50 am. The snow was as hard as a rock all the way to tree line and up to the summit, this made skinning very unpleasant, because the skins didn‘t sink into the snow at all and therefore didn‘t put enough surface area on the snow. Frankly it would have been easier to micro-spike it up to the ridge with skis on my back (which is what I ended up doing). On the descent(at around 12pm) from the top of the ridge It was hard as a rock in places. I didn‘t ski down the northwest gully because I read on CAIC that all of last week‘s Deep Slaps broke on Northwest aspects. So, I skied down the ridge, which was intermittent hard as a rock to nice loose snow, depending how far north a skied down the ridge, until around 12,400 when I traversed the shallowest slope down into the gully. Which was again hard as s**t to nice skiing depending on how much sun gets in there. It started snowing so it didn‘t get a lot, if at all, of sun on Saturday. After the gully I had some great lines all the way down till the creek crossing at 10,000‘, it was really soft, sometimes my buddy who was snow shoeing (poor boarder‘s, I do not why they board) sank down to his hips! The skiing was great though!!! / I have some nice pics, but they are too big for this there website of Bill‘s. On a tangent: I think the name of trees between 10,000‘ and tree line should be here after referred to as "the Tree‘s of Sorrow" I hate those f***ing trees!!!!!!! 
jmanner  2013-05-08   1         Edit  Delete
2013-04-27  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Still quite a bit of snow on the trail around treeline. Was able to walk from the trail head all the way to just before the old cabin without snowshoes in the morning (approx 6:30 am when we arrived at the cabin). Stashed snowshoes 1/4 the way up the valley for the return trip. Ridge line is in good shape and avalanche danger on the standard route is pretty low. The snow that exists on the route is easily avoidable and can be done without microspikes, though having them on certainly would give you better traction. On the decent, snowshoes were needed from just above the old cabin to about halfway back to the trail head. You will post hole up to your hip without them as the snow softens up. 
michaelgrundy  2013-04-29   0         Edit  Delete
2013-01-01  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: I was able to drive to the Missouri Gulch Trailhead in my stock 4wd 4-Runner. It‘s about 7.5 miles down the 390 Road. There was a good trail to treeline with a few inches of new snow on it. I stomped it down with snowshoes both up and down. The Northwest Ridge of Belford has 3-6 inches of snow on it. I left the snowshoes behind at treeline. Microspikes are useful on the descent. I also did the traverse to Oxford. It‘s in decent shape with segments of snow and rock. I had a long cold day. Left the car at 3 AM and got back at 5:30 PM. 
Mickeys Grenade  2013-01-01   0      1   Edit  Delete
2012-12-30  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Weasel-ish calendar winter ascent. No problems on the Winfield road. No floatation or added traction needed. Didn‘t even pull out the axe. Too windy for us to have any inclination to head over to Oxford, though. Left TH at 8:00, got back at 1:00. 
doggler  2013-01-02   0         Edit  Delete
2012-12-02  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Packed snow in sections. Very windy. Traction is helpful below the treeline. 
awilbur77  2012-12-02   0         Edit  Delete
2012-11-02  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Route has some snow on it but is avoidable for the most part. We did it without micro spikes, but some may feel more comfortable in having them on some parts coming down. No wolf sightings  
dehrlich101  2012-11-03   0   6      Edit  Delete

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