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 14er Summit: Mt. Lindsey  Verizon Wireless Good 07/22/2013 08/01/2013 JosephG Notes
 14er Summit: Pyramid Peak  Verizon Wireless No Reception 07/28/2013 07/28/2013 Gene913
 14er Summit: Conundrum Peak  Verizon Wireless Excellent 07/28/2013 07/28/2013 Gene913 Notes
 14er Summit: Pikes Peak  AT&T Wireless Good 07/26/2013 07/26/2013 vwaldoguy Notes
 14er Summit: Grays Peak  Sprint Excellent 07/06/2013 07/22/2013 snowboarder579 Notes
 14er Summit: Handies Peak  T-Mobile No Reception 07/05/2013 07/20/2013 mspalding Notes
 14er Summit: Sunshine Peak  T-Mobile No Reception 07/04/2013 07/20/2013 mspalding Notes
 Trailhead: Silver Crk/Grizzly Gulch  T-Mobile No Reception 07/04/2013 07/20/2013 mspalding Notes
 Trailhead: South Colony Lakes  Verizon Wireless Good 07/15/2013 07/20/2013 caad4rep Notes
 14er Summit: Snowmass Mountain  Verizon Wireless Poor 07/18/2013 07/19/2013 Hobbes301 Notes
 14er Summit: Kit Carson Peak  Sprint Poor 07/13/2013 07/15/2013 ctilbe Notes
 14er Summit: Uncompahgre Peak  AT&T Wireless No Reception 07/10/2013 07/13/2013 joetsou Notes
 14er Summit: Mt. Antero  Verizon Wireless Excellent 07/11/2013 07/12/2013 bethtrombone Notes
 14er Summit: Uncompahgre Peak  Verizon Wireless Excellent 07/08/2013 07/12/2013 bethtrombone Notes
 Trailhead: Nellie Creek  AT&T Wireless No Reception 07/10/2013 07/11/2013 joetsou Notes
 14er Summit: Grays Peak  Verizon Wireless Good 07/09/2013 07/10/2013 COCardioCutie23 Notes
 14er Summit: Mt. Evans  Verizon Wireless Poor 07/07/2013 07/08/2013 Gfullmer1
 14er Summit: Mt. Elbert  Verizon Wireless Good 07/06/2013 07/06/2013 Fleischco Notes
 14er Summit: Capitol Peak  Verizon Wireless Good 06/15/2013 06/21/2013 TheGreatCamillo
 Other: Capitol Lake  Verizon Wireless Poor 06/14/2013 06/21/2013 TheGreatCamillo
 14er Summit: Mt. Elbert  AT&T Wireless Excellent 06/15/2013 06/18/2013 slinux Notes
 Trailhead: Mt. Princeton Road  AT&T Wireless Good 06/16/2013 06/17/2013 Slappy Notes
 14er Summit: Mt. Princeton  AT&T Wireless Excellent 06/16/2013 06/17/2013 Slappy Notes
 14er Summit: Torreys Peak  AT&T Wireless Excellent 06/07/2013 06/11/2013 brueck1988 Notes
 Trailhead: Grays Peak  AT&T Wireless No Reception 06/07/2013 06/11/2013 brueck1988 Notes
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