Username: RenoBob
State: DE

Ebright Azimuth – 448 ft.
When: June 24, 2007
Where: Northern Delaware
Who: Bob Bowles
Route: Standard route from Ebright Road
Distance: 80 ft. RT
Elevation gain: 1 ft.

An epic hike to capture yet another High Point for the Talus Monkey

Directions to the trail head:
Go west on DE 92 for a couple of miles through wild Delaware suburbia until you spot Ebright Road on the right. Follow the treacherous Ebright Road to the TH. Passenger cars should be able to make it all the way to the TH. (insert 472)
Standard Route:
From the TH, you can see your ultimate destination in the distance. Insert 475
From here you’re facing a nasty crossing of Ebright Road. Wild cars are zooming by in either directions with little apparent regard for hikers or trail etiquette. At this point it was necessary to chug an entire can of Colt 45 to calm my nerves. Taking a deep breath I ventured out onto the slick roadway, I would not want to attempt the route in the winter without axe and crampons as this is a very hard and smooth surface with little purchase even in the summer. After a harrowing 7 seconds and a 1 ft. elevation gain I reached the summit of the Ebright Azimuth. I can’t describe the relief and sense of accomplishment I felt when I got there. Insert 478
Unfortunately there isn’t any summit register so I constructed an impromptu memorial for David and signed the marker post “Talus Monkey was here”. (insert 474)
With that done, I made my way slowly back to the TH. Enough time had past that the roving packs of wild cars had diminished to a trickle and I was able to safely cross Ebright Road.
David, I’m glad I could bag another HP for you, Delaware’s done.