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Mt. Ouray  
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2015-07-25  Route: East Ridge
Info: Had a great hike on Saturday. I arrived late Friday night at the TH to find it completely empty. The Grays Creek TH is a large pull off just before a metal sign that reads, "GRAYS CREEK". A good trail starts at this point. A good trail can be found on all of this hike except from the Bristle Cone forest to the east ridge. It could be tricky on the descent to find the trail below the Bristle Cone forest. I have included a picture, I hope it could be useful. Very neat location, saw only 6 people all day-2 on summit who did W. Ridge, 3 going up when I was going down, and 1 lone dude near the TH in long johns, no shirt, eating a can of pumpkin seeds who asked me about the trail in the "spree". Never heard that before, but he said it means above treeline, I like it. The red arrow shows the hill you want to go to the left or north to find the good trail down. The black arrow shows the path I took. 
Jesse M  2015-07-28   2             
2015-07-06  Route: West Ridge
Info: Dry from Marshall Pass to the summit. 
BillMiddlebrook  2015-07-11   6         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-06-20  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail is in good shape with some wet areas from snow melt. Patches of snow above tree line are small and avoidable. Boots are not necessary but waterproof shoes are recommended. Mosquitoes are out in force and be aware of tent worms dropping from the trees! 
lbeetle  2015-06-22   0             
2015-06-07  Route: Devils Arm Chair Loop
Info: Devils Arm Chair Loop from Grays Creek TH. Mostly dry trail to access either ridge with a few snow piles Some stretches of snow from around 13K to the top on both Ridges, No flotation was needed. 
illusion7il  2015-06-09   0             
2015-06-03  Route: Ouray Creek
Info: Marshall Pass was clear up to Ouray Creek at the south of Mt. Ouray. Following the creek to treeline you‘ll find 4+ feet snow drifts with patchy dry spots right now. Down trees cover the ridge to the right of Ouray Creek with snow drifts as well. Above treeline you could snow climb the SW face all the way to the summit and glissade 2000 feet down over a network of patches. The E/SE ridge was covered in snow. 
WillRobnett  2015-06-03   1             
2014-11-08  Route: West Ridge
Info: Road up Marshall Pass is clear to the TH. Very minimal snow on the entire route with only a few steps into foot deep snow going up the final section of the ridge to the summit. This will definitely change if the forecast for up to a foot of new snow this week is accurate. 
zdero1  2014-11-09   0             
2014-09-30  Route: West Ridge
Info: Lousy weather on Tuesday...snow, rime ice, and high winds. Road to the Marshall Pass TH was in great condition. Trail was good until above treeline where it was covered in snow, 4-8". Once on the Continental Divide Trail and all the way to the summit, rocks were covered in snow and rime ice. I didn‘t use micro spikes, but probably should have in a few places. 
KTC88  2014-10-01   0             
2014-06-21  Route: West Ridge
Info: If you‘re planning on climbing the West Ridge route from Marshall Pass this weekend (or maybe next), bring lots of mosquito repellent. Like a couple cans of heavy-duty OFF. Or extra-strength Backwoods Cutter. Or Napalm. Something. 
Scanner  2014-06-21   0             
2014-06-14  Route: West Ridge
Info: West Ridge route is snow free (2WD road to Marshall Pass is snow free). 
Presto  2014-06-16   0             
2014-05-25  Route: South Face
Info: Road to Marshall Pass from the east snow-free till 10,500‘, 2 miles from Marshall Pass. Decided to take a look at the south ridge. Looks like a bunch of loose crap, but who knows? 
doggler  2014-05-26   0             
2014-05-20  Route: Devil's Armchair
Info: Continuous snow is in from the summit all the way down the Devil‘s Armchair. Snow cover is getting a bit thin but should be in for another week or so. The snow pack is pretty mature and was in a strong freeze/thaw cycle that produced good corn snow for us while we were there. Traveling up Greys Creek is a challenge due to inconsistent snow with lots of exposed logs and terrain obstacles. We moved at a pace of about 500‘ per hour for a bit on the approach due to all the snow bushwacking. 
taylorzs  2014-05-21   0             
2014-05-16  Route: East Ridge
Info: Starting from grays creek its snow free for the first mile. 2-3 feet of snow from 10500 to treeline - supportive in the morning but mush in the afternoon. Avoidable snow from treeline to the shoulder and then easy angled snow most of the way to the summit. Crampons made for faster/safer hiking from the shoulder to the top but probably werent necessary. PM for info/pics. Good luck. 
jeremy27  2014-05-18   0             
2013-11-12  Route: Marshall Pass TH
Info: Beautiful day. We were surprised that there almost no snow on the route. No spikes needed. The road to Marshall Pass is snow free as well. 
desertdog  2013-11-13   0             
2013-05-26  Route: East Ridge
Info: Most of the east ridge route is snow free. Virtually no snow to deal with in the trees and only the last 1/4 mile or so has unavoidable snow. Had microspikes with me so I used them but it would have been fine with only poles. The first image shows the grassy ramp up and then the ridge route to the summit. Second is of the final push to the summit. 
thatguy  2013-05-27   2             
2012-11-17  Route: Marshall Pass (South to West ridges)
Info: From 285, Drove to the top of Marshall Pass in my stock explorer. There is packed snow on much, but not all, of the road once you start heading up to the pass - more the higher you drive. Most 2WDs could probably get to the Marshall Pass TH (about 200 yards from the actual pass), but the snow the rest of the way wasn‘t quite as packed down. There‘s boot-deep snow in the trees, then the snow tapers off the higher we hiked. There was some frost on the shaded rocks above 13,500 ish. We hiked the ridge from the top of the pass all the way to the summit. I don‘t think the conditions would be much different if you were to start from the Marshall Pass TH. The summit was covered in clouds on 11/18/12 so conditions are probably a little different now. Pic 1 - the route from above tree line Pic 2 - looking back on our route from high up Pic 3 - The road a little below the Marshall Pass TH on the way out. 
BobbyFinn  2012-11-19   3             
2012-05-18  Route: West Ridge
Info: Climbed the West Ridge route (from Marshall Pass TH) - dry; free and clear of snow. 
USAKeller  2012-05-18   2   2   1       
2012-05-05  Route: Marshall Pass/West Ridge
Info: Snow free the whole way. Marshall Pass passable for any car 
Matt Lemke  2012-05-08   0             
2012-04-28  Route: West Ridge from Marshall Pass
Info: Able to drive to the summit of Marshall Pass from the east. There were a few drifts about 1.5 miles from the summit that already had tracks through them. No floatation needed for the mountain. Some post holing below tree line, but nothing major. Above treeline was largely blown off but there was fresh snow from the recent storm. Much of this melted during the day. Between the rocks was often filled in with snow. There was hoar frost higher on the mountain. There are some cornices and snow deposit areas depending on aspect. We took MicroSpikes but didn’t use them. Recommend having a pole for traction on snowy areas. It was a windy day! 
MountainHiker  2012-04-28   0   5          
2011-09-01  Route: East Ridge
Info: Climbed the East Ridge today - a Roach-designated **classic**. The only way this route could be considered a classic is if you happen to enjoy hiking in quiet solitude on perfectly wild trail through healthy forest and unspoiled tundra teeming with flora and fauna. Those of us who prefer doing an ant march with hundreds of ill-prepared hikers, constant litter and loud summit cell phone conversations will find this route seriously lacking. Greenhouseguy‘s TR perfectly captures the route. I just want to add one quick clarification to ease routefinding in the trees. An attached picture below shows the first major stream crossing. After crossing the log in the foreground, the main trail appears to go straight over the log in the sunshine. NO!!!!! That log is meant to guide you to a less obvious trail to the left. GO LEFT!!!! Save yourself a heart-breaking bushwack that the other path inevitably leads to. 
Gahugafuga  2011-09-01   2             
2011-07-10  Route: West Ridge via 4WD Road
Info: No snow on 4WD road to "mine" (chewed out excavation on right side of road . . . that you Cannot miss); cut off "road" immediately before "mine" leads to treeline, "road" rapidly degrades to previously mentioned and sometimes hard to follow trail through forest to treeline; route is now clear of "must cross" snow all the way to summit. After leaving treeline, turn around and spot the 15‘ snapped off pine - a good marker for return entry point for trail down to road on return trip. link Link to Trip Report with photos if interested 
Wyoming Bob  2011-07-10   0             

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