Ride some snow year round.

Info, conditions and gear related to skiing or riding Colorado Peaks, including the 14ers!
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Re: Ride some snow year round.

Postby hardtryer » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:22 am

Come take the easy route!

The first ever Flip and Slide at Saint Marys!!! dates are the weekend of AUGUST 17-18.

I know the snow there is hairy and dirty, but with a handful of people we could make a pretty fun little jib line maybe even a BMX jump or two!! :-D

My plan is to head up Friday after work and start digging, snow should be plenty soft and pliable. Im going to work a jib- jump line with a couple different features and shred that s**t all weekend! \:D/

While waiting for the snow to soften we can also do some cliff jumping into the lake, its a great jump ~35ft into ~15ft of water. yes its cold but OH SO FUN.

Im pretty sure camping is ok near the lake, its an easy hike up to the lake and should prove to be something interesting.

Come get your FLIP and SLide on!
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Re: Ride some snow year round.

Postby peter303 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:37 am

Did I see a snow dusting on Mt Evans from Denver this morning?

Sure looked like such.
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Re: Ride some snow year round.

Postby broche » Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:54 pm

Instead of buying a pass this season I bought some skins. Last week I took them up to Saint Mary's just to try them out and now I'm iching for more. Where are some other places to go this time of year? Anyone up for some turns this weekend?
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Re: Ride some snow year round.

Postby tlongpine » Wed Oct 30, 2013 5:40 am

wvuboy wrote:Clark sevin tooo zeero fore tree phive wun win aight tooo. don't now if that helps against spam, etc, but WTH.

720-435-1?82. I guess it'll prevent telemarketers. It should also prevent any/all calls, since it's incomprehensible.
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