Lost - camera and sunglasses - Carbonate/Lo Carb

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Lost - camera and sunglasses - Carbonate/Lo Carb

Postby lafutura » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:59 pm

Being slightly obnoxious in posting this in 13ers and here, but you never know...


Had a bit of a frustrating day yesterday due to losing two beloved items at two separate points in the hike! Should anyone happen to find either, I am offering a reward...doesn't matter how many years elapse since this post.

1st item: Maui Jim sunglasses. They pretty much look like this: http://www.mauijim.com/palms.html?mj_framecolor=255
Where lost: Between the jeep trail just off County Road 240 (heading up to Carbonate) and a gully - I can provide a topo for this if you're legitimately planning on heading out here (or are legitimately interested in finding my sunglasses and making money! Ha ha!)

2nd item: (and this is the one that really kills me, especially since it had a bunch of photos posted from the day): Canon Powershot G7 camera. It's in a black lowe alpine case that is just slightly larger than the camera itself. This was lost somewhere between the bottom of the descent from Lo Carb (near the descent from the saddle of Grizzly) and the gully below that. Once again, if you're legitimately going there and want a topo of the area, let me know. Reward for this too.

Yes, as many people have reminded me, I did leave with my life and all my limbs intact, but I am still super bummed that both of these items are gone. I mean, do marmots even know how to use cameras if you don't give them the manual to go with it?

Thanks, everyone!

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