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Mt. Wilson  
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2015-07-05  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Still a lot of snow coverage on the route; easily navigated on the lower route but higher up a little more committing. We traversed through the snowfield above the buttress and straight up the couloir. Snow free on the ridge and beyond. Possible to stick to the rocks more to avoid snow, and we tried that on the way down, but those are the rotten, loose ones, of course. There was a big storm that hit the afternoon we were camping there, and the Rock of Ages approach had some mud/rock slides that took out the trail on the traverse leading to the saddle. 
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2015-01-10  Route: Slate Creek
Info: We (Abe aka FireOnTheMountain and Brian) saw more slide activity on this mission than pretty much anything I have ever seen in Colorado... The warm temps last week made everything slide and the debris piles were enourmous. Old growth trees were snapped in half and littered everywhere. Whenever all this activity happened it must of been incredibly loud and powerful! With the new snow this route would be psycho and I do not recommend it anytime soon. It was a very long day and coming back from Slate Creek was a big effort. Thanks Abe for being so strong and putting in a boot pack!!! 
ap snow  2015-01-12   8   1   5       
2014-09-03  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Routes for the Wilson‘s and El Diente from Navajo Basin were free of snow. Only a few steps (non critical) across snow on the traverse. Long rain on the afternoon of 09/04/14 so conditions may have changed... 
MOJO8800  2014-09-06   0             Delete
2014-08-31  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Climbed from Rock of Ages and didn‘t run into any snow until 14000‘. We took traction devices and ice axes but never took them out. Did the entire climb in approach shoes. The small out of abow is well packed from boot traffic. The summit block area was dry. 
dpage  2014-08-31   0             Delete
2014-08-29  Route: Kilpacker Approach
Info: Climbed El Diente and Mt Wilson via Kilpacker. El Diente via regular south slopes route. Mt Wilson via the "Low Traverse" (per several trip reports found on 14ers.com.) Trip reports info for Mt Wilson were right on. Snow made things a little more interesting. Climbed too high in left gulley before crossing 2nd rib- made it a little more interesting than necessary. 
Shasta Locales  2014-08-30   8   2      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-08-25  Route: Kilpacker Approach
Info: Kilpacker Basin approach, saw Colorado Fourteeener Initiative truck at trailhead, and CFI staff camped at the lower of the waterfall camps on N side of creek. Kilpacker basin is snow free, south facing coular on Mt. Wilson is free of snow. very few and small snowfields left in Kilpacker basin. Still Ice Axe was useful for glissading and snow crossings. We did not have crampons, they are unneccesary right now on this approach. 
jaquetcj  2014-08-26   0             Delete
2014-08-03  Route: 
Info: A couple of snowfields are still present during the talus and scree approach to the southwest gullies on Mt. Wilson, with the snow staying very hard throughout my time on the mountain (it was mostly cloudy). I recommend using at least the lower-angle snow fields to avoid having to walk on the talus and scree, but bring microspikes and an axe just in case, especially if you choose to use the higher-angle snow fields. No snow in the gullies used to access the summit. When in the gullies, hug the adjacent rock walls which will make smoother both the ascent and descent. 
Tony1  2014-08-04   2         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-07-26  Route: Kilpacker Approach
Info: We climbed Mt Wilson via the Kilpacker route on Sat July 26th. The scree approach is as long as it looks, there were still large snow fields in the gully leading up to the summit scramble. Bring crampons and an ice ax in order to avoid the sketchy scree, which is unstable. In fact, we used the snow fields on the approach and on the way down. 
JenGa  2014-07-31   0             Delete
2014-07-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Mostly snow-free but still a couple of gullies where you will need an ice axe, or you can bypass the snow above or below adding a bit of time to your climb. 
Phill the Thrill  2014-07-21   2         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-07-05  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Seen from Rock of Ages saddle - 
WSN  2014-07-07   1   1      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-07-04  Route: Mt. Wilson and El Diente Traverse
Info: Traversed from El Diente. A few patches of snow along the way, most were completely avoidable, and those that weren‘t were easily traversed without crampons/ice axe (which we did have). The descent down the standard route back to Navajo Basin had a few large patches of snow, but all easily avoidable. You could use them for a glissade, but they were a bit out of the way of the standard trail. 
thebeave7  2014-07-07   0             Delete
2014-06-29  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Was able to summit Mt. Wilson without crossing any snow up high. If you choose your route carefully, you can skirt the two snow-filled chutes prior to the summit ridge. 
tvicari  2014-07-01   3   2      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-06-22  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Picture of the ridge 
rob runkle  2014-06-24   1   1      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-06-21  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Used my crampons and axe on some of the snow. Did some postholeing as things warmed up. Others did the traverse, but I ran out of time. Hope the pictures help. 
Dan_Suitor  2014-06-24   4         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-06-21  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Still plenty of snow in the silver pick basin, and also Navaho basin. You can easily avoid snow on the standard route slopes, if you focus on staying mostly on rocks, and gaining almost all the way to the ridge. Gain high, and watch for cairns just under the ridge. This is above the standard route, and is solid class 3, but it avoids most snow, and is a fun way to the summit. I was able to make the complete return trip in trail shoes, no crampons. Recommended crampons for accent to ROA saddle from the TH mostly. Recommended axe for snow travel, multiple traverses, and glissade. 
rob runkle  2014-06-23   0   2          Delete
2014-06-20  Route: Kilpacker Approach
Info: Still plenty of snow in the basin. Snow starts just above the waterfall, so you still have to walk the miles and miles on ankle twisting rock. But, the basin is pretty full, so it is easier up high. Did not make the summit by this side, but it seems that the class 4 and class 2+ Options both has enough snow up the gully to make for reasonable climb. Recommend crampons and axe. 
rob runkle  2014-06-23   0             Delete
2014-05-10  Route: Navajo Lake Approach
Info: Basic info- The north sides of MT. Wilson and El Diente have lots of snow and will be in for skiing/snowboarding/climbing for a while this season. Lots of new snow to create am avalanche problem over the next few days Technical info- Weather •Weather Description: Mostly cloudy for this time period, with very brief periods of sunshine on 5/9, 5/10, & 5/12 (no sun on 5/11). Breezy to very windy for most of this time period. Variable new snow fell in the drainage. I would estimate between 6" and 12" new but with the amount of wind judging exact snowfall was a challenge. Ridge top winds came out of the southwest with valley winds running directly west at 11,000‘. Temps probably never got above freezing for the four days we were up there. The wind chill definitely did not. Snowpack •Snowpack Description: Interesting mix of snow conditions. Still a lot of decomposing snow present on 5/9 and 5/10 above 11,000‘ mixed with sections of frozen melt freeze crust. Lots of new snowfall and wind drifting on 5/11. New drifts present this morning on primarily the east side of the compass but with many sections of the snow surface above treeline scoured to the pre-storm melt-freeze/dust layer crust while other sections were drifted 12"-18" deep. New snow seemed to be bonding moderately well with no cracking or collapsing or natural/human triggered activity noted in the area today (5/12) after the storm moved through the area. The north face of Mt. Wilson was comprised of a surface dust layer in places. In other places it was covered in newish decomposing snow and windslabs on 5/10 but this was noted before the storm came through and we did not go up high besides crossing the Rock of Ages saddle after the last two days‘ storm cycle. Avalanches •Avalanche Description: While skiing the north face of Mt. Wilson from Navajo Basin I triggered one wind slab with a slope cut and another partner triggered another wind slab with a ski cut. Both were expected releases and no one was caught in the slides (both D1/R1 but big enough to carry one over cliffs on 5/10). The weak layer culprit appeared to be the most superficial dust layer in the basin recently. Lots of new snow since then. I would probably give anything in the area a day or two of sunshine and warm weather before venturing into couloirs in the area. 
taylorzs  2014-05-12   0   4   2       Delete
2013-09-21  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Significant snow on the mtn above 13k feet. Luckily someone had been up recently and there was a nice boot track all the way to the top otherwise I wouldn‘t know where to go. This track may be more of a winter route as it stays left and intersects the ridge way left of the summit at a notch (at the top of a couloir). We didn‘t bring any traction or an axe but it would be a good idea to have them. I thought of doing El Diente by the Class 4 route and then the traverse but bagged it given the snow. I‘ve included a couple of shots showing these routes for those who are interested. 
jimmtman  2013-09-22   4   1      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2013-06-28  Route: Kilpacker Basin
Info: All snow fields avoidable. Hot, dry and mosquitos - wow and only June! 
Wanderlust  2013-07-07   0             
2012-06-24  Route: Mt. Wilson and El Diente Traverse
Info: We ascended El Diente via the North Buttress route, traversed to Wilson, and descended the standard route back to Navajo Basin. North Buttress--almost entirely dry. There were a few snow patches above the fourth bench that made things a bit sketchy and wet, but we were able to navigate around/through them without snow gear. Took the alternate route to the right to attain the ridge crest, which was replete with 4th class rock but solid. No need for any snow gear. Traverse--also almost entirely dry. A few patches to cross through/just under on the north side of the traverse just east of El Diente‘s summit. Snow is present, but avoidable with some route-finding when passing the gendarme just before the last dirt gully (shortly after the crux and knife edge). One more patch at the base of the last dirt gully can be avoided by dropping down. Again, snow gear is not necessary. Descent--most of the route is melted out. Crossing the first gully on the way down involved traversing 10-15‘ of snow. This may be doable without an ice axe, but it‘s safer to use one (I didn‘t use one, but my partner had his and crossed first). Crossed/descended a few mild snowfields further down, and even in mid-afternoon did not post-hole. An axe may be desired, but shouldn‘t be needed for much longer. What little snow there is on these routes will probably be gone in a few weeks. 
ChrisinAZ  2012-06-26   0             Delete

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