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Re: Boot suggestions

Postby klinger » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:29 am

halfdomer wrote:+1 on La Sportiva. I tried out a pair of La Sportiva Nepals from REI and had to return then. It's a solid boot but just not designed for my foot. I have wide feet low arches. I even went to a podiatrist to see if custom orthodics insoles would help and he said that boot is not designed for my feet. So with you having the opposite, I think they could well suit you.

What did you find? I have feet like you.
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Re: Boot suggestions

Postby halfdomer » Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:27 pm

For my wide low arch feet Asolo have been working well. I own Asolo Men's Pumori Gv Boot for mountaineering and Asolo Power Matic 250 NBK for summer hikes. I also somewhat recently got the Asolo Fugitive GTX from an REI garage sale practically new. For some models and sizes they even offer a "wide" version, but the non-wide has been fine for me.

From other people I talked to with narrower feet/heels and high arches, Asolo has eaten up their feet.
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Re: Boot suggestions

Postby HuskyRunner » Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:28 am

I have high arches, medium to wide feet and my left foot is almost a full size smaller than my right, haven't found a shoe manufacturer that accommadotes that yet. For me, disregarding my size issue, Sportiva's are hit and miss on fit, have a pair of trail runners that fit well but haven't had much luck with their boots mainly because of width and the high arch. Same with Scarpa, just don't seem to fit me well which is a shame because Scarpa and LS make really nice products. Lowa, Kayland, and Garmont have worked well for me, particularly Kaylands. Three different models of Kaylands have fit me well, from light hikers to a heavy hiker that I use for 3 season mountaineering. The down side is that Kayland no longer distributes in the U.S. so it's either finding boots that are still hanging around or ordering from a retailer in Europe.
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