Username: Bogart
State: MO

Yesterday Rebecca and I took a trip to Taum Sauk Mountain. We did this high point in tribute to David Worthington (Talus Monkey) who passed away earlier this month on Humboldt Peak in Colorado. One of his goals was to stand on top of all 50 high points in the United States. With help from his friends his name will be registered at each high point.

We got a late start and did not leave Springfield until about 8:30 am. It is about a 200 mile trip from Springfield so we did not get there until about 11:30 AM. Upon arriving we gathered our gear and made the grueling 950 foot walk up the paved path to the highest point in Missouri, Taum Sauk Mountain 1,772 feet above sea level. We snapped a few photos then left a little memorial for David. We filled out a registration card in his name and left a Mountain Dew, “the nectar of the gods,” in the registration box. This was a little emotional for me as I have detailed in previous posts.

After Taum Sauk Mountain, Rebecca and I decided to take the three mile hike to Mina Sauk falls. The trail is mostly a class I hike with a few sections of class II. The hike was relatively uneventful with the exception of meeting a 70 year old man. This gentleman is a retired history professor from Northern California. He is on a mission to visit all of the places he taught about. He said he plans on celebration his birthday this year on top of Mount Whitney. He was pretty inspiring. When we got to the waterfall I proceeded to climb around on some of the cliffs in the area and pretty much act like an 8th grader. The Falls area is beautiful and another example of God’s work and how he is continually revealing himself to us through nature. The hike out was straightforward. I felt really strong on the way out and really kicked it into gear. When I say I felt good it was the best I have felt on a hike since my leg was amputated. Rebecca told me later that she had a hard time keeping up.

Overall, It was a great day with beautiful weather. I know Talus Monkey was looking down from his high point. This one was for you TM.

The photo’s are here: Taum Sauk Photos