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Info on gear, conditioning, and preparation for hiking/climbing.
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Re: Mountaineering Classes

Postby Tatra » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:41 pm

I did BMS (Basic Mountaineering School) with Denver group last year and it was the best school I have ever taken. To that point I did around 45 14ers, Mt Temple in Canadian Rockies with my husband but wanted to get ready for the harder stuff (class IV and V). Did some crazy things and always got lucky but wanted to learn more about proper mountaineering and most importantly SAFETY. In order to get accepted to the class I had to do two “C” hikes and additional “Wilderness Trekking School”. I was a little bit annoyed that I had to do hiking school after all my experience but surprisingly I had a blast, met some of the coolest people and learned about compass, topo maps, survival skills, proper snow travel!
BMS was a different story; it was a very intense time of my life- for 3 months all I was doing was studying my “Freedom of the Hills” bible, meeting during week nights to practice knots, rock-climbing, and learning about snow/ice climbing, avalanche, self-rescue, safety… And then at night at home had to write trip plans and sometimes had to meet additionally with the crew to talk about details for the next successful trips. Every weekend for 3 months was getting up at 3 am and mountaineering/ rock-climbing/ snow-climbing/ scrambling/ carrying the heaviest backpacks with loads of climbing gear, sometimes in the sun and sometimes in a blizzard or crazy wind! I really had a blast, met my new best friends and I could never thank enough to all of the talented volunteer instructors who spend all of this time with us. I guess I was lucky as my group was really very connected. Every trip had to end in a dive bar somewhere on the way home and my alcohol tolerance and dirty English knowledge has really improved! I always have a smile whenever I think about my special group! CMC is a club and there is some politics like in every organization but Denver Basic Mountaineering School is definitely one of the best schools you can take and it costs only $300!
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Re: Mountaineering Classes

Postby moon stalker » Tue Nov 13, 2012 9:53 pm

I can confirm the ability to take classes without having the pre-reqs. I sent in my membership for CMC the same day I sent in my application for HAMS. I had to demonstrate I had the equivalent skills of the pre-reqs and was allowed to take the class. Through the class, I met some great people in the group and learned a lot. People will be people. Just stick with the folks that are easy to get along with and are members in order to have fun in the back country.
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