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Ended on 09/28/2009
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279 photos
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Zen Calm after the Storm
Taken: August 2009 Added: 2009-09-08
59 votes
Remote wilderness basin high on the east side of the Gore mountain range. (August 2009 by yorksman)  
Campsite on Huron Peak
Taken: June, 2008 Added: 2009-09-13
51 votes
Camping under the stars midway up Huron (June, 2008 by JPjibskier)  
Mountain Goat Acrobatics
Taken: July 31, 2009 Added: 2009-09-13
34 votes
Mountain goat jumping a cliff gap on the saddle of Pyramid (July 31, 2009  by realhillboarding)  
Maroon Bells Dandelion
Taken: August 12, 2009 Added: 2009-09-05
28 votes
Maroon Bells Wilderness, Castle Creek Trail (August 12, 2009 by alanab)  
Mt. Belford summit at 5:35 AM
Taken: July 19, 2009 Added: 2009-08-21
25 votes
Mark celebrating his first sunrise 14er w/ Mt. Oxford in the background! (July 19, 2009 by lovehighaltitude)  
Wildflowers under Capitol Peak
Taken: July, 2009 Added: 2009-09-13
24 votes
Taken in the high meadows below Capitol at sunset. My first HDR photo. (July, 2009 by skier25)  
Brutal Bedford
Taken: September 2008 Added: 2009-09-06
13 votes
Climbing the ridge up to Belford - climbers in the foreground (September 2008 by rockchalker)  
Um, will you be moving soon?
Taken: August, 2004 Added: 2009-08-16
9 votes
Feeling dizzy while being chased by mountain goats up Kelso Ridge, Torreys Peak (August, 2004 by rcusson12)  
summer camouflage on mt. huron
Taken: 8.11.09 Added: 2009-09-10
7 votes
ptarmigan greeting us on the trail before our final push to the summit (8.11.09 by bmwmom11)  
Mama bear makes an appearance
Taken: June 2009 Added: 2009-08-17
7 votes
On a hike in the Chicago Basin, I came across 2 cubs & and their mom. (June 2009 by Hammerheart)  
Lightning by Evans
Taken: July, 2009 Added: 2009-07-11
6 votes
Strong storms moved off of the higher terrain revealing Mt. Evans in lightning (July, 2009 by adkinsadam1)  
Heaven Shines on Massive
Taken: 3 June 2009 Added: 2009-07-15
5 votes
Shot taken just above treeline on a cool morning (3 June 2009 by k9powerlifter)  
Taken: July 2008 Added: 2009-07-06
5 votes
Alpine sunflowers, slopes of La Plata Peak (July 2008 by canyongoddess)  
Sunrise at Longs
Taken: August, 2008 Added: 2009-06-24
5 votes
Taken at sunrise looking over the boulder field with Longs Peak in the distance. (August, 2008 by jdesignedit)  
Mt Princeton Rainbow
Taken: september, 2009 Added: 2009-09-08
4 votes
Rainbow that appeared over Mt Princeton shining down on Princeton HotSprings (september, 2009 by larkinrx2)  
Ellingwood Cairn & Little Bear
Taken: July 21, 2009 Added: 2009-09-08
4 votes
Cairn on Ellingwood Point and Little bear Peak in background (July 21, 2009 by mdperk)  
Lake Isabelle Reflection
Taken: August, 2008 Added: 2009-08-23
4 votes
The classic reflection shot of Navajo, Apache, and Shoshoni on Lake Isabelle. (August, 2008 by Kevin Baker)  
Wetterhorn from Uncompahgre
Taken: June 22, 2009 Added: 2009-08-12
4 votes
Maybe not the best photo but one of the best views that I've seen in perso (June 22, 2009 by Ute Bill)  
Oscar Pass above Ophir
Taken: 07 2009 Added: 2009-07-17
4 votes
Taken during 10hr. hike (07 2009 by maemixx)  
Marron Bells 4 Pass Loop
Taken: July, 2007 Added: 2009-06-23
4 votes
Coming off a mountain pass  into Snowmass Lake area. (July, 2007 by Shad)  
Longs Peak from camp
Taken: July, 2009 Added: 2009-09-13
3 votes
Longs Peak from camp (July, 2009 by RockFarmer)  
Hiking the Colorado Trail.
Taken: September 2009 Added: 2009-09-13
3 votes
Dense forest encountered south of the Harvard Lakes on the Colorado Trail. (September 2009 by jstouder)  
Indian Peaks Reflections
Taken: Sep. 19 2008 Added: 2009-09-13
3 votes
Taken on the way toward Isabelle glacier during some dynamic weather. (Sep. 19 2008 by gc)  
Capitol Peak
Taken: June 2008 Added: 2009-09-11
3 votes
Half shrouded in Clouds, an exciting day for an ascent (June 2008 by Wentzl)  
Thunderhead over the Front Range
Taken: August 2008 Added: 2009-09-06
3 votes
Taken from base of South Rawah Peak looking out over the plains (August 2008 by timberlinecolorado56)  
Lunchtime in Heaven
Taken: July, 2009 Added: 2009-08-26
3 votes
The best place to eat lunch in all of Colorado! (July, 2009 by cshughes77)  
Holy Cross from HC Ridge
Taken: July 20, 2006 Added: 2009-08-12
3 votes
The Cross after an early a.m. couloir climb and Halo Ridge traverse (July 20, 2006 by dude4mountains)  
guardian of the summit
Taken: August, 2008 Added: 2009-08-04
3 votes
This stoic climber + family of 5 followed us from the summit to the creek below. (August, 2008 by ajfraser81)  
Sun Salutation
Taken: July 18th, 2009 Added: 2009-09-13
2 votes
Elk sunning on the tundra near Medicine Bow Curve in RMNP (July 18th, 2009 by Drago)  
Between Cloud Layers
Taken: May 2009 Added: 2009-09-08
2 votes
Pikes Peak seen between layers of clouds (May 2009 by besalisbury)  
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