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2014-12-07  Route: East Ridge
Info: Here‘s a few shots and a link of the snow conditions en route to Grizzly from the LaPlata trailhead. Hope it‘s helpful! 
dillonsarnelli  2014-12-08   2   3      Edit  Delete
2014-09-01  Route: East Ridge
Info: Perfect day for a hike up to Grizzly. There is no snow in the entire standard route. Took this picture on the way down looking back. 
Kitten  2014-09-03   1         Edit  Delete
2013-06-16  Route: Grizzly Couloir
Info: The Grizzly couloir is in great condition for climbing right now. I had good, firm snow for cramponing from Grizzly Lake all the way to the top of the couloir. The Grizzly Lake trail is pretty much melted out with just an occasional drift here and there, leave the snowshoes at home. 
rpb13  2013-06-16   0   3        
2013-06-08  Route: East Ridge
Info: Road from La Plata TH clear, could get up to about a half mile before the McNasser Gate before a large snowdrift blocked the road. McNassser basin about half snow, half melted - most snow was consolidated so that, coming down in afternoon, post-hole to thigh at start and finish of each snowfield, but walk atop the snow easily in between. The snow is melting fast, though. Grizzly couloir showed slide debris at the bottom and part way up, still has continuous snow though it looked icy & crusty. That basin was much snowier - consistent snow around Grizzly lake and stretches of snow further down. Road was closed (sign said it would open mid-June) which is why we did the route from McNasser. 
Marmot72  2013-06-09   0         Edit  Delete
2012-10-20  Route: East Ridge
Info: TH: McNasser Gulch 2wd TH. See my TH status update: Route: Followed McNasser Gulch Road to the terminus near the mine at about 12,050ft (per Roachs). But instead of following the Roach route, we headed straight up to the ridge to just left of Pt 13,441. This was steep but actually not bad / not very loose. Followed East Ridge to summit. Getting to the ridge early gave us some scrambling opportunities above the Roachs‘ class 2+ route. Then, over to Garfield. Down to the saddle that‘s east of Garfield, and back down to the McNasser Gulch road. Grizzly/Garfield Conditions: Wind was lighter than forecast. Skies were beautiful. Be prepared for patches of snow here and there - including some drifts where you might post-hole - and especially in shaded areas (and all that entails gear-wise), but we did not use any special equipment on this day. One of the four in our group brought an axe - but it was never used. One used gaiters. Three of four used trek poles. I used microspikes to come down Garfield - mainly for the steep scree, not so much the snow. One little snow crossing had me ever so slightly nervous, but I‘m still kind of a weenie on snow. Based on what we could see around us, the conditions we experienced on Grizzly/Garfield are probably also applicable to most of the high peaks in the area. We have pics of a number of other peaks. If you‘re interested in a particular peak, let me know, and I‘ll see if we snapped that one. Pic1: Approach Pic2: Our route up to the East Ridge Pic3: Garfield/Grizzly traverse and basin Pic4: Grizzly East Ridge 
CarpeDM  2012-10-21   4      1   Edit  Delete
2012-06-10  Route: Grizzly Couloir
Info: Climbed and skied Grizzly Couloir yesterday. The couloir proper is still holding good snow but another week of warm weather will destroy whats remaining. Thinning out rapidly on the sides of the couloir. We had a good descent down to about 100 feet above the lake, then a short walk to another snow field around the lake and another good half mile descent to the trail. Snow free to the car from that point. Top of the couloir to the summit, no snow to speak of. This line will not be around much longer with the warm temps. 
EatinHardtack  2012-06-11   0   2        
2012-05-19  Route: East Ridge
Info: Basically the same as previous. Fallen trees had me park at the lower TH (junction). The morning snow (~2 in) melted off by the afternoon. Lost an axe cover (orange) descending Garfield. No snowshoes. Axe used briefly. Microspikes were nice until they broke. First half of here (includes captions): 
Monster5  2012-05-21   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-15  Route: East Ridge
Info: Road passable to the McNasser Gulch TH described in Roach‘s book. Snow free hike all the way to just below treeline. A few small snow fields to cross to the base of the steep slope at 12,600 high in McNasser Gulch. Steep south facing slope mostly snow free. Gaining the east ridge was a little harder with some snow fields though. Some class 3 I did to skirt snow. East ridge itself dry all the way to Grizzly Summit. Traverse to Garfield is loose talus but mostly dry. Descent off Garfield starts with loose scree but I was able to squeeze in a 500 foot glissade. Walking through upper McNasser Gulch to connect back to the old road there was some post-holing but mostly avoidable. No snowshoes needed. Spikes helpful. Calm day...warm...beautiful. As far as the Grizzly summit register is concerned, I am the first to summit it since last October. First photo shows the East ridge from Grizzly‘s summit Second photo shows the traverse to Garfield Third photo shows Grizzly from Garfield Forth photo is looking back up McNasser Gulch as storms build 
Matt Lemke  2012-05-15   4   6      Edit  Delete
2011-07-23  Route: East Ridge
Info: Route was dry with the exception of some snow covering the Class 2 terrain below the last gendarme on the ridge (left of photo #3). I bypassed it by scrambling (Class 3) up onto the gendarme. 
BillMiddlebrook  2011-07-25   4         Edit  Delete

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