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Quandary Peak  
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2012-01-28  East Ridge  All due respect to the previous poster, I did not encounter high avalanche conditions or the aforementioned crowning on Quandary today. The slope just below treeline was windblown but consolidated. I dug a pit for evaluation and there was some slabbing but not what I would consider critical. I was the first person up Quandary today (well, up to 13,000‘ where the wind picked me off my feet) and was able to easily climb this section towards the left, keeping nearer to the trees. The trail below treeline will have been trenched-out by today‘s crowd (passed at least 20 people on the way down) and is now pretty close to the standard summer route. Be sure to turn RIGHT at the site of the big igloo, and not follow the faint trench straight (this might lead to some of the previous posters‘ difficulties and is WAY off the established trail route). Snowshoes are recommended up to 13,000. Even above treeline. I cached my snowshoes at 12,000‘ and wish I hadn‘t. Conditions to 13,000‘ are variable between hardpack and soft powder. Climb safe people! mtnmike   2012-01-28 4  1    Edit Delete 
2012-01-26  East Ridge  I am by no means an expert, but I have enough avalanche experience and knowledge to know that the slope directly below treelike on the traditional Quandary Peak route has HIGH AVALANCHE DANGER. We saw huge (12+ ft) crown lines above and below where we were ascending and descending. My party met another person on the way down and there three of us very carefully navigated for an extra two hours in order to avoid the areas of highest danger. One of the scarier experiences of my life, as was shared by the man we met. Right now Quandary is not just an easy 14er, and I have a feeling that slope may slide soon. Proceed with extreme caution, I personally will think a lot more about avalanches before ascending a slope that I‘m not sure I can get down. I feel very lucky that we all made it out safely, but I know that it is indeed luck and I could have easily been buried alive just hours ago. happymtnclimber   2012-01-26  0  2    Edit Delete 
2012-01-25  East Ridge  Our group of 3 went up just yesterday Jan 25th and had quite a different experience than the most recent report. We were able to avoid any waist deep snow on our ascent and made our summit successfully. Snow shoes are highly recommended and we were able to stash them once we got out of treeline. Our group was able to avoid any dangerous terrain that would be a deterrent for anyone... this was my first winter climb and I was keeping close track of any trip reports and updates with weather. Hopefully this helps for anyone planning to climb this peak. Mtn Izz   2012-01-26 4  3    Edit Delete 
2012-01-24  East Ridge  Just got back from here. The trail is followable to treeline and mostly packed. We broke the trail for another mile further. I would recommend snow shoes. Just below tree line we got in waste deep powder. While struggling to get out the snow "popped" twice and started sliding...We turned around and headed home along with another group we encouraged to turn around. One guy went ahead of us and said the ridge has very little snow on it but getting to the ridge is mostly waste deep powder. The road is clear to where the plows are piling snow.Be careful of avalanches out there! Medic-5150   2012-01-24  0  3 1  Edit Delete 
2012-01-14  East Ridge  A testimony to the light winter...the trailhead is *still* drivable by any vehicle! Trail was well-defined and bootpacked below treeline. Above treeline it varies between hardpack, ice and even some patches of dry ground. Snowshoes probably not necessary until more snow falls, but traction (microspikes or yaktrax) are definitely useful. mtnmike   2012-01-14  0     Edit Delete 
2012-01-07  East Ridge  The trail is snow packed and easy to follow. In the trees the snow is deep off trail, above treeline there wasn‘t much snow. However, there is a lot of ice on the trail, micro spikes are a plus. jpfeif001   2012-01-10 2     Edit Delete 
2012-01-03  East Ridge  Windy cold day on Quandary, but given it‘s the 3rd of Jan, it was a fantastic hike. No snow shoes needed, really good packed snow all the way up. Used yak trax and those were essential for the steep parts up after the false summit. Didn‘t use poles and was fine. Get out there before it snows again! katejen   2012-01-03  0     Edit Delete 
2012-01-02  East Ridge  Good conditions on Quandary today. Just not a whole lot of snow....would not recommend skis. Left the snowshoes in the Trooper and it was a good decision. The trail is pretty well packed. I brought microspikes, but didn‘t use them. About half the folks I saw today were using them, though. mcormier   2012-01-02  0       
2011-12-18  West Ridge  Great day on the west ridge. Conditions good. Took teh ridge proper the entire way. Little snow on the ridge proper. Had axe & crampons, but didnt use them. Descended the Cristo which is mix snow/rock and not good for skiing. jbchalk   2011-12-19 4     Edit Delete 
2011-12-18  East Ridge  Beautiful day on the peak. The road to the trailhead is snow packed and a 2WD vehicle is no problem. The trail below treeline in well packed and easy to follow. Trail about treeline is the same. No Snowshoes are needed. Had microspikes but didnt use them. hunterwf   2011-12-18  0     Edit Delete 
2011-12-12  East Ridge  Hiked the entire ridge in mountaineering boots - snowshoes or microspikes weren‘t necessary, although that could change soon. The trail was covered with packed snow most of the way. BillMiddlebrook   2011-12-12 4  5    Edit Delete 
2011-12-10  East Ridge  Beautiful, bluebird day with hardly a whisper of wind. A good amount of snow below treeline, but there‘s a solid trench right now. Above treeline, the route was mostly snowpacked, but most of the rest of the snow was wind-scoured. Traction would be very helpful, but not snowshoes unless you‘re into hiking with ankle-weights. Vincopotamus   2011-12-10  0  1  Edit Delete 
2011-11-24  East Ridge  Beautiful day. Packed snow among the trees-- No idea what‘ll happen with the weather tonight--...didn‘t have poles, could have used them in spots towards the top. No need for snowshoes--except for a snowfield towards timberline that‘s about 75 yards long...windy and very cold at the top. Great day overall.. Harry-4   2011-11-24  0     Edit Delete 
2011-11-23  East Ridge  No snow or relatively hard packed the whole way up. bpbragaw   2011-11-23 1     Edit Delete 
2011-11-11  East Ridge  Hard packed snow most the way. Didn‘t need snowshoes (even though I brought them). Microspikes were very helpful, and I think most of the other 6 or 7 people I saw had them on too. Saw a big horn sheep with it‘s full winter coat (see first pic). The pic quality sucks, but that‘s what I get for taking them with an iPhone. awilbur77   2011-11-11 2  2    Edit Delete 
2011-10-29  East Ridge  Soft snow and mud below treeline, hardpack snow and some ice above treeline. Snowshoes not needed, additional traction (microspikes/yaktrax) would not be a bad thing especially early morning before things soften up. Great day up there today - easy hike but a LOT of wind up high! Also, road is open to the trailhead....some snow but easily driven by pretty much any car. mtnmike   2011-10-29 2     Edit Delete 
2011-10-21  East Ridge  All most all snow below tree line has melted. There is spotty snow patches above tree line but everything is manageable with hiking boots... or flip flops for one guy. I was impressed. Microspikes could help in a couple spots but I never put mine on. Definitely a great late season possibility right now. ThuChad   2011-10-21  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-10-10  East Ridge  Great day on the mountain yesterday. There‘s snow over almost the entire route, but mostly only a couple inches. There are some places where it‘s about a foot deep, but it‘s a beautiful week for fall hiking. hikerrev   2011-10-11  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-10-01  East Ridge  The trail: No snow at all on the trail, just small patches clinging to the north side of the mountain, far from the trail. The weather: 10 mph breeze, mid 30s when I summitted at 5:45 am, warming into the 50s during my decent. Overall, an oddly nice day to hike in October. bhess86   2011-10-01  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-09-22  East Ridge  Trail is in great shape and easy to stay on track. Trace of snow on the summit but nothing to contend with. Weather was great, but it is getting colder, so be sure to pack your warmer clothes as you might need them. The wind was pretty bad on the ridge and I had to switch to my winter gloves as my liners just did not cut it. Overall great day and great mountain to climb. jeffdykstra   2011-09-26 1     Edit Delete 

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