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Re: Stove fuel & airline travel

Postby herdbull » Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:20 pm

All good stuff mountainhiker but some people carry a beer to the summit, I will carry some coffee. If it happens it happens, if not, no big deal. But currently I haven't been able to locate any fuel for this stove. I am using the services of Summit Orizaba and I've contacted them about the requirement but they have none and as of right now can't help.

The stove is an ultralight 29 gram minimalist stove and I'd love to get it to function at almost 18,500'. It's been with me on a lot of climbs and been we've been through some poop together. There is some novelty involved too but I'd love to be able to say "I did" instead of "I didn't even bother". When you're by yourself sometimes the smallest of victories mean the most. I also have an MSR simmerlite that will be brought along and left in the hut. I could be there for more than one day pending weather, acclimation, other???? I think it would be foolish to be dropped off there without a stove but that's just me. They have the white gas for the MSR.

I land in Mexico City on Friday afternoon and will be attempting the climb Sunday morning maybe 2:30am'ish. It's aggresive and will test the body. If not that morning then just hang and try again the next morning. I actually like most Mtn House meals and will have some along hence the MSR. Plus a single gringo that pretty much does not speak any spanish other than what I've picked up from the book wandering the streets of Tlachichuca isn't a wise idea.

Again it's a tiny little stove, weighs next to nothing but it's that stove or nothing. I will leave the MSR in the hut. Kind of funny about the live rounds, but then when you think about it :-k maybe not so funny.

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