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Argentine Peak  
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2012-10-20  Route: Horsehoe Basin/North Ridge
Info: Did the Argentine/Wilcox combo from the west. Above Argentine Pass is mostly dry and snow can be avoided. This goes for Edwards and Square Top as well, and high areas on the peaks to the east (near Evans) looked much the same. Very windy near pass; much less wind near summits and sheltered areas. Trail up to pass holds a fair amount of snow above the first big switchback (about 12,000‘); some cannot be avoided, but it is no more than a few inches deep and very hikable in low-rise boots. 
TravelingMatt  2012-10-20   0           
2012-06-09  Route: Leavenworth loop
Info: Loop of McClellan, Edwards, Argentine, Wilcox from the Waldorf Mine (Leavenworth). Class 2; no specialized gear used. Ascent to the saddle between E&M is dry with one small, avoidable snowfield around 13kish. A big, dry tundra slog over A&W. Descended W‘s N ridge before doing a descending traverse to an old cabin and faint road, which allowed us to cross the willows. A better descent option may be to head back to the/A/W saddle and catch a mining road after a section of scree. Photos 
Monster5  2012-06-11   0           
2012-03-24  Route: Naylor Lake loop
Info: Looped Mt Wilcox (13,408 ), Argentine Peak (13,738 ), and Square Top Mtn (13,794) from the Naylor Lake/Guanella Pass closure. At the start, there were large numbers of downed trees covering the start of the trail, but it’s still fairly well packed and easy to find your way up. Bushwhacked north from the Naylor Lake area to the east slopes of Wilcox – which were practically bare. The ridge from Wilcox to the saddle with Argentine was more interesting than I had expected. The lee side of Argentine and its ridge to the saddle with Square Top held the only snow of consequence on this day (above treeline, that is), and the descent to that saddle was the least fun part of the day – even with microspikes and axe out (and dog on leash). It will still be very do-able for most. The descent down the ridge off of Square Top was fun – only one little spot with seemingly sketchy snow to cross that went better than expected. There were also other descent options that looked easy as well. The expected post-hole finish to the road was mercifully short. Beautiful, warm day (too warm for March). But as we rounded Argentine, winds picked up on occasion and were higher than the forecast – maybe 20-30mph. Although it is clearly marked on the NatGeo Trails Illustrated map (104), I totally missed the fact that the Naylor Lake area is private property. Gear: Snowshoes from car to lower slopes of Wilcox Microspikes and ice axe for part of descent off Argentine Snowshoes for lower slopes of Square Top to the Pass and most of the road Stats: Mileage: about 11.3 Gain: about 4,400 Pics: 1) Bare upper east slopes of Mt Wilcox 2) The non-fun part of the day - ridge down to Argentine/Square Top saddle 3) Route More pics here: 
CarpeDM  2012-03-25   3           

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