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This page was created so 14ers.com forum users can add US State High Points in honor of David. If you created a trip report in the forum, and want to link to it in your high point entry, just enter the forum URL in field below before adding the entry. Note: In the future, you will also be able to modify your high point entries after they have been added. Go to the bottom of the page to add a high point.

State Summit/
High Point
Elevation High Point Entries Comments URL
Arizona Humphreys Pk 12,633' 11/19/2006 By: TalusMonkey   Forum Post/TR
  Humphreys Pk 12,633' 05/20/2007 By: del_sur Comments  
California Whitney, Mt 14,494' 07/24/2007 By: Skitch14 Comments Forum Post/TR
Colorado Elbert, Mt 14,433' 08/19/2006 By: TalusMonkey   Forum Post/TR
Delaware Ebright Azimuth 448' 06/21/2007 By: RenoBob Comments  
Florida Lakewood Park - Britton Hill 345' 06/01/2007 By: Tropical Flab Comments Forum Post/TR
Georgia Brasstown Bald 4,784' 11/21/2007 By: Tropical Flab Comments Forum Post/TR
Hawaii Mauna Kea - Puu Wekiu 13,796' 05/22/2007 By: USAKeller Comments Forum Post/TR
Indiana Hoosier High PT 1,257' 01/28/2008 By: JohnCrilly Comments  
Iowa Hawkeye Point 1,670' 06/21/2007 By: Skip Perkins Comments Forum Post/TR
Kansas Sunflower, Mt 4,039' 04/27/2007 By: TalusMonkey    
Maine Katahdin, Mt 5,268' 08/09/2007 By: norseman Comments  
Massachusetts Greylock, Mt 3,491' 05/28/2007 By: PatsSox09 Comments Forum Post/TR
Michigan Arvon, Mt 1,979' 05/11/2007 By: jimlup Comments  
Minnesota Eagle Mtn 2,301' 07/02/2007 By: Iguru Comments  
Mississippi Woodall Mtn 806' 05/09/2008 By: sdkeil Comments  
Missouri Taum Sauk Mtn 1,772' 05/16/2007 By: Bogart Comments Forum Post/TR
Nebraska Panorama Point 5,424' 01/28/2006 By: TalusMonkey    
Nevada Boundary Pk 13,143' 05/27/2007 By: Aubrey Comments Forum Post/TR
  Boundary Pk 13,143' 05/12/2007 By: RenoBob Comments Forum Post/TR
New Hampshire Washington, Mt 6,288' 06/02/2007 By: PatsSox09 Comments  
  Washington, Mt 6,288' 08/24/2008 By: Athos791 Comments Forum Post/TR
New Jersey Garden State High Point 1,803' 08/03/2008 By: Bresch Comments Forum Post/TR
New Mexico Wheeler Pk 13,161' 11/20/2005 By: TalusMonkey    
North Carolina Mitchell, Mt 6,684' 06/04/2007 By: OBX Fisherman Comments Forum Post/TR
North Dakota White Butte 3,506' 04/28/2007 By: TalusMonkey    
Oklahoma Black Mesa 4,973' 03/27/2006 By: TalusMonkey    
Oregon Hood, Mt 11,239' 07/10/2008 By: CODave Comments  
Pennsylvania Davis, Mt 3,213' 05/23/2008 By: heather14 Comments  
Rhode Island Jerimoth Hill 812' 01/01/2007 By: PatsSox09 Comments Forum Post/TR
South Dakota Harney Pk 7,242' By: TalusMonkey    
  Harney Pk 7,242' 07/06/2007 By: yoak Comments Forum Post/TR
Tennessee Clingmans Dome 6,643' 11/21/2007 By: Tropical Flab Comments  
Texas Guadalupe Pk 8,749' 03/26/2006 By: TalusMonkey    
  Guadalupe Pk 8,749' 06/02/2007 By: Bobo Comments Forum Post/TR
Virginia Rogers, Mt 5,729' 10/22/2007 By: Roald Comments  
Washington Rainier, Mt 14,410' 06/01/2007 By: Tomboh_6 Comments  
  Rainier, Mt 14,410' 07/07/2008 By: CODave Comments  
Wisconsin Timmís Hill 1,951' 06/15/2007 By: Skip Perkins Comments Forum Post/TR
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